Nine Affordable Gifts for Singers

Nine Affordable Presents for Singers


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Finding that perfect gift for a friend or relative who is a singer just got easier with this list of nine gifts that are affordable, very practical and easy to find at stores and online retailers. As when considering any gift, make sure to do a little snooping to make sure you're buying something your friend, loved one or family member needs. And of course, it's always a good idea to keep the receipt in case its necessary to return or exchange your well-intentioned gift. 

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    Many singers don’t have one, but a music stand is incredibly useful to have even if you own a piano. Having a music stand that is foldable makes it that much easier to store away.

    Some deluxe music stands come with attached lights to illuminate your sheet music. Or, you could package a portable clip-on light for an extra treat. 

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    DVDs and CDs of your singer’s favorite artists, new artists, or movie soundtracks will help increase their own talent and love of music. This is one that takes a little research to ensure you're not buying music that's already owned. And remember that buying music these days may mean giving your friend or family member a gift subscription to a streaming or download service. 

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    Choirs don't always provide black folders, so giving a fancy black folder as a gift is something of a luxury.  Of course, you can use an ordinary black binder to store sheet music,  but nice choir folders have a strap on the back that makes holding your music more comfortable. It also gives you the option to slip your music under a strap, rather than a three-ring binder. Just be sure to buy a folder that includes a binder attachment, because there are times when this will be your singer's only option. If you really want to treat your singer, you may consider engraving their name on the folder.

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    When a singer gets a cold or the flu, taking loving care of the throat is equally important to the standard care measures. So a gift basket with a water bottle, throat lozenges, herbal tea, tissues, pain reliever, warm socks, and a scarf would make a lovely survival basket for a sick singer. 

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    Many singers at some point will find themselves teaching voice lessons. Even so, most college-level pedagogy classes fail to teach much more than the ins and outs of singing. The business side and other technical aspects are completely overlooked—topics that are nicely covered in "The Private Voice Studio Handbook." Any singer who tutors other singers will find this a useful gift. 

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    Some singers are rhythmically challenged, and a metronome can help solve that. Not only will it help set the tempo for songs, but a metronome will also help a singer develop a steady beat. The most helpful metronomes are those with Italian terminology as well as numbers, since some sheet music indicate tempo with words alone. Better metronomes can be a bit on the pricey side, so this might be a special gift, or one that several people contribute to. 

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    Tickets to a Performance

    Singers need inspiration. So find an upcoming performance in the area and buy tickets for them. Or, you may find a nice cafe or nightclub that has a jazz singer performing every Friday night—in which case a restaurant gift card might do the trick.

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    There are a number of enthusiast magazines your singer might enjoy: 

    • Classical Singer lists auditions, including young artist programs, for the classical singer and includes interesting articles about singers
    • OperaNews focuses on the latest happenings at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.
    • The Journal of Singing is a more technical peer-reviewed journal appropriate for your intellectual singer who wants to improve their singing or teaching.
    • A subscription to Met Opera On Demand is more costly but provides access to more than 450 live Met performances. For a cheaper magazine subscription, Opera News is your best bet.
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    Amazon Gift Card
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    If all else fails, an Amazon gift card gives a singer access to karaoke tracks, voice recorders, games that help develop pitch, and much more. In addition, you can send them digitally to save time and money. You may even personalize your gift by adding your own picture to it or send an animated gift card. Just enter the amount of money you would like to send or pick a standard amount as low as $25. It is the perfect gift for the singer who lives far away or for a last-minute present.