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Pearls, Ties, Legal Thrillers and More

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Got a new law student? Or one headed for the bar? Here's a list of 10 great gift ideas, everything from gavels to pearls, pens and a legal eagle board game.

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    Part entertainment, part study tool, this is a great board game for legal eagles and anyone studying for the bar exam. It was designed by Florida attorney Caryn Pincus, during her own bar exam-cramming days, when she and her fellow students would quiz each other, posing possible exam questions. Now, your law student can race around the game board answering trivia challenges and questions on criminal law, property, contracts, torts and evidence.

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    Fancy Pens

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    For some reason, pens are an ever popular graduation gift. They're certainly practical - everyone needs writing implements - and an engraved pen from Tiffany would be a treasured, if pricey ($185-$325), memento.  If you're in the pen market, either go all in with a swanky, engraved, gift-of-significance - Tiffany or Montblanc - or an more practical tub of roller-ball pens and highlighters, perhaps with a coffee gift card. Your child will appreciate one extreme or the other. The engraved...MORE pen might not get as much use, but it will be something to remind the recipient of you each time he looks at it. The roller ball pens  and highlighters are certain to get lots of use.

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    Clothing and Accessories

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    Lawyers don't wear shorts and flip flops to work. So a contribution to a professional wardrobe - a tie, a string of pearls, a suit or a gift card to a department store that carries those items - all make wonderful gifts. A leather briefcase or a business card holder - are two other professional gifts that can easily be personalized with a monogram.

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    There's comfort in shared misery. But when the sharer is as witty and hilarious as Martha Kimes is in this memoir about her three years at Columbia Law School, there's considerably more than comfort. There's a fun-filled, entertaining read too. Kimes' Ivy Briefs: True Tales of a Neurotic Law Student, dishes on all those law school experiences, from angst-filled first days to sadistic professors, crazed classmates and bar exam misery.

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    Clever Gifts of Cash

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    Money may not be the most creative of gifts, but it's the most welcome, especially by hard working, cash-poor students. But whether you write a check, give a gift card to a favorite store or give cash, you can exercise a little creativity in how you present the gift. Tuck twenty dollar bills between the pages of a legal pad or inside a business card case.

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    An Engraved Gavel

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    Judicial aspirations? Present a wooden gavel with an engraved band - perfect for displaying on a desk, or for issuing summary judgments at home. Or choose a small silver or gold gavel for a charm bracelet.

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    Law school isn't known for its laid back scheduling, but even overworked law students need a little R&R occasionally. What better way to relax than watching a movie about... law school? Among the possibilities: "Legally Blonde," "The Pelican Brief," "The Firm" and the classic "Paper Chase." If a DVD seems a little old school, make up a list of films and TV shows that are about law school or the legal profession and give a year's subscription to Hulu or...MORE Netflix. 

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    Scott Turow's bestselling novels have recounted the tales of a prosecutor framed for murder, a death row appeal, and various other court cases. Here, he tells the story of his first, nerve-wracking year at Harvard Law School. 

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    This collection of New Yorker cartoons came out in 1996, but some things never get old. Hand drawn courtroom hijinks stay amusing and relevant forever. Include a subscription to the magazine to keep the new graduate in the know about cultural, political and global events. 

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    Tongue-in-cheek gifts add a little humor to the proceedings - and they're especially welcome when there's a check tucked in there too. Mental Floss' "Law School in a Box" offers all the glamour of law school but at $14.95, it's considerably easier on the pocketbook. The box is just a bit larger than a deck of cards, and includes a 96-page "comprehensive textbook," courtroom trading cards, a legal trivia bar exam and best of all, "a rolled diploma with real...MORE Latin words." 

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