How To Bake Your Own Girl Scouts Cookies

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven by Wicked Cool Toys
Girl Scouts Cookie Oven. Wicked Cool Toys

Who can refuse cookies? Now you can learn how to bake your own Girl Scout cookies at home! 

If your child is not a Girl Scout, you might know one. If by chance you don't know one, at the height of cookie season, there is no escaping the order forms being passed around at work.  Adorable kids spend their spare time selling boxes of cookies outside stores and supermarkets. 

Kids love to create, whether is is in the kitchen or at the arts and crafts table.

Kids can have an opportunity to bake their own Girl Scouts cookies with the Girl Scout Cookie Oven by Wicked Cool Toys.

By simply adding water to a mix, kids can bake their own Girl Scout-inspired cookies in the comfort of their own kitchen.

The Girl Scout Cookie Oven is different than other baking ovens. It is designed to include a small window so children could watch the cookies baking. The company states that this oven heats up 4x faster than other leading baking ovens.

In the package, the oven, which also includes a warming station on top, also arrives with a:

  • baking pan
  • spatula
  • measuring tool
  • Thin Mints starter kit

The oven itself is easy to use. Simply plug it in then turn the knob to heat it up. Drop the cookies on the metal baking pan, enter it into the left side of the oven, then slide the knob across to the right so it fits into the cooking chamber.

Kids can watch the cookies bake, then when they are finished use the knob to slide the tray back and with a double-sided spatula remove the tray from the oven and take each cookie from the tray.


The pan is aluminum and does get hot, so make sure to have an oven mitt available for safety and find a heat-safe surface to rest the pan on to cool.

After opening a mix, kids use the measuring tool, which is essentially a syringe. Squirt water into the mix, then stir. A very little amount of water is needed.

 Using a small, deep bowl or cup when mixing the cookie batter will makes it easier to scoop the batter and drop it onto the tray.

Each cookie package makes 6 bite-size cookies. If all 6 bite-sized cookies were combined, they might equal the size of 1 very large bakery cookie.  

The Girl Scout Cookie Oven takes 15 minutes to pre-heat and the cookies take 15 minutes to cook. Make sure to set an additional timer to keep track of the time. Be careful sliding the pan back and removing it from the oven.

During a review, when engaging the slider to remove the tray from the oven, the tray did get stuck and the hot tray came launching out of the oven unexpectedly. The pan also flipped over, so the cookies, which were not fully baked, began falling off the pan.

The Thin Mints cookies from the oven were cake-like and actually pretty delicious. They are not a crunchy mint-tasting cookie like ones purchased from Girl Scouts during cookie season. They are soft and include a mint-crunch topping, and inspired by the taste of the traditional cookie. 

Additional cookie accessory packs available for purchase separately include peanut butter sandwich, trefoils, chocolate peanut butter cookie, and coconut caramel.

You will not get overweight by quickly by making six bite-sized cookies in 15 minutes. However, should  multiple children be baking at the same time, after patiently waiting for the cookies to bake, the reward is yummy, but quite small. Only major benefit is that for kids who like to cook it might satisfy their craving without getting the entire kitchen a mess.

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