Simple Yet Fascinating Gin Drinks

Gin & Tonic Mixed Drink
Gin & Tonic. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

There are many great gin drinks, the Martini being the most obvious that we talk about all the time. What is great about gin is that its bouquet of botanicals makes it a natural option for very easy drinks that have an intriguing flavor. As the Martini shows, gin is at its best with one or two ingredients.

While the Martini gets most of the spotlight, I want to break down some of the other easy gin drinks.

These are great for exploring a new gin because the different styles of soda bring out different qualities in different gins. These are also more refreshing than the short, neat drinks when it's a scorcher outside.

  • Gin & Tonic - It seems very obvious what is in this drink, but don't forget the lime. This is a drink that is essential to any gin drinker's repertoire. The choice of tonic is just as important as the choice in gin and you'll find many boutique tonic waters available. I prefer Q-Tonic and Fever-Tree.
  • Gin Rickey - If tonic is not your cup of tea, you may opt for club soda. This will add little flavor to the gin while allowing the spirit to sparkle. Add sweet and sour to the Rickey and you have the popular Tom Collins.
  • Gin Buck - This drink has a sweeter side to it because of the ginger ale. It is great with a premium London dry or one softer gins.
  • Gin Fizz - With the Fizz we start to get a little "crazy" compared to the first three, but it's worth it. Here you will add lemon, sugar, and egg to the Rickey. Instead of building it in a glass, however, you are going to be shaking until it hurts to ensure the egg is thoroughly mixed. The pain is worth the results.
  • Gin Sling -  For the adventurous there is the Sling. In this one sweet vermouth, lemon, simple syrup, and bitters form a foundation against the gin and soda tops it all off perfectly.