Say Goodbye to Pinatas and Goodie Bags and Hello to the Goodie Gusher

Goodie Gusher is Great Piñata Alternative
Goodie Gusher

The next time you plan a fun party or event for friends and families and consider getting a piñata for entertainment, get yourself a Goodie Gusher instead. The Goodie Gusher will not only put money back in your pocket over the long-term, you can finally say goodbye to unsafe pinatas and still save yourself all sorts of time not having to stuff those annoying and expensive goodie bags! 

There are so many times over the course of a year, and even a lifetime, that as a family you either plan or attend some type of party.

There are themed birthday parties, Halloween parties, holiday parties, Valentine's Day parties, and Easter egg hunts.

Some friends and families do not ever need a reason to have a family get together or barbecue.  For those of you who like to plan parties, most likely you know kids and adults enjoy attending a party with good old-fashioned fun and entertainment. 

For birthday parties, many children beg their parents for a piñata. A piñata can be designed as a simple shape or an animal that is constructed out of cardboard then decorated with streamers. A piñata might look like an animal, a shape, a dinosaur, truck, flower, or even sports equipment. Many people consider buying a piñata because it can be decorated to match the party theme and might feature characters from popular television shows, movies and toys including Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Minions, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avengers, Shopkins, Star Wars characters and Disney Princesses.

Before the game is played, a hole is cut into the cardboard of the piñata, which is filled with toys and candy, then taped. Players wear a blindfold then take turns being spun around a few times, before they swing a bat or stick at the piñata. Eventually someone will hit the cardboard hard enough to destroy it.

All the prizes and candy spills out onto the ground below and kids scramble to collect and fill their pockets. A Piñata costs about $20, but it will most likely only ever be able to be used once.

The Goodie Gusher is another fantastic party game. Like a piñata, the inside of the Goodie Gusher is filled with all sorts of treats, whether it be candy or any kinds of party favors like bouncy balls, whistles, tattoos, emoji toys, scented stickers, maybe even blind bag toys. Unlike a piñata, the Goodie Gusher has small vertical openings where individual keys are inserted. The Goodie Gusher is then suspended in the air, just like a piñata.

With the Goodie Gusher, kids, in a much more organized way, take turns pulling individual keys from the Goodie Gusher. Eventually, once the "magic key" is pulled, treats, candies and toys will drop to the ground below, sending kids scrambling to fill up their buckets, bags and pockets. The best part though is that the Goodie Gusher can be used over and over again. A Goodie Gusher also retails for $20 on

Instead of using a stick or bat to swing in the air, the Goodie Gusher is a lot safer and great for parties that include kids or players of different ages and skill level.

With a piñata there is always a concern that a younger child might unexpectedly stand in the path of a bat or stick and get hurt. 

There are emoji and space monster themed Goodie Gushers. So even though the outside of the Goodie Gusher is not able to be licensed like a piñata, do not be afraid to use your imagination and fill the inside with themed items. Because the Goodie Gusher is re-usable, you can plan your party events to include more games, because once it empties, fill it with extra candy and toys, then let another group of kids compete. 

Here is some advice when using the Goodie Gusher,  find another container to have kids drop their keys into after they pull them out of the Goodie Gusher so you don't lose them. No need to worry about what to fill it with, there is a guide included that shares great ideas of toys and items that will easily fit inside.


You can buy the Goodie Gusher on, Walmart or at Party City.

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