9 Glamorous Living Room Designs

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    Simple Glamour

    Grey living room with luxury details
    ED REEVE / Getty Images

    When you need a little inspiration head over to Pinterest for a dose of glamour

    Some people have a clear view of how they want their homes to look. Others need to be inspired. If you know that you want something glamorous, but you're not sure how to go about it or what route to take, head over to Pinterest for some easy inspiration. Whether you want subtle glamour or something totally over-the-top, you're sure to find something to inspire your inner decorating diva. Achieve a glamorous look using a single tone.

    Glamorous rooms don't have to be dramatic. As this simply decorated room demonstrates, glamour can be achieved using a single tone with a few luxurious details. Floor length drapes, button tufting, reflective surfaces, and a touch of gold, combine to create subtle glamour and an atmosphere of elegance.

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    Detailed Glamour

    Living Room with Wall Details
    Pinterest via TheDPages.com

    Sometimes glamour is all in the details.

    The detailed plaster walls in this living room are nothing short of exquisite. This room could be left empty and still be oozing glamour. In a room like this, with ample architectural details, the key is to keep the furnishing simple and let the walls do all the talking.

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    Dramatic Glamour

    Dramatic Living Room
    Pinterest via Style at Home

    It's all about the drama.

    Sometimes you have to just go for it. This room girly glam living room is jam-packed with luxurious details including gilt finishes, button tufting, curved silhouettes, and dramatic fabrics. No one would ever accuse this room of being subtle.

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    Masculine Glamour

    Glamorous Bachelor Pad

    Glamour doesn't have to be feminine.

    Who says glamorous must be equated with femininity? Filling a room with rich-looking antiques is a sure-fire way to add glamour - masculine glamour. This bachelor pad exudes wealth and luxury through its use of Louis VI furniture, its mix of antique art and accessories, and plenty of luxe fabrics.

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    Subtle Glamour

    Subtle Glamour
    Pinterest via Domino.com/ Paul Costello

    Glamour doesn't have to be over-the-top.

    Sometimes it pays to take a 'less is more' approach to glamour. In this case, it comes from the exquisite detail in the fireplace mantel, and the high ceilings (emphasized through the long, luxurious drapes). The fur throw draped across the sofa adds the perfect touch.

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    Colorful Glamour

    Colorful Living Room
    Pinterest via OneKingsLane.com

    Achieve a glamorous look with oodles of color and pattern.

    Who says a living room can't be jam packed with color and pattern and still be glamorous? Certainly not the decorator of this room. What makes this room feel glamorous in the midst of all that's going on is the gold faux bamboo table and the delicate details on the wood and cane settee.

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    Small Space Glamour

    Small Space Glamour
    Pinterest via lonny.com

    Small rooms can be glamorous too!

    The best way to create glamour in a small space is to use a giant gilt mirror. Gilt mirrors are inherently glamorous, and in a small space, they help reflect light, making the room feel bigger. There's also a great mix of styles in this room which adds to the glamorous vibe.

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    Feminine Glamour

    Feminine Glamour
    Pinterest via Horchow.com

    Feminine glamour never goes out of style.

    For those who love girly glam, this living room is sure to inspire. Pink walls, dupioni silk, nailhead trim, gilt finishes, plaster wall details...is there anything about this room that doesn't make you feel like a 50s era movie star?

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    White Glamour

    Glamorous Neutral Living Room
    Pinterest/Eric Holtz

    Achieve glamour with just one color.

    A glamorous living room can be created using just one color - and a neutral color at that. The key is to create a luxurious white room is to use the right finishes. In this case, reflective surfaces including mirror, glass, and silver metallics reflect light, creating a sense of space and luxury.