Gift Ideas for Outdoor-Livin' and -Lovin' Guys

That's Outdoors on the Patio, Deck, at the BBQ & in the Pool

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    Gifts He Actually Will Like

    retro dad
    Retro dad in pool. Tom Kelley/Getty Images

    Some guys like to spend their days outdoors, regardless of the weather. Maybe it's that manly hunter-gatherer-stereotype, but the idea of a guy at the bbq with an apron, matching chef's hat and shiny grilling tools seems to epitomize the whole scene. No wacky gag gifts or wear-once t-shirts here. These outdoors guy gifts are for the Patio Daddy-O, with a twist.

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    Bocce Ball Set

    Bocce ball set. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

    Dad's father, and his father's father gathered with their buddies to play bocce ball every weekend in the town park. At least that's what they told you. Whatever the legend, it's a fun and simple game that unites friends and families outdoors in the yard. And it's perfect for a family gathering, like Father's Day. So, why not give Dad or Uncle Tony a a St. Pierre set, which is the official ball of the United States Bocce Federation. Included in the set: eight balls, one...MORE jack ball, rule book, and zippered tote bag. And remember to let Dad when a game or two!

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    Areaware Om Incense Holder

    areware om
    Areaware Om Incense Holder. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

    Do you happen to know a guy who is stressed out? Give him a hand with helping to relax in his outdoor world with Areaware's Om Incense Holder. When not burning his favorite incense, let the Om hand hold pool towels, bbq tools or anything else he needs hung up. If nothing else, it's a great conversation starter / icebreaker (well, not literally).

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    Omaha Steaks and Seafood

    omaha steaks
    Omaha Steaks' Grill assortment. Photo courtesy of Omaha Steaks

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could help Dad fire up the grill and serve a platter of sizzling sirloins? Problem is, you live in New Jersey and Dad's in Phoenix. Not to worry. Faster than you can say "four porterhouses and two 11-ounce trays of lobster mashed potatoes," you can have those very items or anything else that whets the man's appetite delivered to his patio.

    What's that, you say? Dad's been a non beef-eater since his Woodstock days? Omaha Steaks has a virtual...MORE freezer-full of seafood, poultry, pork and side dishes - basically something for everyone who likes to eat. Among Omaha's selections:

    • Seafood Sampler 
    • BBQ Bliss 
    • Lobster Mashed Potatoes 
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    BBQ Condiment Set

    bbq condiment set
    BBQ condiment set. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

    Keeping with the traditional guy-and-his-BBQ theme, this three-piece condiment set is sure to win-over the outdoor grillsman, or at least the gift giver. A handsomely designed metal stand holds three black hand-painted earthenware replicas of his beloved charcoal-style grill. Each earthenware bowl will hold 6 oz. of his favorite barbecue sauces and condiments. Also includes three plastic serving spoons.

    Other similar bbq condiment sets are in the form of a pint-sized picnic table, a grill,...MORE Weber-style bbq and retro charcoal grill -- all sure to dee-lite Daddy-O!

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    Cool Jazz Ice Cube Guitar Stirrers by Fred

    Cool Jazz Ice Cube Guitar Stirrers by Fred
    Cool Jazz Ice Cube Guitar Stirrers by Fred. Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    Maybe that Peerless Archtop jazz guitar your guy has on his list will have to wait, but why not let him know it's still on your mind -- and in his favorite cold beverage! Jazz up his drink with a Cool Jazz guitar-shaped ice cube drink stirrer from Fred. Then let him kick back on the deck or patio and relax by the firepit! All you have to do is fill, freeze and stir. Set of three.

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    fitflops dass sandal for men
    Men's Dass FitFlop sandals. Photo courtesy of FitFlop

    Q: Does my bottom look smaller in these?

    While you may not care to be hear the man in your life ask this question, it should warm your soul to know that the pair of FitFlops you give him will be toning leg and bum muscles and are slip-resistant around the pool, patio, yard and wherever else he ventures.

    The American Podiatric Medical Association awarded FitFlop its Seal of Acceptance and listed it as one of the top flip-flop brands.

    I wore my pair of FitFlop WalkStars all summer, and I can attest...MORE to a firm, secure fit that is also really comfortable and looks good. Then there's that built-in Microwobbleboard™. Tighter bum? Here's hoping.

    Check out Fitflops clogs (compare prices) and boots (compare prices).

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    Jessie Steele BBQ Apron

    Jessie Steele BBQ and Utility Bib Apron, Flames
    Jessie Steele BBQ and Utility Bib Apron, Flames. Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    If the grillmaster is doing what he does best, you'd better outfit him in a nice heavy-duty apron. Jessie Steele offers many apron designs - flames are especially appropriate for the occasion and will appeal to many outdoor chefs. Made of sturdy cotton twill, the apron features long ties and a slide neck for easy adjusting. Also includes five pockets, carpenter loops, two utility hooks and a bottle opener. All stress points are riveted and bar-tacked for durability; brushed silver metal...MORE fixtures give this apron a sophisticated polished look.

    Also comes in a skull print; women's styles and sizes available (Compare Prices).

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    joby gorillatorch
    Joby Gorillatorch flashlight. Photo courtesy of Joby

    Shed a little light onto outdoor projects and activities with this fun and flexible LED light. Places he might use the Gorillatorch:

    • While grilling
    • Working under the deck
    • Camping in the backyard
    • Dark areas of the yard at night

    The Gorillatorch flashlight's flexible, award-winning ball-and-socket legs and magnetic feet attach to just about anything, keeping your hands free. Equipped with an energy-saving 65-lumen ultra-bright CREE LED, the Gorillatorch is available in black, orange, blue and...MORE yellow.

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    men's muckboots yard boots
    Tackle the yard in men's Muckboots. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
    Muckboots are for raking through muck and stuff in your yard. As the name implies, they keep your feet clean and dry as you go through the wet, mud and other challenges existing in your outdoor landscape.

    Among their attributes:

    • Rubber and Textile
    • Rubber sole
    • Stretch-fit topline binding
    • 100% waterproof
    • TracTrol sole
    • Comfort range of sub-freezing conditions to 85 degrees
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    OXO Steel Ice Bucket, Ice Tongs and Ice Tong Holder Photo
    OXO Steel Ice Bucket, Ice Tongs and Ice Tong Holder Photo. Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    This is one ice bucket that actually does what it says it will do: the ice stays cold for several hours, depending on weather conditions and whether you leave on the lid (recommended) or not. I left mine outside for about eight hours on a hot day, and there was still ice in the bucket!

    OXO's 4-quart Ice Bucket features double-wall construction for insulation and is made of an elegant brushed stainless steel. Ergonomical design features include soft-grip areas for easy lifting, carrying and...MORE grabbing. Ever had a problem gripping ice? The OXO Ice Tongs have nice, sharp teeth for grasping ice cubes. When not in use, place the tongs on the Tong Holder at the lip of the Ice Bucket -- no more lost tongs!

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    Radius Garden Shark Ground Hog Mulch Rake

    Radius Garden Shark Mulch Rake Photo
    Radius Garden Shark Mulch Rake Photo. Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    OK - technically this is a tool, and the rule for women, at least, is that you don't give them tools or appliances as gifts if you ever want to see them again. But men love tools - just ask Bob Vila or Tim Allen - and this one by Radius is such a cool design (another thing men like) and makes the "work" easier, if not downright fun.

    With a name like "Garden Shark" - what's not to love? Even better, it's for applying mulch, which is an eco, green and...MORE water-wise activity. Made with a durable fiberglass shaft, powder-coated head, and a soft grip, making it an ergonomical wonder. The winning pitch: this shark "bites" into thatch and garden soil and "hogs" the ground that it's cleaning. Sharks and ground hogs in one tool!

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    Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook

    Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook
    Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook: Inspiring Ideas and Tips from HGTV's Sizzling Outdoor Kitchen Designer (Paperback). Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    If he is a backyard kind of guy, he must have an interest or at least some curiosity about those outdoor kitchens he's see on home and garden TV shows. Maybe he's even caught Scott Cohen, author along with Elizabeth Lexau of Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook: Inspiring Ideas and Tips from HGTV's Sizzling Outdoor Kitchen Designer on HGTV's Get Out, Way Out!

    Cohen is the creative force behind The Green Scene, an award-winning outdoor design and construction firm in...MORE the LA area. The book packs lots of information and ideas into its 168 pages, and, since it's in workbook form, it also includes a Q&A and area for notes. In brief: it's a great overview of what's involved in outdoor kitchen projects.

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    Woolly Pocket Hanging Garden

    Photo &copy Lisa Hallett Taylor

    I first saw the Woolly Pocket at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles a couple years ago and thought it was one of those fantastic, someone-got-smart ideas. They're so simple, in design and in actual use, that anyone who falls into one of these descriptions must get one:

    • You live in a city with a small garden. Like, maybe just a wall.
    • You need a privacy screen or to block an unsightly view.
    • You want to gussy up a plain or ugly fence.
    • You're into vertical gardening.
    • You want to start getting into...MORE vertical gardening.
    • You've tried everything else.

    Use the excuse of Father's Day to get the guy in your life a Woolly Pocket. Plant it with his favorite herbs or veggies, suggest he follow directions, and he'll turn all green and eco in no time.