Gift Ideas for Dads

Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for your one-of-a-kind dad? Then check out our lists of gift ideas for dad and see if one of them strikes your fancy and meets the needs of your dad, whether you are looking for a birthday gift, a Father's Day gift, a Christmas gift, or a gift for any other occasion.

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    Stadium Miniature Collectibles

    If your dad seems to want for nothing, or you just want to get your creative juices flowing, check out this list of gift ideas that show creativity and your respect for your dad's uniqueness.

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    College Logo Putter

    If your dad is a golfer, fisherman, hiker, biker, hunter--in other words, if he loves being outside--then this is the list for you. Find some great ideas for the sportsman dad's gift needs.

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    Finding Nemo
    Walt Disney's Finding Nemo DVD.

    Is your dad single? Then this list is for you. Sometimes single dads feel a little out of place t really appreciated being recognized for their unique contributions to their family. Find the great gifts that single dads are asking for and that meet their special situation.

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    Gifts for the Gadget Hungry

    Lumix LX1 Digital Camera from Panasonic

    Many dads I know are into the latest gadgets--electronic and otherwise. Check out this list of gadget gift ideas for the most gadget-focused dads of all.

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    Tom Tom GO 510 GPS Navigator

    If your dad spends a lot of time on the road or in an airplane, then you might want to consider gifts that will make his traveling easier and more enjoyable. Check out some of these gift ideas for the traveling man in your life.

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    Gifts for Fitness Focused Fathers

    ULTRAK 499 2000 Memory Stopwatch
    Looking for a gift for the man who lives for fitness? This list will give you lots of ideas for gifts for the fitness-oriented father for any special day.
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    Gifts for the Do It Yourselfer

    Stanley Home Repairs Book

    Lots of dads (like me) love to do it ourselves--home repairs, building projects, gardening--and create something out of very little. This list has lots of fun gift ideas for the DIY dad in your life.

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    Gift Ideas for the Cookout King Dad

    BBQ Thermometer for the Cookout Kind Dad
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    Many dads love to spend their time at the barbecue. Here are some great gift ideas for the father who feels like the "cookout king."

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    Radar Detector for Dads Who Love Cars
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    If your father is an auto enthusiast, then check here for great gift ideas for him. From GPS to radar detectors to emergency equipment, you'll find a gift idea that dad is sure to love.

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    Canon PowerShot G7 Camera

    What dad doesn't like taking the perfect picture of their kids and their family in action?  Giving him a new camera might be just the right idea for the next gift-giving occasion. If you are looking for the right camera for your dad, then you should check out our listing of top digital cameras for fathers--cameras that take great family and action pictures and are easy to use.

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    Books for a Dad's Library

    Be Prepared
    Be Prepared. Courtesy of

    Is your dad a reader? Would he just love an afternoon of curling up with a good book? Does he like to learn more about being a great dad? If he is a committed father, he will love any one of these great books as an addition to his library!

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    Time Troopers - Gifts for History Buffs

    If you father loves history (and many do), then he will appreciate a gift that reminds him of his passion and the events that have shaped our world. From classic books and cool ties to games and miniseries on DVD's, this list has something to please every history-loving dad.

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    WiFi T-Shirt for Techn Geek Dad
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    Is your husband, father or boyfriend a certified techno geek? Does he prefer spending time at the computer or on his tablet to almost any other activity? If so, he will certainly love almost any of the gifts on this list that reflect his technology bias and show the world that he is proud to be a true geek.

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    Large Size Remote
    Looking for a gift for your grandfather? Whether it's for his birthday, Christmas, Father's Day or just because you love him, finding just the right gift for an older grandpa can be difficult for any of us. After all, they come from a generation that we may just not related to. This list of possible gifts for grandfathers can help you think of ideas for your own grandfather and make his special day even more special.
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    Father of the Bride
    One of my favorite things is to curl up and watch a movie with the family. There is just something about a good movie, hot buttered popcorn and cuddling with the kids that makes an evening or afternoon absolutely perfect! Here are my top ten recommendations for movies that present fathers in a positive light or that show the innate need that children have for their fathers.
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    Gifts for Dad's Man Cave

    Man Cave Gifts
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    Every man wants a place to call his own. In my dad s generation, men had ens. Today, we call these special places just for dads a "man cave." So whether your dad has a spare bedroom, an office or just a corner of the attic or the basement that might qualify as a man cave, here are some gift ideas for him to put in his man cave and enjoy with family, friends, or just by himself.

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    Great Gifts for Dads Who Are Microsoft Windows Fans

    If your dad has a Windows phone or just likes the Windows platform, then these gifts for Father’s Day, birthday or other occasions will be high on his wish list.