Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife That Show Your Love

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The Spruce / Margot Cavin 

Melt your wife's heart with a gift that shows her how much she's adored. Whether it's for your anniversary or Valentine's Day, these 10 gift ideas will bring out your most romantic side. Most of these gifts require little cash, but they will be priceless and precious to your wife. Whatever the occasion, you'll be inspired by these heartfelt gifts that are meant to bring your wife great joy.

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Illustration: Alison Czinkota. @ The Spruce, 2019

Become a Master Chef for a Night

Take the time to plan and create a menu designed just for her. Your wife will appreciate the gesture if she usually plans the weekly meals in the house. You don't have to be a gourmet cook, as it's the thought that counts, but you can always ask for help from a friend or family member when preparing the gift. Think of which meal she'll be most appreciative if you cook, whether it's an intimate dinner for the two of you or a family meal. Or, you can recreate a meal you shared or make something new. Consider these questions as a way to spark some ideas to help you choose which meal to make.

  • What's her favorite food?
  • What is her favorite style of food or favorite restaurant?
  • What does she order when you go out to eat?
  • What type of food was served at your wedding?
  • What did she order on your first date?

Create a Garden

If your wife is a gardener, or she's wanted to plant a garden for some time, plantings are the perfect gift. It doesn't have to be large. A small garden with a few choice perennial blooms that'll easily thrive in your region will be a lovely starter display. A garden is a gift that keeps on giving and she'll feel your love every time she steps into the yard. Here are ideas on how to present this gift to your wife.

  • Buy or order one plant for each year you've been married.
  • Have a friend or family member take her out of the house for a few hours so you can plant the flowers. When she comes home, present your lasting gift to her.
  • Tell her that you'll add another plant each year on your anniversary.

Offer the Gift of Help

If your wife seems bogged down by mundane housekeeping tasks that neither one of you has time to handle, get something you'll both cherish: a housekeeper. Call a cleaning service and schedule a time for them to come clean your entire home. Book them on an ongoing basis if your budget allows. The gift of a cleaning service is more of a romantic gift than you think. Or, you could instead hire childcare on an ongoing basis if that would be more appreciated.

Design a Thoughtful Piece of Jewelry

Have a piece of custom jewelry made for your wife. If the last piece of jewelry you bought was her wedding ring, this gift idea will be an unexpected and sentimental one for your wife. You could even base it off the anniversary gemstone. For instance, the 40th-anniversary gemstone is ruby. A personalized piece of jewelry can be surprisingly affordable. Consider what type of jewelry would best symbolize your love and your life together.

  • Create a piece of jewelry that includes the birthstones of your children.
  • Design a ring with your birthstone and hers set together in a circle or infinity symbol.
  • Buy a charm bracelet and start it off with charms that represent your children in the shape of a silhouette or their initials.
  • Engrave your wedding date or combined initials on the back of a pendant necklace or another piece of jewelry.
  • Gather your children and design a ring together for your wife.

Whisk Her Away With a Friend

If she needs more relaxing, therapeutic girl time, arrange it for her and a dear friend or family member. Though this will take planning without your wife's knowledge, you can ask her friend or loved one exactly what kind of day away would make her smile.

Give Her Time to Herself

Your wife may need time alone to recharge. Give her the gift of time off and take your children out of the house for a few hours. If she'd rather get out of the house without any family in tow, give her a gift certificate she can use for time to herself.

Capture a Significant Place in Time

Have the geographical coordinates of an important place engraved on a piece of jewelry or a trinket, such as a keychain. It's a thoughtful gift that memorializes an important location that's unique and special to your relationship. The latitude and longitude numbers are then engraved onto a small gift so she'll remember a significant moment in your love story. A few ideas include:

  • The spot you first met
  • Your first date
  • The place you first kissed
  • Where you proposed
  • Where you were married
  • The location of your honeymoon
  • Where your kids were born

Recreate Her Wedding Bouquet

If you're looking for a unique floral gift, consider recreating your wife's bridal bouquet. Find a wedding photo with a clear view of your wife's bridal bouquet. Take the photo to a florist who can make the memory come to life. Send the flowers with a card that tells her that you'd marry her all over again.

Recapture Your First Date

Bring back the first blush of romance by celebrating memories the two of you share. Make a date with your wife and take her to a place that's special to the two of you. Consider the significant events in your relationship and where they took place, such as a restaurant where you had your first date, where you met, first kissed, or proposed. Prepare a romantic tour of your relationship by visiting each place. It'll remind her of the path she took when she fell in love with you.

Write a Simple Love Letter

A most romantic way to connect with your wife is with the written expression of your thoughts and feelings. A love letter will be one of the most tender gifts you'll ever give her. Put technology aside and give her a letter you've written by hand. It doesn't have to be perfect or formal. Write it from your heart and she'll cherish it forever.