21 Beautiful Girls' Rooms With Canopy Beds

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    Creative Ideas for Creating the DIY Canopy of Your Little Girl’s Dreams

    Purple and white girl's room with DIY slide canopy made from curtain rods
    Photo: 22Interiors

    There’s something about a canopy bed that appeals to the little princess in all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re seven or seventy; the sight of all that soft and billowy fabric makes something deep inside us squeal with glee. 

    Still, for many, the thought of making that dream a reality can be a little intimidating. Classic canopy beds can be prohibitively expensive, and with all the sewing, carpentry, and hardware installation that goes into many of the beautiful designs we see in magazines and on TV, it’s easy for even the most ambitious DIYer to feel overwhelmed.

    Dreaming of a canopy for your little girl’s bedroom? You don’t need to be an expert to make it work! If you’re willing to think outside of the box, there are many simple work-arounds that can save you time, effort, and money.

    Whether you go sweet and cozy, modern luxe, or full-scale glam, you can’t go wrong with any of these clever and easy-to recreate canopy bed ideas for girls’ rooms. 

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    The Hook-Up Canopy

    This brilliant canopy idea from Susan Jay Designs uses ceiling hooks to hang ready-made tab curtains. No sewing required!

    Simply position hooks in a semi-circle above the head of the bed, and drape the tabs over the hooks—two tabs per hook. Use a set of attractive holdbacks to pull back the fabric, or create your own tiebacks with ribbon.

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    Faux Built-In Canopy

    Love the idea of a curtained-off cubby bed? Creating your own is easier than you might think!

    Get the illusion of a built-in bed by taking a page from Bella Design Studio's book and framing ceiling-mounted curtain hardware with clean white molding. Genius!

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    Easy Cornice Canopy

    A fabric-covered cornice box, created by Chelsea of Making Home Base, crowns a simple canopy, giving it a preppy, polished look.

    Cheap, pretty, and practical, cornice boxes can save you a fortune in costly curtain hardware. What’s more, they’re incredibly easy to DIY.

    Want to make your own? Use scrap wood to create a rough wooden box frame. Cover the frame with some bunting and pretty fabric, and use staples to hold everything in place. Mount your creation to the wall using small L-brackets, and fasten your curtain panels to the inside of your cornice box with a staple gun.

    Voilà! An impressive canopy for a less!

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    Peek-a-Boo Print Canopy

    This bright and modern space by Christine Elliot Designs makes a dramatic statement with a bold navy accent wall and a cornice canopy featuring a peek-a-boo pop of classic floral fabric.

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    Renaissance-Inspired Canopy

    An elegant, renaissance-inspired canopy gives this rustic girl’s room, designed by Russel Taylor Architects, royal charm.

    Can’t afford to buy a traditional canopy bed? Try making your own mini canopy! Install a wooden overhang to the wall above the bed, and then paint or stain the wood to match that of your existing bed frame. Once you suspend your canopy, it will be difficult to tell that the bed is made of two separate pieces!

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    A Bright Idea

    Sheer blue fabric tossed over a string of bright and rustic light bulbs creates a casual, no-fuss canopy in this imaginative space created by Isabell of Elle Decoration.

    SAFETY NOTE: LED bulbs are not flammable, as they do not generate heat. Do not try to recreate this look using regular incandescent bulbs.

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    Fresh and Simple Canopy

    This simple fabric canopy, suspended from three points using decorative wooden brackets, adds a playful vibe to this bright and airy girl’s room.

    Love this look? Find a full tutorial with step-by-step instructions and photos on Young House Love.

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    Princess Canopy

    A dramatic crown-inspired corona canopy lends a grand and distinctly feminine touch to this rustic space, designed by Sarah of Sarah Gordon Homes, turning a cottage room into a palace fit for a princess.

    Want to get the same look for less? Check out this clever tutorial for creating your own bed crown from a metal mop bucket.

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    Eye-Catching Canopy

    Lux, velvet fabric draped from ceiling-mounted hardware transforms a simple floor bed into a statement-making focal point in this bold, bohemian space put together by Regan Baker Designs

    To recreate this look, try mounting a standard curtain rod upside down on the ceiling over the bed, and drape your fabric over the top.

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    Rustic Charm

    Kids room with rustic DIY canopy created from a tree branch.
    Photo: Frivole.

    A rustic canopy, featuring a large branch suspended from the ceiling by eyehooks and chains, takes center stage in this white washed, wood-paneled kid’s room designed by Susanne Otter of Frivole.

    The existing tabs on the richly textured linen curtain panels slide neatly over the branch, creating a look that is as simple as it is beautiful.

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    Fairy Wreath Canopy

    Soft and simple, this beautiful, woodland fairy-inspired bed canopy created by Grace Grey Designs suspends sheer white curtain panels from a rich, rustic wreath.

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    Hardware-Free Canopy

    This sweet floral girl’s room boasts a no-sew, hardware-free canopy made using only hot glue and a staple gun!

    Don’t believe it? See the full tutorial over at The Lilly Pad Cottage.

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    Minimalist Canopy

    Simple DIY canopy bed idea for girl's room
    Photo: Ukkonooa

    A length of fabric draped over a wooden dowel and suspended from ceiling hooks with ribbon or rope makes for a simple yet playful canopy in this bright and minimalist kid’s room designed by Maija of the design blog, Ukkonooa.

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    Royal Canopy

    An elaborate canopy, created using scrap wood and some cheap curtain hardware, transforms a simple twin bed into a royal dream.

    Recreate this gorgeous look for your own little princess with this detailed, step-by-step tutorial from Our House Now a Home.

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    Faux Four-Poster Canopy

    Want the four-poster look without the four-figure price tag? Create the bed of your little girl’s dreams with this clever DIY idea spotted on Desire to Inspire!

    Suspend curtain rods over the head and foot of the bed, and drape fabric across the top. Fix fabric to the corners of the bed using ribbon or fabric ties. Beautiful!

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    House Bed Canopy

    Sheer fabric and gold lights create a simple canopy when draped over a charming house-frame floor bed in this Nordic-inspired girl's room seen on the popular children's design blog, Oh Eight Oh Nine.

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    DIY Embroidery Hoop Canopy

    This sweet and simple bed canopy couldn’t be easier to recreate! All you need is a large embroidery hoop, 2-3 sheer curtain panels, and some decorative edging.

    Sew each of your panels together, add your trim, and thread the finished canopy onto the embroidery hoop. Once you’ve put it all together, mount the embroidery hoop to the ceiling and drape the fabric around the bed.

    For more details, read the full tutorial from Cecelia Hayes.

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    Tree Branch Canopy

    Triplet room with simple branch bed canopy
    Photo: Bel and Soph

    This simple canopy idea, spotted on the Instagram page of Bel & Soph, uses a rustic tree branch to extend the length of an inexpensive, wall-mounted L-bracket.

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    Simple Swag Canopy

    A simple swag of fabric draped over two wall-mounted hooks adds softness to this sweet and girly bedroom created by Cheryl Hucks Interior Design

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    Chandelier Canopy

    What could be better than a cozy bed canopy complete with its own built-in, late night reading light?

    To recreate this gorgeous look put together by Allie of Proverbs 31 Girl, you’ll need an attractive pendant lamp and a hoop canopy. (You can even make your own!)

    Fix a large L-bracket to the wall behind the bed. Thread the pendant chain through the canopy, and suspend both the pendant and canopy from the bracket.

    For safety’s sake, be sure to use a cool-touch LED light bulb in your chosen light fixture. Want to boost the glam factor? Opt for a pretty crystal chandelier, and install a dimmer for the perfect soft and moody lighting

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    Slide Canopy

    Purple and white girl's room with DIY slide canopy made from curtain rods
    Photo: 22Interiors

    This clever canopy idea by 22Interiors uses two curtain rods to create a simple fabric drape with a whimsical, sweeping effect that mimics the structure and character of the space.

    Prefer a more traditional look? Simply install the first rod higher over the head of the bed, decreasing the angle between the two rods, and fix the second rod to the ceiling over the foot of the bed.

    Looking for more ways to give your little lady a lux look for less? Check out these 5 Tips for Creating a Glamorous Girl’s Room on a Budget