21 Canopy Bed Ideas Girls Will Love

Whether your daughter has just recently graduated from her toddler bed or is a preteen who is looking to add a little more oomph to her sleep space, a canopy bed may just be in the cards. Canopy beds are a great way to add a little magic to a child's bedroom. Young ones will enjoy dozing off pretending that they're living in a dreamy, magical land—canopy beds just have that mystical quality about them!

Fortunately, converting a regular bed into a canopy setup is quite easy. There are also a number of directions one can go with regard to color scheme and fabric choice. Whether your daughter craves a bedroom that's ultra glam or is all about embracing vibrant hues, the below spaces are a great place to look to get ideas for your own design scheme.

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    Hang Some Vines

    fake ivy canopy bed

    @bowtiesandbooks / Instagram

    Bring the outdoors in with faux vines that will make her feel like she's dozing off in a magical garden (without any concerns about unpleasant temps or critters, that is!). This setup is excellent for the nature lover.

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    Go Bold With Color

    orange canopy bed

    @sammychamp2 / Instagram

    There's no reason to shy away from using bold fabric in the bedroom—even a bright orange is fair game when it looks as good as it does in the space shown here. The shade pairs wonderfully with this room's peach-colored walls.

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    Layer in Some Blue

    light blue canopy with purple bedding

    @justmyhomeinireland / Instagram

    Light blues can look just as soothing as light pinks—and this room is proof. A dusty blue canopy will blend well with a number of other textile shades, including light purples, as we see above.

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    Try Some Tassels

    canopy with tassels

    @theblushinghaven / Instagram

    In order to make your sleep space look extra glam, opt for a canopy with tassels. These are ultra elegant and will add instant sophistication to any bedroom. Better yet, they're easy to make by hand using colorful yarn.

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    Go Bold With Purple

    purple canopy and yellow bedding

    @ahomeinthetropics / Instagram

    A variety of warm hues stand out in this cozy bedroom. The deep purple canopy and yellow bedding are perfect for the kid who craves a vibrant space. We think the royal hue makes the space appear as though it's truly fit for a princess.

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    Or Incorporate Subdued Shades

    canopy and scalloped border

    @lauren.at.park.house / Instagram

    If you're looking to keep things a bit simpler, add just a few pops of color in the form of a canopy and some corresponding wall decals (or a painted border, if you're feeling crafty). You can never go wrong with a scalloped design!

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    Think Soft Pink

    muted pink canopy bed

    @housebythebrook / Instagram

    We often picture a bubble gum hue when we think of pink, but more muted variations of the color can look oh-so-beautiful, too. This room is 100 percent fit for an imaginative kiddo.

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    Get Floral

    floral decor on canopy

    @flyingjsranch / Instagram

    It's a flower crown... for the bed! Add some boho flair to your daughter's sleep space by topping off a sheer canopy with a floral design that makes a stylish statement.

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    Add a Bit of Green

    fake ivy on canopy

    @kraftdeck / Instagram

    Faux vines once again pop in this mostly black and white bedroom. If you're looking for a means to add color to your sleep space but don't want something ultra frilly, this is the way to go.

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    Enjoy Pink and White

    pink and white bedding

    @beydindesign / Instagram

    There's nothing wrong with a classic pink-and-white combo. Opt for solid colored bedding that can grow with your child for a timeless look.

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    Shoot for the Stars

    star banner on canopy

    @my.scottish.home / Instagram

    Who doesn't dream of falling asleep under the stars? We have a simple fix for those who would love to do just that. Attach a star-shaped banner to the canopy and your little one can do just that each and every night.

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    Be Sheer

    sheer canopy and wallpaper

    @runcis_at_no9 / Instagram

    A sheer canopy adds glam to this sleep space without detracting from the stunning wallpaper behind the bed. The floral design on the fabric adds a fun vintage touch, too.

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    Bunk Up

    canopy bunk beds

    @alovelylark / Instagram

    Bunkbeds are already tons of fun, and we have an idea for how to make them even more exciting. Yes, even those bunking up can enjoy the delights of a canopy bed! This canopy is long enough to wrap around both the top and bottom bunk and features cheerful pink pom-poms to boot.

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    Create a Chic Lounge

    canopy bed with pillows

    @crushing_on_blush / Instagram

    This canopy bed is made even cozier with the addition of throw pillows galore and doubles as a chic spot to lounge during daytime hours. Your little one and her friends will love hanging in this space after school.

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    Dress Up the Daybed

    canopy daybed

    @joanna.anastasia_ / Instagram

    A daybed can be transformed with a canopy, too. In this case, the canopy can be even more expansive and add a touch of drama to the space. And once again, a banner with star cutouts is an excellent accent piece.

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    Tone It Down

    rainbow mural and canopy bed

    @homeattheeaton / Instagram

    What could be more cheery than a canopy bed positioned right next to a beautiful rainbow mural? If your child's room features brightly colored walls already, you may wish to choose a more sheer or plain-colored canopy option, as we see here, to offset all of the hues.

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    Be Whimscial

    rainbow pom pom canopy bed

    @9bynamrata / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to get a bit whimsical! Mixing a canopy with rainbow pom-pom ball alongside more sophisticated fabric prints can be the best of both worlds (and is a nice option for those who just can't pick a favorite color).

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    Sparkle and Shine

    string lights in canopy bed


    If your little one is all about things that glitter, this is the setup she needs. Weave battery-operated string lights into the canopy and let them glisten all day long. Your daughter will love being surrounded by sparkles.

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    Keep it Classic

    canopy bed matching curtains

    @houghshome / Instagram

    This canopy bed features fabric that complements the nearby curtains perfectly. The room's classic, elegant style takes us back to simpler times.

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    All Hail the Queen

    canopy bed with queen

    @dearmama86 / Instagram

    Her bedroom isn't 100 percent fit for royalty until it's equipped with a crown... and what better place to add such an accent than atop the canopy bed? This DIY decoration certainly steals the show.

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    Double It

    twin canopy bed

    @wellandmaguire / Instagram

    A twin room looks even more excellent when it's symmetrical—seeing double never looked so stylish.