2017 Good Feng Shui Areas in Your Home (or Office)

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    2017 Wealth - East Area

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    The East bagua area of your home is hosting a very auspicious feng shui star in 2017. There is the potential of excellent feng shui energy here that can attract luck and prosperity.

    The 2017 feng shui star here is the Wealth star #8, and its feng shui element is Earth. This is good as the element of the East area (Wood) is in harmony with the Earth element of the visiting star.

    How to Prepare the East Area for Good 2017 Feng Shui

    • Decorate with your favorite wealth feng shui cures, such as Chinese coins, the gem tree, the money frog, etc. The East bagua area is a good area to store your financial papers in 2017, as well as to display your feng shui wealth vase.
    • Introduce a bit of Fire and a lot of Earth feng shui element decor items and colors, and avoid a strong presence of the Metal element here in 2017. Feng shui crystals are especially good in the East area this year. You can choose citrine or pyrite because of their association with wealth, tiger's eye for strong protective earth energy, or amethyst for purification.
    • Be sure the energy of the East area of your home or office is clean ad beautiful. Keep the energy fresh, flowing and happy.
    • Because there is a presence of negative energies here this year (the so-called three killings), it is best to keep the East area quiet in 2017, as well as apply the salt water feng shui cure.
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    2017 Future Wealth - Southeast Area

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    Feng shui star #9, also called the star of Future Wealth, or Purple Star, is in the Southeast area in 2017. This is an auspicious star that brings many blessings with it.

    The feng shui element of the Southeast bagua area (Wood) nourishes the element of the visiting star (Fire), so this is excellent.

    How to Prepare the Southeast Area for Good 2017 Feng Shui

    • Display feng shui money cures here, such as the Chinese coins tied with the mystic knot, the money tree, the three-legged toad, etc. Limit feng shui crystals with the exception of the Dzi beads (most Dzi beads are not actually crystals.)
    • Decorate this area with items in 9, such as 9 candles, for example, or 9 Dzi beads. Be creative and find the decor solution that works best in your home.
    • Healthy lush plants and beautiful fresh flowers can create great feng shui energy in the Southeast bagua area in 2017. A good feng shui cure here is the lucky feng shui bamboo with 9 stalks.
    • Bring a moderate amount of fire element colors, shapes, illustrations and items. There are many ways to bring the Fire feng shui element with decor items, choose the ones that work well with your home decor and appeal to your taste.
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    2017 Love and Education - Northeast Area

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    The Northeast bagua area of your home is hosting the auspicious feng shui star #4, the star of Love & Romance, as well as Education.

    Think of the Northeast bagua area of your home or office as a potent area to nourish your love relationship and bring thoughtful images and feng shui cures. If you have children, this is also a good area to help enhance the energy for study and education.

    How to Prepare the Northeast Area for Good 2017 Feng Shui

    • Activate the love energy here in 2017 with your choice of feng shui cures, such as the double happiness sign, 2 hearts (choose rose quartz crystals), a pair of mandarin ducks, etc.
    • A variety of feng shui crystals can be introduced here, as well as a gentle Water element, as in colors blue or black or a beautiful mirror.
    • Lush green plants are excellent in the Northeast area in 2017.
    • Avoid expressing the Metal element in your decor, such as big items made from metal, or a strong presence of colors white, gray, silver and gold. 
    • Another element to avoid in your Northeast area feng shui decorating is the Fire element, which is expressed in red, orange, purple and hot pink colors, many candles, fiery images, etc.
    • If you are considering a new career and/or would like to acquire more knowledge in a specific field, this is a good area to display your books/studying materials, as well as visuals connected to your field of study.
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    2017 Luck and Career Success - North

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    In 2017, the feng shui star that can help you with career success is visiting the North bagua area of your home. The White star #6 is of the Metal feng shui element.

    How to Prepare the North Bagua for Good 2017 Feng Shui

    • Introduce a Metal element decor item that can enhance your career energy. For example, you can display images of people you admire in a metal frame, or choose highlights from your own career. Be creative with your feng shui cures.
    • The 6 Chinese coins cure is the typical feng shui recommendation for this star; you can either display the coins openly or have them in a more discrete way, such as in a drawer. No matter visible or not, treat your feng shui cures with respect.
    • Feng shui crystals are excellent here, so a good cure will be 6 crystals displayed in a beautiful way. Choose any rock crystals you like and in any form - from natural formations, such as clusters and geodes to carvings or spheres. Pyrite can work very well in the North area of your home (or office) in 2017.
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    2017 Overall Success - Center Area

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    The #1 White star visiting the Center area in 2017 is the feng shui star associated with overall success - be it in career, love relationships, money or education.

    It is a Water feng shui element star visiting an Earth feng shui element area, so the best way to go is to focus on strengthening the Water element and keep the Earth element decor under control.

    How to Prepare the Center Area for Good 2017 Feng Shui

    • Introduce Water and Metal element decor items in the Center area of your home of office in 2017. Colors blue, black, charcoal gray, and white are all good choices for the Center area decor in 2017 because of the energy of the feng shui elements the express.
    • The feng shui decor to avoid in the Center area in 2017 is the Wood element decor (Wood drains energy from the Water feng shui element of the visiting star). So avoid a strong presence of colors green and brown, as well as tall big plants or focal point images with plants/lush greenery.
    • It is also best to avoid a strong presence of Fire element decor here in 2017 as Fire clashes with Water, thus it can weaken its energy. Fire element also nourishes Earth which can then further weaken the Water element of the visiting star.
    • Best feng shui cures for the Center area in 2017 are the cures with strong, victorious, joyful energy. The image of a horse is a classical feng shui cure that can work very well here. A metal Wu Lou (Chinese gourd) is also recommended, as well as items in round shapes.

    Be sure to take proper care of the 2017 feng shui areas in your home or office that are affected by the negative energy of the so-called "bad feng shui stars."

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