32 Beautiful Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Deep teal bathroom tiles in a shower stall

The Spruce / Candace Madonna

One of the most exciting parts of a bathroom renovation is picking the tile. Whether you opt for a classic subway that will never go out of style or try something more unique (such as a mosaic tile), or you want to make an impact with large-scale bathroom tile, the options are endless. The tile in your bathroom can change the whole look and feel of your space, so it's important to pick wisely.

If you are renovating a bathroom, here 32 beautiful tile ideas to inspire you.

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    Try a Starburst Tile Design

    Bathroom with patterned tile

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    This wonderful bathroom from Ashley Montgomery Design is the perfect combination of modern and trendy. By keeping the walls and the vanity simple and neutral, the designer is able to experiment with the shower and floor tiles and create a load of visual interest with this starburst pattern. By pulling the shower tiles through to the floor, the space feels wider and more open.

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    A Soothing Pebble Tile

    Bathroom with pebble tile

    Becca Interiors

    Want a tile choice that will give your bathroom a spa-like feel and your feet a mini massage every time you shower? Check out this beautiful bathroom from Becca Interiors that features a minimalist design and a wonderful pebble tile flooring. This tile idea is a great way to add a bit of texture into your bathroom while maintaining a simple, classic look.

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    Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles

    Bathroom with subway tile to the ceiling

    burcharddesignco / Instagram

    Though this look will cost a bit more, pulling your tile all the way to the ceiling is a great way to give your bathroom an elevated look and feel. This elegant design from burcharddesignco features a standard subway tile with black grout that looks dramatic and beautiful against the black tile floor. Black grout lines pull the eye in and work best in a larger bathroom to create a focal point in the space.

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    A Seamless Chevron

    Bathroom with floor to ceiling chevron

    Charlie Interior Design

    Laying tiles in a chevron pattern is a lovely way to mix it up and create a bit of texture in your bathroom. We love this bathroom from Charlie Interior Design that features a tiled floor and wall with gray and white tiles that are just different enough to create delineation.

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    Go Dark for Depth

    Bathroom with black and white tile

    Chelius House of Design

    This wonderful open concept shower from Chelius House of Design features a rich, dramatic black tile that creates the illusion of more space in the bathroom. Black tiles work on the floor or the wall, but be sure to pick a contrasting color for the rest of the room to avoid your bathroom feeling too dark or drab.

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    Lay Subway in a New Way

    Shower with pearl like backsplash and gold fixtures

    Cathie Hong Interiors 

    Subway tile is a classic choice for bathrooms, but just because it's a popular tile doesn't mean you have to go the standard route. Check out this beautiful bathroom from Cathie Hong Interiors that features a pearl-colored subway tile laid in a crosshatch design. This is a great way to mix things up but still keep your bathroom classic.

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    Opt for a Graphic Tile

    Bathroom with black and white cement tiles

    Erin Williamson Design

    Want an eye-catching look that instantly becomes the focal point of your bathroom? This black and white graphic design from Erin Williamson Design is a great way to update a bathroom and give it a whole new look and feel. Even if you only update the floor or backsplash, a bold tile like this one will transform your space.

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    Add Wallpaper

    Bathroom with white tile and wallpaper

    homebypolly / Instagram

    We love these square subway tiles from homebypolly, and they play beautifully with the graphic yellow wallpaper throughout the rest of the wall. Tile is expensive, so if your budget doesn't allow for floor-to-ceiling tiles, you can still get the same drama by adding wallpaper beyond your tilework.

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    Add Color

    Bathroom with deep blue tiles

    Jessica Nelson Interior Design

    This moody aquamarine hexagon tiles from Jessica Nelson Interior Design are giving off major mermaid vibes in the best way. A rich, colored tile is a great choice in any style bathroom, but be sure to keep the rest of the space fairly neutral to allow the tiles to take center stage. Here, the tiles are paired with a natural wood vanity that doesn't clash with the bold colors in the shower.

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    Opt for Large Floor Tiles

    Bathroom with large gray tiles

    Design: KG Designs 

    Photography: Heidi Culver

    Large tiles, like the ones seen in this bathroom from KG Designs, require fewer grout lines and therefore make a bathroom feel larger and more spacious. Though this stunning bathroom is already large, these tiles are a great choice in a smaller bathroom as well if you want to create the illusion of more space.

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    Try Monochromatic Tiles

    Bathroom with floor to ceiling tiles

    lemonleafhomeinteriors /Instagram

    This stunning luxury renovation from lemonleafhomeinteriors features floor-to-ceiling tiles in various sizes, but all within the same color family. The varying sizes help to add visual interest while the similar color scheme keeps things uniform and classic.

    If you want a spa-like bathroom, but don't want it to feel too coordinated, mix up the tile sizes throughout the room.

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    Marble Tiles

    Bathroom with gray tiles

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    This elegant bathroom from Michelle Boudreau Design not only features wonderful gold finishes, but also uses a subway marble tile that exudes old-world charm and class. Marble is a great material in nearly any bathroom and a great way to elevate the whole look.

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    Try a Moroccan Tile

    Bathroom with vintage tile floors

    Design: Mindy Gayer

    Photography: Lindsay Stetson Thompson 

    Can you imagine washing away your week's stress in this bathroom from Mindy Gayer? We love the blend of old and new with the pure white subway tile wall paired with a vintage-inspired Moroccan tile floor. This gives the space personality while still keeping it relatively neutral and calming.

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    A Bold Chevron

    Bathroom with black and white chevron

    the_girl_with_the_green_sofa / Instagram

    We've already said how much we love subway tile laid in a chevron pattern, but this bathroom from the_girl_with_the_green_sofa takes the look to the next level with a bold chevron floor that is eye-catching in the best way. Because the rest of the bathroom is paired down and subtle, with black and white finishes, it allows the floor to really take center stage.

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    Try Clay Tiles

    Bathroom with white tiles and clay floor tiles

    hallie_and_harrisons_house / Instagram

    There's so much about this bathroom from hallie_and_harrisons_house that we love. From the vertical stack bond laid subway tile to the frameless shower to the warm clay tile floor, we can't get enough of how beautiful this space is. Clay tiles are naturally resistant to mold and bacteria, so they're a great choice in a bathroom.

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    Blue Tiles and a Pebble Floor

    Bathroom with blue tiles

    gracecottagehhi / Instagram

    Check out this beautiful bathroom from gracecottagehhi that features a wonderful, sea-inspired blue subway tile paired with a pebble floor to give it a coastal vibe we love. If you're lucky enough to have such a wonderful skylight in your bathroom, you'll have enough natural light to avoid colored tiles from feeling too dark.

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    Pick a Color Palette

    Bathroom with colorful Moroccan tile

    edwardian_seaside_home / Instagram

    This lovely bathroom from edwardian_seaside_home features a blue and yellow color palette that's maintained throughout the tile floor and the standing clawfoot tub. Pulling an accent color through is a great way to keep the bathroom feeling uniform and purposeful.

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    Go Pink

    Bathroom with pink tiles

    rainbowsnfairyd / Instagram

    Pink has always been a popular color choice for bedrooms, but lately, we're seeing it pop up throughout the whole house. This bubblegum pink bathroom from rainbowsnfairyd with square tiles and black accents is a great way to add a bit of fun into your bathroom renovation.

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    Try Terrazzo

    Bathroom with terrazzo tile

    formandbalance / Instagram

    This bathroom from formandbalance features a salmon stacked bond subway tile that complements the beautiful terrazzo tile on the wall. Terrazzo is coming back in style in a big way. It adds a lot of visual interest and because it camouflages blemishes, it is easy to clean.

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    Herringbone Subway

    Bathroom with light blue tiles and pink walls

    thehomeleehouse / Instagram

    Not only do we love the mint green hue of the tiles in this bathroom from thehomeleehouse, but we love the herringbone pattern that gives the space a lot of visual interest. A contrasting grout color helps make the lines pop and the pattern even more eye-catching.

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    Hunter Green Tiles

    Bathroom with deep green tiles

    living_at_mereviewbarn / Instagram

    These deep, moody green tiles from living_at_mereviewbarn add a layer of drama to this small bathroom. Green is a great choice for bathrooms because it provides a sense of renewal and freshness while adding a bit of creativity. We love how this designer paired the bold tiles with a patterned wallpaper to continue the theme throughout the whole room.

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    Match Different Tiles

    Bathroom with blue vanity and hexagon tiles

    vfynes / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to mix and match different tile shapes and designs. When done correctly, mixing patterns can add depth and texture to a bathroom and give it a lot of personality. This bathroom from vfynes features a scalloped tile on the wall and a hexagon-shaped tile on the floor, but because the colors in both play so well together they don't clash, but rather complement each other.

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    A Starburst Wall

    Bathroom with green starburst wall

    ck_homestyle / Instagram

    Bathrooms are often a great place to experiment with new patterns and styles in your home. This bathroom from ck_homestyle features wonderful aqua starburst wall tiles that work so well with the traditional subway shower and the penny tile floor.

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    Play With Penny Tile

    Bathroom with unique penny tile design floor

    modernly_you / Instagram

    On its own, penny tile adds a visual impact to your bathroom because of its small size and extra grout lines that really stand out. But this bathroom from modernly_you takes the penny tile look one step further and adds a fun pattern to the floor. Because the floor is so striking, the rest of the bathroom can stay fairly minimalist and still feel updated and modern.

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    Focus on the Floor

    Bathroom with patterned tile floor

    ivoryandbone / Instagram

    The only tile in this bathroom from ivoryandbone is the wonderful Moroccan-style flooring. If your budget doesn't allow for endless tile work in your bathroom, focus on just one area, such as the floor, and opt for a visually interesting tile that is strong enough to stand alone in the space.

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    A Leaf Tile

    Bathroom with leaf tiles

    russo_residential / Instagram

    Take a look at this lovely bathroom by russo_residential that features a leaf-patterned tile that's as unique as it is beautiful. Though a hand-painted tile like this one will cost you more, it's a great way to add in more design to your bathroom without the use of wall art. Plus, once you splurge on such a beautiful tile, your decorating is basically already done.

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    A Neutral Color Palette

    Bathroom with tan tiles

    mishkashoe / Instagram

    Though this bathroom from mishkashoe features a striking patterned floor tile, the rest of the space focuses on tans and beige hues in a way that keeps the space feeling neutral and tranquil. Just because you opt for a more visually interesting tile doesn't mean your bathroom can't still feel minimalist and soothing.

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    Small Wall Tiles

    Bathroom with blue vanity and small tiles

    milesminnophotography / Instagram

    While we typically see small hexagon tiles like these from milesminnophotography in flooring or showers, we love how beautiful they look as a backsplash against this elegant blue vanity. This look is better for a larger bathroom, as a smaller tile will leave you with a lot of grout lines that could look busy in a small bathroom.

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    Try a Wooden Tile Look

    Bathroom with chevron ceramic tile

    ann.living / Instagram

    Wood flooring gives off the feeling of warmth and comfort, but it can lead to mold and bacteria in a bathroom. Instead, consider a porcelain tile like this one from ann.living, which features a wood look. The tiles here are larger than standard ceramic tiles to mimic wood planks, while the chevron pattern adds a touch of visual interest.

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    Rich Navy Tile

    Bathroom with navy tiles

    doingupduke / Instagram

    Navy blue is a great color to create a space that feels elegant and traditional. This bathroom from doingupduke features a deep navy blue subway tile with dark grout lines that is utterly stylish. It's paired with a blue and gold animal print that plays wonderfully with the tiles.

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    Create a Floral Design

    Bathroom with floral penny tile

    gretchenblack / Instagram

    This bathroom from gretchenblack features a lovely penny tile floor with a floral pattern that's sweet and simple to replicate. Though penny tile can be a bit of work to lay, adding a simple pattern like this one is an easy way to add a bit more visual interest to the tiles without a lot of hassle.

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    Scalloped Tile

    Bathroom with gray scallop tiles

    indiaholmslice / Instagram

    Take a look at this bathroom pictured by indiaholmslice that features a scallop-shaped tile wall. We love using scalloped tiles anywhere you want to create an impact. They're unique and visually appealing and you can opt for a more neutral color like this pearly gray or go for something more mermaid-inspired like a rich aqua.