The 10 Best Gifts to Buy for Wine Lovers in 2018

Indulge their passion with these fruit-forward presents

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There are thousands of grape varieties around the world that are used to make wine, which means there’s no shortage of people who love their vino. Instead of gifting yet another bottle to the wine-obsessed in your life, get them something that lasts more than just one night. These gifts for wine lovers include the most stylish wine accessories, tools that make the wine taste better and presents that inject more fun into the whole drinking experience.



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    For Foodies: Wine Pairing Towel Set

    Wine Pairing Towels
    Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

    It doesn’t matter whether your friends love whites or reds. These graphic tea towels have them covered for over 3,800 possible wine-and-food pairings. They can choose their favorite bottle and match it up on the grid with 56 different foods. Each pairing is rated to tell you if the combo is excellent, good or best avoided. Get ready to see the transformation from a wine lover into a wine expert, because these towels will give them information about the acidity, body, tannins and sweetness in each wine. They’ll know exactly what to serve with their next meal and might even become the go-to sommelier of your friend group.

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    For Red Wine Drinkers: Glass Wine Decanter

    It might seem silly to pour wine from one glass vessel into another — it’s already in a bottle! — but decanting wine actually makes it taste better. The wine separates from any existing sediment and gets exposed to more air, which improves the flavor. And, honestly, serving wine from a decanter just looks cool.

    This hand-blown, crystal decanter is designed to perfectly aerate a standard 750ml bottle of wine. The slanted spout lets you easily pour out a glass or two without causing a spill and the beautiful shape looks great sitting on your kitchen counter or bar cart.

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    For Adventurous Tasters: Wine Tasting Notebook

    If you drink a lot of wine, it can be really hard to remember the subtle differences between every single one. Even if you’re a little more advanced with your wine knowledge and use words like “buttery” or “jammy,” how can you keep it all straight? This wine tasting notebook is perfect for everyone from beginner wine enthusiasts to serious oenophiles. Each page is devoted to a single wine and the taster has room to write in-depth notes about its different qualities. There are spots to record the region, grape varieties, color, clarity, body and more. You can get as detailed as you want. And if you’re unsure about what kind of descriptors to use, the book gives you options to circle, like “tart,” “full-bodied” or “sweet.” There’s also a page that gives brief explanations of 216 common wine terms you can draw from during your tastings.

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    For Dinner Parties: Gold-Plated Wine Glasses

    Wine glasses are kind of like socks; it’s hard to keep the whole set intact for very long. Between snapped stems and dishwasher casualties, the number of wine glasses you own tends to dwindle over time. So, any serious wine drinker can always use a few extras. This gilded set is perfect for the wine lover that likes to host an occasional get-together (because gold-plated glasses are meant to be shown off).

    Each of these four glasses has a layer of interlocking gold foil hexagons around the bottom half of the bowl, which adds a touch of elegance to any table setting. Bonus: Each glass is shatter resistant and holds 17 ounces of wine.

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    For White Wine Lovers: White Marble Wine Cooler

    The next time you see your friend drop a couple of ice cubes into her wine glass, make a note to get her this white marble wine cooler. She’ll be able to keep the bottle chilled for hours without diluting the wine’s delicious flavor. The cooler fits a standard wine bottle — it has a 4-1/8” diameter — and features grey veining that’s unique to each piece. When it’s not holding the next bottle in the queue, she can use it to store kitchen tools she wants to have at the ready. The chic marble looks beautiful on a countertop no matter what you put in it and it has a padded bottom to prevent it from scuffing up surfaces.

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    For a Ladies’ Night In: Drinking Buddies Wine Glass Markers

    Some wine lovers can get a snobby stereotype, but drinking out of a glass with one of these speedo-wearing hunks attached to it will completely shatter that image. These fun wine markers are so much better than wine charms or pens because they’ll make you laugh every time you take a sip. Partygoers can distinguish their glasses by the color of the bathing suit and the names written across each derrière. Just secure Josh, Mitch, Cody, Ryan, Brad or Chad on the edge of each glass using his hands and he’ll hang there all night.

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    For Collectors: 11-Bottle Copper Wine Rack

    11-Bottle Wine Rack Copper
    Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

    A well-designed wine rack doesn’t have to be an eyesore that takes up a ton of space in your home. This honeycomb-shaped copper rack has slim rods that keep it open and airy without sacrificing functionality. The rack securely holds 11 bottles and can stand vertically or horizontally. Gifting this piece to a friend who loves wine gives them a space-saving solution and a piece of art that can be displayed almost anywhere.

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    For BYOB Trips: Wine Tote Bag

    Wine bottles are really inconvenient to take on the go. They have an odd shape (so you can’t shove them into any old purse) and they’re made of an easily breakable material. If you know someone who likes to take their booze on the road a lot — maybe to a restaurant, a picnic or a party — this tote will ensure that the bottle makes it there intact. It can carry up to three bottles of wine or Champagne and keep them cool with a reusable chiller pack. Carry the bag by its handles or use the detachable, adjustable shoulder strap to give your arms a rest.

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    For Future Sommeliers: The Wine Bible

    Don’t be intimidated by the size of this tome — it’s 1000 pages — because it’s not the kind of book you read cover to cover. The expert author, Karen MacNeil, breaks down the many wines of the world by region, so you can flip right to the section you’re drinking at the moment. You can also learn about how wine is made, how to buy it and how to taste it. Anything you want to know about wine is in this one book. Give it someone who wants to go from a casual drinker to a true connoisseur. 

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    Best Electric Wine Opener: Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

    If your friend is opening bottles frequently — whether that is for their daily glass of wine or frequent entertaining — an electric wine opener will make the task a bit easier. This bestseller from Amazon can open 30 bottles in one charge and has a sleek design-friendly look that looks great on your bar or kitchen counter. Your friends will no longer need to wrestle with their old opener and help them be able to sit back and relax with their glass of vino. 

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