Favorite Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Classic gluten-free (some dairy-free too!) Thanksgiving dessert recipes

Of course, pies rank high as our favorite gluten-free Thanksgiving desserts and pumpkin leads the list. With a buttery, tender gluten-free crust, even gluten-eaters can enjoy eating gluten-free at Thanksgiving.

Pies aside, there are other gluten-free desserts that have become favorites at my house over the years. If I had to choose between a New Orleans-style bread pudding with bourbon sauce or pumpkin pie, it's no contest. Bread pudding!

Grain-free dessert recipes like our gluten-free pumpkin...MORE flan recipe are equally classic and delicious and have the added advantage of containing fewer carbohydrates, compared to pies. It's hard to beat the rich flavor and texture of a silky smooth pumpkin flan!