Hottest Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren

Choosing gifts for teenage grandchildren, like dealing with teens in general, requires a grasp of what's hot and what's not, as well as knowing the individual. This list of gifts for teenage grandchildren includes some high-tech choices and some low-tech options. These gifts should fill the bill and prove to be popular with young adults as well.

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    instant camera gift for grandchildren
    The quality isn't fantastic, but the fun of an instant camera wins the day. Courtesy of

    For several years now, young people have been going retro with actual film cameras. The Fuji Instax series takes the trend a step further by printing out photographs instantly, like the old Polaroids. (Polaroid currently makes instant cameras, too, but it's the colorful Fuji models that are gaining the most attention.) Most digital cameras and even camera phones will give you a better photo than the Instax, but it's the fun of being able to print and share photos in physical form that's the big attraction. Of course, the Instax also requires the purchase of film, so be sure to include several packs in your gift box. 

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    Nerts card packs for grandchildren
    Make playing a fast-paced game of Nerts easier with this set. Courtesy of

    Nerts or Nertz, also known as Pounce, is a favorite card game among teens because of its fast-paced action. It does require that each player have a distinctive pack of cards. That's easy with this good-looking set of 12 decks, attractively boxed. This set will make your teen the hit of the band hall or dorm. 

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    gaming chair gift for grandchildren
    The grandchildren will love these comfy gaming chairs. Courtesy of

    Your video-gaming grandchildren will love these cushy gaming chairs, made to sit directly on the floor. They adjust to 14 different positions and are filled with memory foam for maximum comfort. Available in six different colors, from rich to vibrant, these chairs can be made flat for easy storage.   

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    cat headphones for teen granddaughter
    These cute earphones will garner your teen grandchild lots of attention. Courtesy of

    Your teen grandchild will get all the attention when she sports these black cat headphones. They're soft on the ears and compatible with most devices. Not for audiophiles, these headphones provide decent sound quality, plus making a statement. Besides the black kitten, they are available in white kitten and brown bear.

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    Your teen grandchildren can create art with water using the Buddha Board, a great gift for teen grandchildren.
    Teen grandchildren will love the Buddha Board, which allows users to create art with water. Courtesy of

    The Buddha Board has the instant attracting power of a novelty toy, but the charm doesn't wear away. A special composition allows the user to create a painting using only water. The painting doesn't last but gradually fades away, leaving the coast clear for the next budding artist, or Buddha artist. Great for dorm rooms.

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    fugoo speaker for teen grandchildren
    It looks like a clutch but is actually a powerful Bluetooth speaker. Courtesy of

    Your young grandchildren may be happy with inexpensive speakers, but your teens will appreciate the quality of this Fugoo speaker, which provides 360º sound. It's waterproof, sand-proof and snow-proof, as well as sporting an incredible 40 hours of battery life. Various mounts can be purchased separately.

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    electronics kit for grandchildren
    Help the grandchildren learn some basic principles of electronics with this basic kit. Courtesy of

    Isn't it time that your grandchildren started learning about electronics instead of just staring at them? This starter kit contains 10 electronics components and comes with directions for making 8 different gadgets, with no soldering required. If this one's a hit, you can buy add-ons to expand the range of projects. 

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    Apple Nano gift for grandchildren
    Nanos are the coolest music players around. Courtesy of

    This newest incarnation of the iPod Nano is thinner than ever but has a larger screen, and it's a touchscreen, of course. It comes in a variety of colors, and the 16 GB size should hold all the music a teenager craves. The pedometer and the ability to program workout music might encourage your teen to be more active. Add the armband for easy listening. 

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    no-tangle earbuds for teen grandchildren
    These tangle-free earbuds not only work but also look good. Courtesy of

    Is there anything worse than tangled earbuds? Several products have tackled this problem, but none with more style than these Zipbuds, that use a simple zipper design. Sound quality is great, and the angled earbuds are less likely to fall out.

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    amazon gift card for teen grandchildren
    The classic Amazon logo graces this gift card. Courtesy of

    You know how it is with gift cards. Some people love them; some hate them. Teenagers tend to love them. The Amazon gift card has no fees or expiration date and can be used for almost anything. Teens may prefer e-gift cards because they are hard to lose and can reside on their phones.

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