30 Tile Ideas for Bathrooms

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    Modern Grays and White

    Modern Bathroom Tile
    mustafa deliormanli / Getty Images

    This modern bathroom uses a minimalist color scheme with white walls and shades of dark gray porcelain wall and floor tiles. The fixtures and accessories are also simple, with a plain glass wall shower and double-sink countertop with plain black countertop and white sink basins. 

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    Accent and Border Tiles

    Bathroom Tile Decorative Border

    It's not all about field tile. Border and accent tiles, when used with discretion, add pizazz without breaking your tile budget. This picture features a continuous band of accent tile from Daltile along the bathtub that is also used as a border between the second and third row of wall field tiles. A diamond-shaped accent tile adds additional interest. 

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    Tile Insets

    Bathroom Tile Alcove

    It takes a certain kind of bathroom to be able to pull off this look. Large, sixteen-inch square tiles with a wall inset give this room a highly unique, regal look. The floor also features an inset with diagonally set tiles framed by an accent border. 

    • Bone, Gold, and Marron tile from Interceramic, 16 x 16-inch.
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    Striking Harlequin Bathroom

    Harlequin Bathroom Tile
    American Olean

    In sharp contrast to other, more serious, bathrooms in this gallery, this one features a lively design of sharply contrasting black-and-white Harlequin tiles above the sink.

    To make this work, the tile designer has toned down the field tile with fairly conventional 3 x 6-inch subway tiles (in Ice White). 

    • 3 x 6-inch white subway tiles
    • 2 x 6-inch shelf rail separates the two different types of tile


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    Classic Ornate

    Candalara Bathroom Tiles
    American Olean

    Can it get any more lavish than this? Not recommended for the faint of heart, this bathroom tile design is perfect for would-be Roman emperors—or for anyone who just wants to look like one.

    American Olean pulls out all stops with its Candalara Glass line.

    • Field tile and chair rail: Silver Lake 4 x 4-inch (field); 3 x 8-inch tiles (chair rail)
    • Accent tile: 3 x 8-inch Acanthus
    • Wall tile:  2 x 2-inch Acanthus Dot with Ivory Tumbled Stone
    • Floor tile: Amiata Bianco


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    Relaxed and Elegant

    American Olean Large Field File Bathroom Idea
    American Olean

    A soothing tile design guaranteed for restful baths, this offering from American Olean infuses your bathroom with high style and elegant looks in its Botticino tile.

    • Floor: Alysse in Blanc 13 x 13-inch field tile
    • Wall: 10 x 13-inch field tile with Designer Elegance Botticino 3 1/2 x 8-inch shelf rail and 3 x 12-inch  Spiral Swag accent.


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    Plentiful Patterns

    Bathroom Tile - Checkerboard Azteca from American Olean
    American Olean

    This bathroom tile shows a highly distinctive diagonal tile design with inset border behind the bathtub, standing in sharp contrast to the checkerboard floor design. The variety of angles and patterns in the wall and floor tile design makes for a visually energizing bathroom. 

    The wall tiles are from American Olean' Azteca Bathroom Tile collection.

    • Azteca Antique Bronze 6 x 6-inch
    • Antique Bronze Beltaine Border 3 x 12-inch
    • Antique Bronze Beltaine Insert/Corner 3 x 3-inch 
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    Cool and Simple Whites

    American Olean White Mosaic Tile 1" x 2"
    American Olean

    An all-white bathroom tile layout can be overwhelming. That's why this bathroom features off-white floor tile that is a salt-and-pepper mosaic, with contrasting gray grout. This collection is from American Olean's Salt and Pepper B & M group. 

    • Walls: Unglazed Mosaic in Ice White 1 x 2-inch
    • Floor:  Salt and Pepper mosaic


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    Elegant Travertine

    American Olean Travertine Tile Bath
    American Olean

    In addition to the classic natural stone travertine wall tile, this bathroom includes extra touches, such as the seat and corner soap dishes. These are from American Olean's Azteca tile collection.

    • Field tile:  Tumbled Stone Azteca 6 x 6-inch
    • Soap dish: Resin Travertine
    • Field tile - Puerto Gold 6 x 6-inch
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    Coffee, Wine, and Ice Color Scheme

    American Olean Matte Glacier and French Roast Shower
    American Olean

    This modern bathroom features large swatches of color from the American Olean Glacier Tile collection. Open showers such as this rone equire a little extra floor space to allow for a "splash zone."

    • Shower: Bright French Roast 4 1/4 x 4 1/4-inch
    • Shower - Matte Glacier 4 1/4 x 4 1/4-inch
    • Floor: Vintage Stone Chablis 16 x 16-inch
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    Porcelain Walls and Floor

    Armstrong Ceramic Tile in Bathroom

    This bathroom tile picture features easy-to-install 13-inch porcelain tile from Armstrong's Avignon collection, with the same tile used for the floors extending halfway up the walls. Notice the floor pattern with inset tiles set at a diagonal and framed by a border. The wall tile features a listello tile as the top border.  

    • Armstrong Avignon glazed porcelain floor tile ,13 x 13-inch, satin finish
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    Basic But Beautiful

    Bathroom Ceramic Marble Tile

    Formal and stately, yet friendly, this bathroom tile design is a low-cost installation using readily available and affordable Armstrong ceramic tile. The same tile is used for floors and walls, but the walls are bordered by a complementary accent tile and trim border from the same collection. 

    • Armstrong Perla Marble (ceramic tile) 13 x 13-inch
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    Diagonal Mosaic Inlay

    Diagonal mosaic inlay
    American Florim

    Shake things up a little! This bathroom tile picture highlights American Florim's Navajo Series inlaid in the center of the floor. Turned diagonally, and with a border added, this embellishment is well worth the time and nominal expense to install it.

    • American Florim tile (inset), Navajo series
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    Glass Mosaic Backsplash

    Bathroom Tile Picture Mosaic

    Mosaic tile was practically invented for bathrooms. And there is no better place for mosaic than around the sink area. Mosaic makes a great backsplash surface.

    • Marazzi glass mosaic tiles, Opalie Marfil and Beige
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    Rococco Pink With Metal Mosaic

    Metal Mosaic Backsplash Tile
    Ann Sacks

    This is a bathroom/makeup area straight out of 1940s Hollywood. It's pure fantasy with the curved back wall and the 5/8-inch brushed stainless steel mosaic tiles from Ann Sacks and Kohler pink Dolce Vita vessel sink. Both tile choice and bathroom style require an owner with architectural and stylistic flair. 

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    White, Black, and Blue Geometrics

    Blue Bathroom Tile from Ann Sacks
    Ann Sacks

    Ann Sacks' tile may be expensive, but this company has some tile like you've never seen before. You won't find these tiles on the racks at big box home improvement centers.

    This is a glossy tile, 2 x 6-inch, in white, black, and a nice, light robin's egg blue. It's one of those rare tiles that works equally well in bathrooms for children or adults.

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    Retro Sixties Starburst

    Retro Starbust Bathroom Tile
    Ann Sacks

    A blast from the past? These Starburst tiles from Ann Sacks come in pastel yellow and green, as well as a putty colored one. At 4 inches square, they are versatile and can be used anywhere in the bathroom: shower, tub surround, lower sections of walls (anywhere except for floor).

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    Mosaic Wall With Complementary Floor

    Bathroom Wall Tile
    Ann Sacks

    The wall tile from Ann Sacks, called Zen Weave Mosaic, is a stunning, urban mixture of dark colors. The floor tile (Petal in Gray) picks up on the occasional tans sprinkled throughout the wall mosaic.

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    Concrete Floor Tile

    Swirly Bathroom Floor Tile
    Ann Sacks

    Fanciful swirls move from tile to tile in this design from Ann Sacks/Andy Fleishman. No matter which direction you set the tile, it will always mate up with swirls in adjoining tile. These 12 x 12-inch concrete tiles (Variations) can be butted edge-to-edge (grout-free) or can be grouted, as shown here.

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    Shades of Gray

    Gray Manhattan Subway Glass Tile

    This bathroom is the height of high-style urban tile design: everything is a different shade of gray.  And those tile names?  Chelsea, Battery Park, Greenwich, Midtown.

    On the bathroom wall, you're looking at standard subway tile (defined as any tile with a 3:2 or 2:1 width to height ratio) on the wall, installed in a classic running-bond pattern. The floor features a stone/glass blend tile from Bedrosian's Manhattan Series.

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    Vertical Mosaic

    Glass and Stone Blend Tile Vertical on Wall

    Toilet enclosures are often dim, dismal affairs, nothing more than drywall boxes. Why be boring? This bathroom is brightened up with Rockefeller glass/stone mosaic blend tile in 12  by 13-inch sheets of narrow pencil tiles, from Bedrosian's Manhattan Series.

    The vertical placement of the tile adds to the visual interest, making the tile the star of this bathroom's show.

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    Marble-Look Porcelain

    Large Bathroom Features Marble Tile and Standalone Tub

    You can have real marble tile in your bathroom. But why put yourself through the agony of maintaining natural stone? Not to mention the cost. 

    Several tile manufacturers now offer porcelain tile that looks like natural stone, such as marble. This one comes from Bedrosian's and it's part of their Calacatta line of porcelain tile.

    Porcelain is a form of ceramic tile with a very low water absorption rate, .5 percent or less. Even when not glazed, porcelain tiles do not absorb water the way unglazed ceramic tiles do. They achieve this through the use of finer clays that are highly compressed and fired at higher temperatures than used for standard ceramic tiles. 

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    Large-Scale Porcelain

    Old World-Look Bathroom With Large Tile, Frameless Shower

    You need a big bathroom to have tile this big. This is 24 x 24-inch full-body glazed porcelain tiles from Bedrosian's Cesare Magnus series, designed to look like natural stone. 

    Laying tile in this grid pattern makes it look like there are fewer tile seams than if it were laid in a running-bond, brick-work fashion.

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    Oval Accents

    Bathroom Tile Oval Cotton
    Nemo Tile

    Beautiful white tile from Nemo Tile introduces smooth, graceful ovals to an accent wall in this bathroom. The tile size is unusual here—while the 2:1 aspect ratio is normal (width twice as long as height), the sizing is not: 10 inches wide, 5 inches high.

    Oval Cotton truly is an "accent" tile, perfect for highlighting those special locations within the bathroom.

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    Glossy Wall, Striking Floor

    Bathroom Frame Cotton Tile Design
    Nemo Tile

    While the purported "star of the show" is Nemo's Frame Cotton on the left wall, this entire bathroom is stunning and elegant and crisply designed. The wall tile is called Frame Cotton, a 5 x 10-inch high-gloss tile. The ratio is typical for a subway tile, though the size is unusually large. Also unusual is the pattern—a straight stacked bond rather than a staggered running bond normally used for tiles with this shape 

    Balancing the unusual wall tile installation is a diagonal checkerboard floor tile and elegant high-end fixtures.

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    Oversized Subway Tiles

    Bathroom Large White Subway Tile and Tiled Counter
    Merola Tile

    At 8 x 12 inches, these Merola wall tiles qualify as subway tiles—though quite large ones.  It's a simple, traditional, clean look.

    Many tiles, but not all, can be used on both floors and walls. How do you know? Check the tile's PEI ratings.  The Porcelain Enamel Institute issues friction ratings for all tiles, from Class 1 (no foot traffic) to Class 5 (heavy commercial foot traffic). Since these tiles are PEI 1, they should only be used for walls.

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    Modern Mottled Gray Porcelain

    Gray Porcelain Tile For Bathroom Wall and Floor

    For an all-around stark modern look, consider a tile like this Merola Rapunzel Gray, in big 10 x 13-inch sizes.

    Pair this kind of modern tile with other contemporary bathroom elements, such as a vessel sink, cantilevered countertop, and fixtures that extend from the wall rather mounting to the countertop. 

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    Another Stone-Look Porcelain

    Bathroom Floor and Shower Tile Quartzite-Lime

    Not all "stone-look" porcelain tile truly looks like stone, but this one does. The tiles covering the shower and bathroom floor are from Stonepeak and are part of their Quartzite collection (this one is called Lime). 

    These are rectified tiles with sharp, 90-degree edges that allow you to fit the tiles tightly together.  

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    Linear Copper Tub Surround

    Linear Interlock Copper Tile in Bathroom
    Villagio Stone and Tile

    Copper-tinged linear porcelain tiles are used for this bathtub surround. This tile comes from Villagio Tile & Stone, based in Phoenix, AZ.

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    Enormous Wall Tiles

    Enormous Bathroom Tiles
    Hispano Azul

    We don't often talk about mondo-sized bathroom tiles—most sizes range from mosaic up to about 13 inches. But this bathroom features large, 23.5-inch square tiles from Hispano Azul set in a straight-bond pattern from floor to ceiling. 

    Layout can be tricky with such large tiles, but the look can be truly impressive. 

    • Tuareg Tiles, 23.6-inches, from Hispano Azul