31 Sweet and Fun Girls Room Canopy Bed Ideas

girls canopy bed ideas

Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Whether your daughter has just recently graduated from her toddler bed or is a preteen who is looking to add a little more oomph to her sleep space, a canopy bed may just be in the cards. Canopy beds are a great way to add a little magic to a child's bedroom. Young ones will enjoy dozing off pretending that they're living in a dreamy, magical land—canopy beds just have that mystical quality about them.

Fortunately, converting a regular bed into a canopy setup is quite easy. There are also a number of directions one can go with regard to color scheme and fabric choice. Whether your daughter craves a bedroom that's ultra glam or is all about embracing vibrant hues, the below spaces are a great place to look to get ideas for your own design scheme.

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    Hang Some Vines

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @bowtiesandbooks / Instagram

    Bring the outdoors in with faux vines that will make her feel like she's dozing off in a magical garden (without any concerns about unpleasant temps or critters, that is). This setup is excellent for the nature lover.

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    Go Bold With Color

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @sammychamp2 / Instagram

    There's no reason to shy away from using bold fabric in the bedroom—even a bright orange is fair game when it looks as good as it does in the space shown here. The shade pairs wonderfully with this room's peach-colored walls.

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    Layer in Some Blue

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @justmyhomeinireland / Instagram

    Light blues can look just as soothing as light pinks. A dusty blue canopy will blend well with a number of other shades, including light purples, as we see above.

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    Carve It Up

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors / Photo by Margaret Rajic

    Kate Marker Interiors designed this girls room around a striking, sun-bleached carved wood frame canopy bed with an upholstered headboard that adds texture while allowing other decorative elements like wallpaper, paint, and bed linens to shine. With its neutral tones and grown up size and style, a canopy bed like this can serve as an anchor piece for years to come.

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    Try Some Tassels

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @theblushinghaven / Instagram

    In order to make your sleep space look extra glam, opt for a canopy with tassels. These are ultra elegant and will add instant sophistication to any bedroom. Better yet, they're easy to make by hand using colorful yarn.

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    Go Twinsies

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design added a secret door between these side-by-side twin rooms that almost look like mirror images of one another from the hallway, with matching tall black iron canopy bed frames, curvy upholstered headboards, and coordinated wall paint colors, bed linens, and rugs.

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    Go Bold With Purple

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @ahomeinthetropics / Instagram

    A variety of warm hues stand out in this cozy bedroom. The deep purple canopy and yellow bedding are perfect for the kid who craves a vibrant space. We think the royal hue makes the space appear as though it's truly fit for a princess.

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    Incorporate Subdued Shades

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @lauren.at.park.house / Instagram

    If you're looking to keep things a bit simpler, add just a few pops of color in the form of a canopy and some corresponding wall decals (or a painted border, if you're feeling crafty). You can never go wrong with a scalloped design.

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    Think Soft Pink

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @housebythebrook / Instagram

    We often picture a bubble gum hue when we think of pink, but more muted variations of the color can look oh-so-beautiful, too. This room is 100 percent fit for an imaginative kiddo.

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    Try It Out

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Design by Maite Granda

    You don't have to commit to buying a full canopy bed frame to get a similar effect. In this whimsical little girls room from interior designer Maite Granda, a lightweight canopy is strung up above the toddler bed, complementing the pink-and-white-striped wallpaper, curvy black wire chandeliers and matching decorative bird cages, and a tree mural that takes advantage of the room's high vaulted exposed wood ceiling. Once it's time to swap out the toddler bed, you can trade up for a solid wood canopy bed, or try another style.

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    Get Floral

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @flyingjsranch / Instagram

    It's a flower crown... for the bed. Add some boho design flair to a little girls room by topping off a sheer canopy with a floral design that makes a stylish statement.

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    Camp Out

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Design by Maite Granda

    This girls room from interior designer Maite Granda is anchored by a house-shaped bed frame draped in a canopy with peekaboo windows on the sides and tie-backs at the front. Set low to the ground and dressed with simple pink linens and a moon-shaped pendant light, it's a cozy place to read, relax, daydream, and sleep.

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    Add a Bit of Green

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @kraftdeck / Instagram

    Faux vines pop in this mostly black and white bedroom. If you're looking for a means to add color to your sleep space but don't want something ultra frilly, this is the way to go.

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    Mix Pink and White

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @beydindesign / Instagram

    There's nothing wrong with a classic pink-and-white combo. Opt for solid colored bedding that can grow with your child for a timeless look.

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    Shoot for the Stars

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @my.scottish.home / Instagram

    Who doesn't dream of falling asleep under the stars? Attach a star-shaped banner to the canopy and your little one can do just that each and every night.

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    Add Lace

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @runcis_at_no9 / Instagram

    A sheer lace canopy adds glam to this sleep space without detracting from the colorful wallpaper behind the bed. The floral pattern on the canopy adds a fun vintage touch, too.

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    Go High

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Urbanology Designs / Photo by Shesha Smith, Convey Studios

    This airy pink-and-white girls room and en suite bathroom from Urbanology Designs has built-in bunk beds that make efficient use of the tall ceiling height and space. But it's the dramatic canopied seating area that steals the show, built for hanging out and reading, or subbing in as a spare bed for sleepovers.

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    Bunk Up

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @alovelylark / Instagram

    Bunk beds are already tons of fun, and we have an idea for how to make them even more exciting. Yes, even those bunking up can enjoy the delights of a canopy bed. This canopy is long enough to wrap around both the top and bottom bunk and is edged with cheerful pink pompoms to boot.

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    Create a Chic Lounge Space

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @crushing_on_blush / Instagram

    This canopy bed is made even cozier with the addition of throw pillows galore and doubles as a chic spot to lounge during daytime hours. Your little one and her friends will love hanging in this space after school.

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    Dress Up the Daybed

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @joanna.anastasia_ / Instagram

    A daybed can be transformed with a canopy, too. In this case, the canopy can be even more expansive and add a touch of drama to the space. A banner with star cutouts is an excellent accent piece.

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    Tone It Down

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @homeattheeaton / Instagram

    What could be more cheery than a canopy bed positioned right next to a beautiful rainbow mural? If your child's room features brightly colored walls already, you may wish to choose a more sheer or plain-colored canopy option to offset all of the hues.

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    Be Whimsical

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @9bynamrata / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to get a bit whimsical. Mixing a canopy with a rainbow pompom ball garland alongside more sophisticated fabric prints can be the best of both worlds (and is a nice option for those who just can't pick a favorite color).

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    Sparkle and Shine

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @littlethings.sukriti / Instagram

    If your little one is all about things that glitter, this is the setup she needs. Weave battery-operated string lights into the canopy and let them glisten all day long. Your daughter will love being surrounded by sparkles.

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    Keep it Classic

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @houghshome / Instagram

    This canopy bed fabric matches the adjacent curtains for a coordinated look. The room's classic, elegant style takes us back to simpler times.

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    Make It Royal

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @dearmama86 / Instagram

    Her bedroom isn't 100 percent fit for royalty until it's equipped with a crown... and what better place to add such an accent than atop the canopy bed? This DIY decoration certainly steals the show.

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    Add Curves

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Design by Gray Space Interiors

    Gray Space Interiors created a sophisticated girls room with an arched canopy bed, midcentury-style metal bedside lamps, shades of pink and lavender, and plenty of texture on accessories like a faux fur bed covering and a pair of juju hats over the bed.

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    Double It Up

    girls canopy bed ideas

    @wellandmaguire / Instagram

    A pair of canopy beds in a twin room gives each child their own well defined space.

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    Add Boho Style

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Emily Henderson Design added an airy canopy with a tassel border in this light-flooded a teen girls room, with white walls, wood and rattan accents, a pair of velvet poufs, green plants, and just the right amount of boho style.

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    Square It Off

    girls canopy bed ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    A Beautiful Mess added a statement canopy bed with modern clean lines painted in a vivid shade of pink that fills the small space and complements the playful black-and-white wallpaper.

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    Dress It Up

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Design by Studio Peake

    Studio Peake added a formal velveteen canopy in this London girls room that complements the vintage furniture and soothing green and pink palette.

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    Add Oversized Tassels

    girls canopy bed ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design softened this tall black iron canopy bed frame with drapes of soft white fabric and oversized gold tassels that give it a cheerful and playful look.