Glamorous Bathrooms With Wallpaper

Interior of bathroom
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There's no denying it—wallpaper is back. Though it seemed to be on hiatus for a little while, these room-defining wall coverings have returned in full force, especially in the bathroom.

Give your bathroom a new life with a splash of wallpaper. The nearly infinite number of patterns means unlimited possibilities for use of it in your bathroom. Use wallpaper as a statement or an accent; cover one wall or all four; or adorn your walls in bling or bold patterns and color. Splash-proof or wipeable wallpaper is best for moist and humid bathrooms, especially if it's near the tub or shower. Otherwise, standard wallpaper is fine for powder rooms and bathrooms with drier walls, but only if you have plenty of fan power to eliminate steam.

Here are a few of our favorite bathrooms, proving wallpaper can be glamorous.

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    Dazzling Texture

    Reflective texture in a bathroom

    Graham & Brown

    Wallpaper has a magical way of adding depth and texture to your bathroom wall. The texture of this reflective paper creates a sophisticated backdrop, giving mundane soap and shampoo bottles a new and dazzling look. Use metallic silver wallpaper on one wall as a statement along with pale gray paint on other walls in the bathroom.

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    Neutral Patterns

    Brown and white leopard print wallpapered bathroom

    The sophisticated brown-and-white leopard print of this wallpaper is a neutral pattern that lets the bright brass of the faucet and the emerald green of the mirror pop even in this small space. A warm brown floor and ceiling tie the elements together.

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    Nature's Calling

    Tree wallpaper in a bathroom

    Apartment Therapy

    An eye-catching and repeating tree pattern sprawls across the walls of this bathroom. The hardwood flooring pairs with the clear images on the wallpaper so you can't help but feel you're wandering deep in the woods on a winter day. The vertical lines of the design make it feel as though the room is taller than it is.

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    An Optical Illusion

    Intricate patterned wallpaper

    Traci Zeller Interiors via Decor Pad

    In this bathroom, the mesmerizing, intricate trellis pattern extends around the bathroom, and then some, by its reflection in the large mirror. Though it's a bold pattern, the colors are neutral enough to let the pastel artwork seemingly float on the walls. The elegant gray of the wallpaper picks up on the silver mirror frame and fixtures.

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    Bold Petite Bath

    Oversized patterned wallpaper
    The Zhush

    Wallpaper adds excitement to this petite powder room. The bold and oversize pattern chosen in subdued colors works well in tight quarters. The graceful pattern is soft, rounded, and apparent, but it's not so busy that it overwhelms the space. The delicate lines of the mirror lighten up the wallpaper's pattern, as well.

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    Traditional Florals

    Delicate wallpaper in a bathroom

    French Country Cottage

    Just a bit of wallpaper goes a long way, as shown in this vintage-inspired space. All of the elements of this romantic and traditional bathroom fit well together. The wallpaper, a delicate floral that's pretty in pink above the bright white wainscoting, becomes the backdrop for glamorous frameless mirrors, small and sophisticated wall sconces, and a bombe chest for storage.

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    A Fluid Pattern

    Grasscloth wallpaper

    White, gray, and gold come together in this powder room. The printed grasscloth wallpaper above the dark gray wainscoting has a large and fluid pattern used on the top half of the wall for impact. The mirror and doorknob add small bursts of brass to warm up this room. It's a sophisticated look in a petite space because the muted colors are mixed just right. Grasscloth is better suited for powder rooms instead of bathrooms with extra moisture from a bathtub or shower.

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    A Powerful Statement

    Golden wallpaper with a cherry blossom design

    House and Home

    Using a compelling image to define a single wall makes a powerful statement in this peaceful, spa-like bathroom. The rich, golden background and a single cherry blossom tree warm up the modern space. The choice of this scene creates a hushed and meditative atmosphere, which is perfect for relaxing in this soaking tub.

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    Architectural Elegance

    Blueprint inspired wallpaper
    Live Simply By Annie

    Blueprint-inspired wallpapers turn meticulous drawings into beautiful decorative art for your walls. This style of wallpaper above white wainscoting makes a strong, sophisticated statement in this masculine-style bathroom without overwhelming the small space. The small black-and-white herringbone tile floor and sleek marble sink complement the wallpaper.

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    Mixed Patterns

    Layered pattern wallpaper in a bathroom


    Mixing patterns creates a bathroom that dazzles the eye and commands attention. In this room, the active patterns on the walls and floor keep the eyes moving. The simplicity of the sink and fixtures gives eyes a place to rest. The patterns of different scales work together because they share the same colors and tone.

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    A Tropical Paradise

    Tropical wallpaper

    Rosa Beltran Design

    The right style of wallpaper can make you feel like you're in a faraway land. In this bathroom, a luscious green paper fills the bathroom walls with oversize leaves, transforming it into a tropical haven. The wallpaper is applied above the wainscoting and tempered by white fixtures and a subtly patterned tile floor. The large-scale pattern grabs attention but doesn't overwhelm or crowd the room. 

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    A Fantasy Bath

    Blue and white foliage wallpaper


    The striking blue-and-white wallpaper is the main focus of this bathroom. The design depicts a moody and surreal arrangement of foliage and birds. The addition of bamboo shelving, a metallic mirror, and faux-torch lighting makes this bathroom anything but mundane. The surprising pink ceiling light calls out for a bit of attention and breaks up the expanse of blue.

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    Wallpaper Arches Above

    Pale green and white wallpaper

    Clean Mama

    Pale green-and-white wallpaper is added in strategic spots in this traditional bathroom. Wallpaper placed on the tub wall creates a focal spot in the room. Wallpaper used on the vertical portions of the high barrel ceiling do a gracious job of highlighting architectural elements while framing the delicate chandelier.

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    Bathroom Bling

    Gold and white diamond pattern wallpaper

    Style Me Pretty

    This wallpaper with a simple gold-and-white diamond pattern is all that's needed to turn this corner of a powder room into a glamorous space fit for royalty. The light from the chandelier dances off the wallpaper and the oval mirror to add to the dazzling effect. 

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    Stylish and Masculine

    16 Glamorous Bathrooms With Wallpaper

    Apartment Therapy

    The wallpaper's dark palette and bold, graphic pattern is the perfect canvas for the surrounding masculine decor in this bathroom. Metallic highlights in the wallpaper pick up the room's fixtures and accessories. The nautical-inspired lights in this man-cave bathroom add to the mystery and moodiness of the room.