8 Best Small Camper Trailers

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Is the tiny house trend rekindling America’s passion for camper trailers? It sure as heck seems that way.

Registrations for towable campers are increasing by considerable percentages in recent years, with glamping-worthy trailers even more appealing—like our eight favorites. Each of the following models will leave you begging for a road trip.

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    Teardrop Trailer

    A Timberleaf tear drop camper trailer

    You can sleep under the stars inside this teardrop trailer by Timberleaf. The camper's huge skylight is one of the largest in the tiny trailer industry according to the manufacturer. You won't need a sports utility vehicle to tow this lightweight camper because it weighs only 1,500 pounds. The back of the Timberleaf features a nicely designed cooking space made of Baltic birch. Base price: $21,500.

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    Cricket Camper Trailer

    A Cricket Camper Trailer
    Taxa Outdoors

    The Cricket by Taxa Outdoors is an ultra-lightweight camper that many 4-cylinder cars can tow. Even better, inside you'll find creature comforts, like a water heater and outdoor shower system, that aren't staples in similarly-sized trailers. Not impressed? You can add on a few of the camper's many optional features for enhancing your outdoor adventures such as a window-mounted air conditioner or a top-loading fridge. Base price: Upon request.

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    Casual Turtles Camper

    A Terapin camper trailer hitched to a truck
    Casual Turtle Campers

    The typical camper trailer is a mass-produced item with a fiberglass or aluminum shell. But that’s not the case with the Terrapin, the largest tow-able caravan by Casual Turtle Campers. Each one is handmade to order in Fort Collins, Colorado, using beautiful woods like western red cedar. Base price: Upon request.

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    Retro Camper

    A Dinky Dub camper trailer by a lake
    Dub Box USA

    Fans of classic camper vans will flip over The Shortie travel trailer by Dub Box. Weighing just under 1,000 pounds—super light for a towable caravan—this vintage-inspired RV is perfect for those looking for something larger than a standard teardrop camper. Equipped with a modern kitchen, double-sized bed, and plenty of storage space, The Shortie also offers additional options like an awning over the hatchback and a portable water tank. Base price: $16,095.

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    Happier Camper

    A Happier Camper on the beach
    Happier Camper

    Indulge your wanderlust with the HC1 by Happier Camper. It's a small, retro-modern caravan that most types of cars can tow. It's packed with handy basics for glamping including modular seating for use both inside and outside of the trailer. There's also a sink with portable water storage. Best of all, if you're planning an overnight trip with friends, it can sleep up to five adults. Base price: $29,950.

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    Aluminum Teardrop Trailer

    A Teardrop camper trailer
    High Camp Trailers

    If you're looking for something that oozes retro charm, there's nothing like an aluminum teardrop trailer. This model by High Camp Trailers in Portland, Oregon, has a sleeping cabin in the front and a compact kitchen in the back. Concealed inside the cooking space's birch drawers, you'll find kitchen essentials such as a stainless steel burner cooktop and Coleman cooler. Base price: $17,150.

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    Homegrown Trailers

    A Timberline camper trailer attached to an SUV
    Homegrown Trailers

    If you're looking for a camper trailer that packs features typically found in tiny houses behold the Timberline by Homegrown Trailers. It's so roomy it can double as a backyard guest house or granny pod. While this particular trailer is available in different layouts with optional add-ons, some of the standard features include an indoor shower and toilet, energy-efficient mini-fridge, and 23-gallon freshwater tank. Base price: Upon request.

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    Bike Camper

    A Wide Path Camper with bicycles and a guitar
    Wide Path Camper

    If your preferred mode of transportation is the electric bicycle, you can burn rubber with this bike-tow-able travel trailer. Called the Wide Path Camper, the mini-RV offers immediate shelter, including a comfortable bed for two adults. Base price: $4,850.

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