Gluing Sand to Paper

I wanted to share a plea for help recently posted on the Family Crafts Forum. It is from a person nicknamed johull.
"Help please! I want to glue sand onto my wedding invitations to create a beach scene. Can anyone recommend an adhesive that would keep the sand on the card stock? I've tried a glue stick and this doesn't work very well..."

You can read the entire post here and share your suggestions for what adhesive would work best.

If I can dig up some sand somewhere, perhaps I will see how well Zip Dry (my favorite glue) works. I know johull asked about a glue, but I am wondering if perhaps some sort of dry adhesive, such as double-sided tape, would work better than glue. Another idea I have is to try mixing the sand in with glue and spreading that mixture onto the cards. What do you think?
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