16 Glamorous Bathrooms With Wallpaper

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    16 Glamorous Bathrooms With Wallpaper

    There's no denying it any longer. Wallpaper is back. It seemed to be on hiatus for a little while, but now these room-defining wall coverings have returned in full force. For evidence of its regained status we don't need to look any further than the bathroom. Often the last room on our decorating to-do lists, bathrooms all over are finding new life and interest through wallpaper. There's a nearly infinite number of patterns you can find and an even greater number of possibilities for what you can do with them. Use it as a statement or an accent. Cover one wall or all four. Adorn your walls in bling or transport your bathroom to a far off, exotic locale. The choice is yours. And to help you get started, let's take a look at a few options.  

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    Add Texture

    Wallpaper can add so many layers to your bathroom decor. Use it to create texture in your bathroom for a sophisticated, well thought-out look. The texture of this reflective paper creates a stunning backdrop against which even regular bathroom sights such as soap and shampoo bottles take on a new and glamorous aspect. 

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    Sophisticated Neutrals

    There's just so much that patterns can do. The leopard print of this paper - a sophisticated mix of neutrals - is perfect for letting the bright brass of the faucet and the emerald green of the mirror, vase and soap dish really pop. So even in a neutral palette, wallpaper can carry a strong dose of pattern to create incredible effects in a bathroom. 

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    Take It Outside

    It's great to have intricate, eye-catching designs to sprawl across your walls, but there's also something to be said for creating a single coherent image that gives your bathroom an extra dimension of meaning. The repeated tree pattern in this paper gives the impression of wandering deep in the woods in winter. It's a refreshing theme that is taken up by the rooms other natural elements including the hardwood floors and the potted plant.

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    Make It Last Forever

    If you've got a mesmerizing pattern running across your walls, use a mirror to complete the effect. In this bathroom the intricate trellis design of the wallpaper is picked up and extended by the mirror, letting it cover the whole room.

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    Maximizing Small Spaces

    Even if your powder room is on the petite side, wallpaper can add more than a bit of excitement to the decor. In fact, with an oversized pattern, the tight quarters can actually work to your advantage, compounding the effect of the design without overwhelming the space. 

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    Beautifully Traditional

    Everything in this room fits. The sinks, the mirrors, the chest-of-drawers - all of it comes together to create a cute little powder room with a relaxed, traditional feel. The wallpaper, a floral print in pink, completes the design.

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    Binary Colors

    Though the mirror, doorknob and book all add small bursts of brass to warm up this room, the primary colors that define it are white and gray. The wallpaper adds pattern and texture to this room by playing with its main shades, becoming it's star attraction in the process. 

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    Find Your Zen

    Wallpaper is one of the biggest choices you can make in a space, but it doesn't need to the the most complicated. Choosing a single wall and using wallpaper to define it can make a powerful statement in your bathroom. This gold-leaf wallpaper depicting a single image of a cherry blossom tree warms up the entire space while adding a note of simplicity, making it the perfect place to lay back and find your own little piece of enlightenment. 

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    Go Industrial

    Do you have a favorite car, house or piece of furniture? Want to know how it was made? For the daring designer, blueprint wallpaper is popping up more and more. These papers take the meticulous drawings that become houses, cars and stairways and turn them into beautiful decorative art for your walls. A perfect masculine touch that will still create an amazing combination of color and pattern in your bathroom. 

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    Pattern On Pattern

    Layering pattern is one of the best ways to create a space that dazzles the eye and commands attention. In this room the active patterns on the walls and floors keep the eye moving while the comparative simplicity of the sink and fixtures gives it a place to rest.

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    The Lush Life

    Wallpaper can take your bathroom wherever you want it to go. A luscious green paper fills this bathroom with life, making it a tropical paradise. The perfect place to lay back and soak your troubles away.   

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    Fantasy Land

    We spend so much time in the real word, why not relax and bathe in a fantasy? This stunning blue wallpaper, depicting a surreal arrangement of foliage and birds, plays with the bamboo shelving, metallic mirror and faux-torch lighting to give the impression of spending time in the jungles of another world. And to complete the effect? Window shades in the same pattern as the wallpaper are the perfect finishing touch.

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    Be Selective

    Just because wallpaper can cover your entire wall doesn't mean it has to. You can cut down on the workload and maximize the impact by choosing to put wallpaper in the right spots. Using wallpaper strategically in your bathroom avoids overwhelming the space with a single pattern while still giving you just the right amount of color and pattern to define your space.

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    Add Some Bling

    The right wallpaper can turn your powder room into whatever you want it to be. So why not make it glamorous? With it's delicate pattern, this lovely gold paper enlivens the space around the sink, giving it a feeling of luxury.

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    Stylishly Masculine

    Wallpaper doesn't have to be just for the ladies. There are plenty of options out there in a variety of patterns and colors designed to appeal to the guys as well. This paper's dark palette gives it a moody feel while at the same time, it's many metallic highlights are picked up by the room's accessories.