15 Gluten-Free Summer Corn Recipes

​Reminder: Always make sure your work surfaces, utensils, pans and tools are free of gluten. Always read product labels to confirm the product is gluten-free. Manufacturers can change product formulations without notice. When in doubt, do not buy or use a product before contacting the manufacturer for verification that the product is free of gluten.

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    Corn & Green Chili Con Queso Dip
    The Creative Bite

    An easy dip prepared in your slow cooker that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with crunchy sweet corn, flavorful green chilies and melted cheddar and queso fresco.

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    Grilled Mexican Street Corn Salad
    Flavor the Moments

    Grilled Mexican Street Corn Salad is everything you love about street corn and then some, because it’s packed with fixin’s and you can eat it with a fork.

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    Mexican Street Corn Hummus
    The Roasted Root

    Fully loaded hummus with queso fresco, grilled corn, cherry tomatoes, red onion, black beans, and cilantro. The perfect healthy summertime snack or appetizer

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    Summer Succotash over Grilled Jalapeno Polenta
    Natural Girl Modern World

    A quick and easy summer succotash made from corn, fava beans, red pepper and zucchini. The perfect vegetarian meal for summer entertaining.

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    Grilled Corn and Avocado Pasta Salad with Chili-Lime Dressing
    Iowa Girl Eats

    An easy, gluten-free pasta salad recipe full of color and fresh flavor.

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    Vegan Corn Chowder
    The Roasted Root

    Blended up corn, potato, and coconut milk make the best chowder base for this super delicious gluten-free meal.

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    Fresh Corn & Mango Salad
    Food, Faith, Fitness

    A healthy salad with fresh corn and tons of crispy, fresh vegetables. It’s the perfect quick and easy, vegan friendly side dish for summer that is under 100 calories.

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    Cilantro Quinoa Corn Salad
    The Creative Bite

    A light and refreshing salad with a healthy combination of quinoa, corn, avocado and a light Cilantro Lemon dressing.

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    Roasted Poblano, Sweet Corn and Potato Stoup
    Iowa Girl Eats

    Thicker than soup yet thinner than stew, this soup is warming and filling and full of fresh summer corn. 

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    Blueberry Pork Corn Tacos
    A Healthy Life fo rMe

    Tacos loaded with flavors of summer - grilled pork tenderloin, fresh corn, cucumber, jalapeno and cilantro.

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    Grilled Mexican Street Corn
    Jessica in the Kitchen

    This Mexican Street Corn is grilled to smoky perfection then smothered in a delicious and creamy vegan mayonnaise/Lime crema blend.

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    Corn Risotto with Roasted Tomatoes
    Celebrating Sweets

    Summer in a bowl! Creamy corn risotto garnished with roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese.

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    Grilled Mexican Street Corn in Avocado Boats
    Beard & Bonnet

    Grilled avocados make a delicious smoky serving vessel for all types of dishes, like this version stuffed with Mexican street corn. 

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    Corn Blueberry Salad
    Nutmeg Nanny

    This sweet corn blueberry salad is light, refreshing and perfect for summer.

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    Crispy Sweet Potato Veggie Enchiladas

    A comfort food dish with layers of texture and flavor, a perfect balance of sweet and savory,