House Tour: How To Go Baroque In A Tiny Apartment

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    Decorating a Small Apartment With New, Vintage and Antique Furnishings

    jessica greenwalt sitting on white Victorian couch
    Jessica Greenwalt /

    Meet Jessica Greenwalt and her fine-feathered roommate, Lord Jello Worthington II (he’s the little green guy on the right.)

    Jessica is an award-winning web professional who landed on Inc. Magazine’s, "10 Women to Watch in Tech" list. She also has a keen eye for interior design and a penchant for what she describes as “old lady furnishings.” She shares how she decorated her San Francisco Bay Area apartment with Victorian flair.

    Tip: Jessica decorated her home with a mishmash of new, vintage and antique pieces. How does she coordinate it all? Each room in her apartment has a color theme.

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    Apartment Decor: Stylish Light Fixtures Make a Big Difference

    Chandelier close-up
    Jessica Greenwalt /

    Decorating from scratch is not easy, but that's exactly what Jessica did when she moved into her current space.

    The first order of business was replacing the apartment’s generic and contemporary light fixtures and hardware so they would coordinate with her furnishings. Afterward, she convinced her apartment building's manager to repaint the entire space and to replace the bathroom sink. Just goes to show, if you are not happy with something in your rental, speak up, and you too may receive a few coveted updates.

    Tip: Install ornate light fixtures in unexpected places. The crystal chandelier shown above gave Jessica's kitchen an instant facelift.

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    Decor Inspiration: A Louis XV Salon Chair

    armchair and lamp in bedroom
    Jessica Greenwalt /

    What inspired Jessica to go with Victorian-inspired decor? A white, gold, and pink Louis XV salon chair. It was a score from a local estate sale. The seat now sits next to a gilt cast iron floor lamp in her bedroom.

    Tip: Before you spend more than $100 on a piece of second-hand furniture, make sure you are getting a good deal. You can research the value of vintage and antique items using It's an online price guide for collectibles and second-hand furnishings. They usually offer new subscribers a free seven-day trial.

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    Decorating Small Spaces: A Welcoming Entryway

    Jessica Greenwalt /

    Jessica's entryway makes a welcoming first impression. She replaced the original ceiling light with a vintage vine and crystal flower chandelier. She also replaced the apartment's original switch plate with a vintage switch plate made of brass. My favorite item in her foyer is the vintage secretary desk with hutch. It's a good looking piece that adds functional storage.

    Tip: Keep livability in mind. While Jessica's apartment is filled with vintage and antique finds, she picks furnishings that can stand up to regular use.

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    Small Space Decor: Art and Knickknacks? Yes Please!

    various knickknacks on tabletop
    Jessica Greenwalt /

    You don't have to live like a Spartan in a small space. When beautifully organized, art and small knickknacks add a soulful warmth to a home.

    Shown above is a desk Jessica purchased from Bombay Company.  Here's a breakdown of what's displayed:

    • Against the wall on the desk is an 1873 Les Modes Parisiennes Peterson's print.
    • The jewelry box armoire is also from Bombay Company.
    • In the forefront is a one-of-a-kind hand scribed prayer book. Age unknown.
    • At the far end of the desk is an antique desk lamp with glass shade.

    Tip: Display items that make your soul sing. Jessica purchased a large painting of a Paris street for her living room because gazing at it has a calming effect.