Best Gift-of-the-Month Clubs

Unique and Creative Gift Options for Birthdays and Holidays

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Traditional books, fruit, and wine-of-the-month clubs are getting competition from more unique gift-of-the-month clubs that offer to send a different selection of things such as bacon, earrings, even panties, and more to a gift recipient's mailbox or doorstep each month.

Gift-of-the-month clubs were designed to give people some of their favorite things each month with predictability and variety—all at the same time. Just as you might like to read a different book each month as part of a book club or sample different types of wine each month, you can perhaps enjoy a different bouquet or try a different cut and flavor of bacon.

Monthly clubs are popular with gift-givers who want their gift recipients to remember them every month. Businesses develop these monthly clubs to build employee and customer loyalty and keep their business top of mind throughout the year.

These monthly clubs are a great option for last-minute gift-givers because they can be e-gifted at the very last minute and can be presented to the recipient even before the first month's shipment arrives. This type of gift can seem more thoughtful and generous than desperate and last-minute.

Take a look at some creative, traditional, unique, funny, and strange "of-the-month" club offerings that are available for enrollment, business gifts, and last-minute gift-giving online. This list is arranged in alphabetical order.

Bacon-of-the-Month Club

Who knew there were 12 kinds of bacon that are so different they each get assigned their tasting month? Bacon lovers, now you know. There are several bacon monthly clubs. (Who also knew there were enough bacon lovers to sustain several different clubs?) One good example is The Pig Next Door, which offers different artisanal bacon each month.

Book-of-the-Month Club

The book-of-the-month club is one of the oldest and most enduring of the monthly club offerings in the United States. If you love a reader and would like to demonstrate that love to him or her every month, then a book-of-the-month club membership is a quick and easy purchase to make. The club that seemingly dominates without any competition is, which is owned by Direct Brands Inc., a company that doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon.

Earrings-of-the-Month Club

The earring-of-the-month club from DivaDangler will ship a new pair of trendy earrings every month to your sweetheart for $9.95 per month plus $3.95 shipping and handling. You will get a free bonus pair of earrings with your order and you can cancel the monthly shipment and fees at any time. Order online, print out the enrollment page, and seal it in an envelope with a kiss.

Fruit-of-the-Month Club

One of the most traditional of monthly clubs is the Harry & David Fruit-of-the-Month Club, which can be joined online. Wrap a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl with a bow for the gift exchange.

Jerky-of-the-Month Club

For about $30 per month, your special someone will get six bags of the animal jerky of their choice in the flavor of their choice. This is a perfect last-minute guy gift. On average more men than women seem to relish the taste of dehydrated animal flesh, although Krave is tipping the scales with its introduction of new flavors such as black cherry barbecue and lemon garlic.

Panty-of-the-Month Club

If you never made it to the fancy lingerie store, or if you never want to set foot into the fancy lingerie store again, Bootay Bag delivers. If you are classically last-minute, then you can order online, print out the gift card or subscription certificate page, and, voila, done.

Peanut Butter-of-the-Month Club

Some people go nuts for nut butters. If your loved one has a hankering for the tiny protein-packed legumes, then this gift is perfect. Your gift recipient would get two jars of unusual, non-grocery store peanut butter every month from boutique peanut butter makers. You may assume that there will be some uniquely flavored peanut butters and butters from other nuts besides peanuts included throughout the year.

PMS Pampering Box-of-the-Month

Many women are unfortunate victims of PMS every month. If you know someone who fits this description, then perhaps you can help deliver a smile to your special someone during a time when they are down in the doldrums. The Good & Lovely Box, (as it is officially named), is filled with different chocolates, teas, aromatherapies, and lovely pampering treats each month. You can even pick the day that it is delivered each month, so perhaps you can time the delivery to coincide with the time she will need it the most.

Sock-of-the-Month Club

A different pair of quality, American-made charming or funky socks will be delivered every month. You can pay as you go, buy a three-month, six-month, or annual subscription. It is a fun and practical gift at the same time.

Steak-of-the-Month Club

Getting meat in the mail is always a memorable event, but particularly when it happens regularly. There are many choices of beef cut combinations that can be sent throughout the year including the filet of the month, steak variety cut combos, and even club choices that could include chicken, salmon, lobster, and turkey as the delivered meat of the month. Since meat every month can be a little bit pricey, you can just get quarterly deliveries as an option instead.

Flowers, Chocolate, and More

The ultimate destination for "of-the-month" clubs is Monthly Clubs, which has been in service since 1994. This company has a monthly offering for just about anything anybody would be happy to see on their doorstep 12 times a year. You can choose from the well-known monthly club items such as wine, flowers, cheese, and chocolate. Or you can choose beer or cigars. If your special someone likes a little of each, then mix-and-match.

More Gift Shopping Information

As you know, all companies are not the same, some are more gift-shopping friendlier than others. Some offer free shipping. Others have ship-to-store offerings so you can avoid shipping fees. And, check out which companies offer e-gift cards or last-minute gift specials.​