7 Glass Pumpkins to Display All Season Long

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glass pumpkins to try

The Spruce / Amy Sheehan / West Elm

If you love the concept of zhushing up your place for Halloween but just aren't into the creepier decorations out there, you've come to the right place. While it may seem like all of the popular decorative items for the season involve some sort of spooky skeleton or ghost motif, that certainly isn't the case. Pumpkins are wholesome and classic and are always a ton of fun to decorate with, after all!

Live pumpkins are of course an integral part of the Halloween experience—there's nothing like spending a fall afternoon carving jack-o-lanterns with the fam and placing them on your front stoop for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. But real pumpkins only last for so long and don't fare so well indoors—and you need something cute to display on your tabletop or mantel, right?

That's where glass pumpkins come in! They're little, adorable, and ultra affordable, making them a major hit this autumn. We've rounded up several of our favorites, all of which can easily be stashed away to be enjoyed season after season.

Pottery Barn Recycled Glass Pumpkin Cloche, Clear, Small, 4 x 5.5"

glass pumpkin cloche

Pottery Barn

This glass pumpkin looks adorable on its own, but wait, there's more! It's actually also a cloche, meaning that you can place a favorite votive candle inside and watch it glow. Style these on your tabletop for some extra ambiance during seasonal get togethers, or simply place a few on your mantel for a festive touch as you lounge in the living room.

West Elm Glass Pumpkins

colorful glass pumpkins

West Elm

These glass pumpkins come in a variety of sizes and colors, so there's truly something for everyone. If you're drawn to seasonal looking amber, there's that option, but if you prefer to keep things nice and neutral (or complement your existing decor), you may wish to snag a clear or blue pumpkin. We like the idea of interspersing these with some candlesticks on the mantel or incorporating them into a centerpiece.

Anchor Clear Glass Pumpkin Halloween Candy Dish Decorative Jar

glass pumpkin candy jar


If you're constantly munching on candy corn and gummies this month, you're not alone. Display your favorite seasonal candy in a cute glass pumpkin shaped jar like this one. No sweet tooth? Fill the jar with coffee pods or tea bags and keep it on your kitchen counter. It would even be adorable on a desk, too—the jar has plenty of room for paper clips and the like.

TJ Maxx Ombre Glass Gourd

shimmery gold gourd

TJ Maxx

Not feeling all of the orange this season? This glam glass gourd is calling your name. It would look excellent in a black, white, and gold living room or atop a black table runner. The color will transition well into your more muted Thanksgiving setup, too.

NUOLUX Pumpkin Glass Figurine

blue handblown pumpkin


Here's another non-orange option we're loving this season: It's a beautiful blue, spotted hue and will make a beautiful decorative statement anywhere it's placed. It's smaller in size, so put it on your coffee table atop a stack of books or on your nightstand for some autumnal cheer. We have to admit it looks way more pricy than its $20 tag suggests.

Autumn Hill 18in Glass Light Up Stacked Pumpkins

glass pumpkins


What's better than just one glass pumpkin? A stack of three, of course! This artful arrangement stands tall and also lights up with the help of some AA batteries.

Newtay Halloween Glass Pumpkin

orange and green glass pumpkin


Sometimes, you just want a good, old-fashioned pumpkin that looks like the real thing. And that's where this classic orange and green glass pumpkin comes in—it's just like the jack-o-lanterns on your doorstep but better, considering that it will last for years to come.