9 Glamorous Neutral Bedrooms You'll Wish Were Yours

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    Decorate Your Glamorous Bedroom in Neutrals

    Beautiful bedroom with shag rug.
    Photo courtesy of Distinctive Decor

    While to a great extent, the definition of “glamorous” is in the eye of the beholder, there are certain characteristics that generally mark this decorating style: ornate ceiling fixtures, large and luxurious headboards and furnishings, soft and sensuous bedding, and an overall vibe that says, “Someone pampered lives here.” But beyond all that, glamorous style looks expensive, even if it really isn’t expensive at all.

    While you can use any palette to decorate the glamorous bedroom, there’s just a certain something about neutrals that make them especially suited to this lavish look. Neutral décor tends to look sophisticated and expensive, two traits that define the glamorous style. Neutrals aren’t brash like brights or innocent like pastels or overly dramatic like darks can be – while those colors can all work beautifully in the bedroom, they are generally more suited to other themes. Remember though, no matter what your decorating style, neutral doesn’t mean devoid of color or without accents to add interest. Take a look at the bedrooms shown here, and you’ll see how neutrals do glamorous right.

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    Pure Glamour

    Beautiful bedroom with blue and cream.
    Jodi Jacobson/Getty Images

    Upholstered walls, a velvet bench, a glorious ceiling fixture, sleek silver bedside lamps and a sensuously curved bed… what’s not to like about this glamorous bedroom? The soft blue along the walls adds just enough cool contrast to set off the furniture, without in any way detracting from the serene feel. Note that the furniture is quite traditional, but has small touches – such as the large round handles on the nightstands – that make a statement.

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    Just a Little Pattern

    Gorgeous cream and gray bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

    While you generally won’t find an excess of pattern in a glamorous room, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any pattern at all. Take this bedroom, for example – it has textured, patterned carpet, curtains with a pattern somewhere between chevron and zebra print, abstract artwork and a hint of pattern in the throw pillows. That’s just enough to keep the room interesting, without in any way looking busy.

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    Glamorous French Country

    Beautiful neutral cottage bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    This charming bedroom does glamour with a twist of French country. The touches of soft green, blue and gold add gentle contrast to all the creamy white. Using the same botanicals-and-birds print on the throw pillows, curtains and window blind keeps the look sophisticated, not cute. This room is a fine example of how glamour is a feeling that can be added to any decorating style.

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    Feminine Charm

    Feminine neutral bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    While glamorous does not have to be synonymous with feminine, the two DO work well together. This pretty, yet all-grown-up bedroom has just enough pink for daintiness, but there’s no question this is a master bedroom. The traditional four-poster bed and bedside table are dark enough to balance the touches of pink and all the eggshell white, while the metallic shine of the bedside lamp and chandelier provide welcome accents to the space.  

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    Glamour Goes Wild

    Neutral bedroom with leopard print and canopy bed.
    Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

    Sometimes glamour takes a little walk on the wild side, as in this bedroom with its touches of leopard print on the throw pillows. The feline design adds a little bit of sexy fun to a bedroom that is otherwise quite traditional in style, with lovely antique pieces and a beautiful four-poster bed. Notice the textured, patterned carpet – when a room is entirely neutral, like this one, you can get away with flooring that otherwise might be too busy.

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    Brown Beauty

    Glamorous neutral bedroom with chandelier and zebra print bench.
    Photo courtesy of Homedit

    Mix and match shades of brown, and you’ll never go wrong, as this bedroom proves so beautifully. This room is a bit more contemporary than many other glamorous bedrooms, but still maintains the lavish, expensive feel with the chandelier, the bold bench and the dark brown, heavily tufted headboard.

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    Contemporary Glamour

    Contemporary glamorous neutral bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Decobizz

    Here’s proof that glamorous doesn’t have to mean traditional or froufrou – this contemporary room manages to look both simple and complex at the same time – it’s full of interesting touches, like the marbled, mottled walls with the silhouette of a girl floating away below a bunch of balloons. The intriguing light fixture is another merger of styles: traditional chandelier wrapped in a futuristic metal cage. Glamour goes modern.

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    Pure White

    Glamorous white bedroom with sheepskin rug and chandelier.
    Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

    Clean and pristine, when white is done right, as it certainly is here, it can be very seductive. The feminine charm of the ornate chandelier and French-style headboard contrast perfectly with the surprise of shaggy sheepskin on the floor and the small bench. The clear Plexiglas bedside lamps are another surprising touch – you don’t expect such contemporary lamps in such a glamorous space, but their simple shape and muted shine set off the fancy bed and ceiling fixture. There’s only one shot of color in the entire room – the purple flowers on the nightstand – and that’s just enough. Perfect.