5 Ways to Feng Shui Your New Home

white minimalist kitchen with wood table
Jorge De Jorge / Unsplash

There’s never a bad time for a feng shui refresh! However, the transition of moving to a new place is an especially wonderful opportunity to reset your home’s energy. Feng shui can help to make sure the qi (life force energy) is vibrant and flowing freely. Here are a few ways to start off on the right foot energetically in your new home.

Activate Your Entry

In feng shui, we call the front door to your home the “mouth of qi." This is where energy and opportunities enter your home and your life, so it’s important to make sure it’s visible and inviting. If your front door is neglected, this may represent blocks in your life.

white house with yellow front door against a blue sky with palm trees
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A few ways to activate the feng shui of your front door: 

  • Make sure your door is clean—not only the surface of the door, but also the knobs, hinges, and frame. Check to make sure it can open easily and that the hinges are working well.
  • Remove any clutter or obstacles obstructing the view or the path to the front door, and make sure your house number is easily visible. If a friend or delivery person can’t find your door, new opportunities won’t be able to find you either. 
  • Use your front door often. Even if it’s more convenient to come in through the back door or garage, make a point to use your front door as well. This activates your entrance and keeps the energy flowing in that area of your home.

Fix It Up

When you move into your new home, make sure things are working properly. Take some time to make sure everything is in good repair. Broken items in your home can represent weakened energy or blocks. They are also a constant reminder of things you “should” do, which can be a source of guilt. Because of this, it’s important to repair or remove anything that is broken. Check your burners, outlets, hinges, and other areas of your home and make a plan to fix anything that needs maintenance as soon as possible.

This goes for anything that may have been damaged during the move as well. If it’s meaningful to you, fix it. If not, let it go. 

Living room with leather sofa, plant, and artwork
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Leave the Clutter Behind

A lot of us have more than we need, and moving is a great time to let go of unnecessary items. Clutter is not always a bad thing, but often we have so much stuff that dealing with our belongings becomes a chore and a source of stress. Especially when you are moving, why not make your life easier by giving away some of your things before you go? Take some time to go through your clothes, books, and other possessions, and bring only the things you really use and love. 

If your home is too full of things, this also means that you aren’t open to receiving anything new; this can be true in your life as well. Allow your move to be an opportunity to welcome new blessings into your life by leaving some empty space for the universe to fill. 

Clear the Energy

Our homes hold our energy, even after we’ve moved on to a new location. This means that the home you just moved into holds what is called “predecessor qi” from the previous inhabitants. Even if you’re the first one to live in your home, the land you live on can hold predecessor qi from people who used to live there. If you can, do some research into the history of the space you’re now living in to learn about the existing energy in your home. It’s possible you’ll find a pattern of happiness and abundance, or you might find that previous residents have faced challenges in the space.

ceramic bowl with a crystal, palo santo, and sage
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When you move to a new home, it’s very helpful to clear the space of any stagnant or blocked qi, and invite in positive, vibrant qi. There are several ways to do this. One way is to smudge, by burning plant material. Sage and palo santo are two of the most well-known substances to use in this way, but there are many options, and you may want to research plants that are native to your area or plants that your ancestors may have used. To smudge, ignite the herb, palo santo, or other material that you’re using, gently blow it down to an ember, and allow the smoke to spread around the room. 

Oranges are also a great tool for space clearing. The scent and color of oranges are very bright and uplifting, and a source of active yang energy. You can use a mist with orange essential oil, or fresh orange peels. To make your own mist with fresh orange peels, place the peel of one orange in a spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray this mist around your home, making sure to include corners and closets that might have stale energy. 

Introduce Yourself to Your New Home

In feng shui, we believe everything around us is alive, including our homes. When you move to a new home, take some time to introduce yourself to your home and offer it gratitude. Think about all of the ways your new home is supporting you, as well as how you would like it to support you going forward, and say thank you. Make this an intentional, sacred moment: Put away your phone and take a deep breath as you offer your humble gratitude. Your home doesn’t speak in words, but it will feel the energy behind your request to invite well-being, luck, and prosperity.