25 Gorgeous Gray Bedroom Ideas

gray bedroom decor

Spacejoy / Unsplash

Gray is an incredibly expressive neutral hue, especially for a bedroom. Pale gray bedrooms can create a serene vibe while darker grays can make any sleeping space feel like a luxurious cocoon. When it comes to different decorating tastes, the color gray is equally flexible. It can work just as well in modern and minimalist bedrooms as it does in traditional bedrooms.

Here are 25 gray bedrooms that might inspire you to redesign your sleeping space.

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    Soft Grays Mixed With Beige

    Beige and gray bedroom with gold lampshades

    Anastasios Gliatis

    Architect and interior designer Anastasios Gliatis paired soft grays with warm beige fabrics, dark wood tones, and gold accents to create a traditional bedroom that feels stylish yet comfortable. The warm tones prevent the gray from becoming too stark in the space, and all the neutrals coexist well together. The overall design is both sophisticated and calming.

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    Eclectic Gray Bedroom

    gray bedroom with a bed, two nightstands, and bench

    Chris Loves Julia

    Eclectic style is often associated with bright colors and funky patterns, though it is really just an interesting and unusual mix of colors, patterns, and design styles. This chic and mostly gray bedroom by the bloggers behind Chris Loves Julia creates an eclectic vibe with its sleek gray walls paired with rich navy blue fabric, various patterns on the bedding and rug, and wood and metal accents. Nothing quite matches, but it all works well together.

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    Neutral Light Gray Canvas

    light gray walls behind bed with white, gray, and blue linens

    Black Lacquer Design

    This bedroom by Black Lacquer Design combines whisper gray walls with darker and bolder furnishings to create a striking contrast. Gold accents give the contemporary bedroom a nice helping of luxurious character without feeling stuffy or dowdy. Cleverly unifying the space is a repeating triangular pattern, as seen on the dresser, pillows, and curtains. And the gray walls are the neutral backdrop that prevents the space from feeling too busy.

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    Dark Gray in a Small Bedroom

    tiny dark gray bedroom with plywood storage wall


    Dark gray bedroom walls, as seen in this room from WeWork, will instantly make a small sleeping space feel like a cozy little nest that's perfect for resting. The natural wood built-in shelves and the white bedding add striking contrast to the dark gray walls, and they prevent the space from feeling like a dark dungeon. Adding to the coziness are felt soundproof wall panels, which are a great option for light sleepers with loud neighbors.

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    Modern Yet Cozy Bedroom

    gray bedroom girls room

    Reena Sotropa

    The gray speckled walls and gray rug look anything but boring in this girl's room. With accents of pink, the room is fun and feminine, but the gray will let the room mature as the girls do. With so many textures in the pillows, floor cushions, wall decor, and basket, the room is playful and ready for dress-up and make-believe.

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    Gray Goes Retro

    shabby chic bedroom with gray walls

    Chad McPhail

    The color gray often gives off sleek and modern vibes, but it can work with retro design as well. In this charming retro bedroom by interior designer Chad McPhail, the walls and their attractive trim got painted a cool shade of dove gray to take them up a design notch from a boring white. Note how the wall color harmonizes with the warm wood tones of the furniture while drawing focus to the white bed frame and bedding.

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    Light and Airy Gray Bedroom

    white and gray bedroom

    Martha O’Hara Interiors

    Some grays are dark and moody while others are light and airy. In this lovely sleeping space, the team at Martha O’Hara Interiors set a dreamy tone by pairing the white bedding and ornate wall trim with soothing gray walls. The walls are just dark enough to add some color to the space while still allowing light to reflect around the room from the large window.

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    Gray Furniture and Accents

    Neutral gray and white bedroom

    Paige Elise Interior Design

    Gray walls aren't the only option for making gray a dominant color in your bedroom. In this simple yet sophisticated bedroom by Paige Elise Interior Design, gray is brought in via the furniture, bedding, and decor accents. It provides a rich contrast to the white bedding and walls. But the space still feels light and bright because the charcoal gray tones are used sparingly.

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    Dramatic Dark Gray Walls

    elegant charcoal gray bedroom

    Terracotta Design Build Co.

    Terracotta Design Build Co. proves that moody dark gray walls can feel wonderfully comforting in a bedroom. Because this sleep space gets lots of natural light, the dark color doesn't feel too dreary. Further brightening up the room is the white bedding and trim, along with the bold pop of color in the red nightstand. And a luxurious charcoal gray velvet headboard enhances the cozy vibe.

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    Gray Pattern Wallpaper

    bedroom with black plaid walls
    Boutique Homes

    This transitional bedroom by Boutique Homes mashes up classic and modern elements to reinvent the idea of a traditional cottage bedroom. The plaid wallpaper offers a rustic touch while the gray color keeps it fairly neutral. The black carved bed frame looks like it was plucked from an old chateau. And the ultra-modern white table lamp is what brings the room back to the 21st century.

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    Gray, Blue, and Brown

    Blue, gray, and brown bedroom

    Blue Copper Design

    Gray, blue, and brown are an unexpected color combination, but the neutrals work well together with the light gray on the area rug, drapes, and throw pillows balancing the deep rich brown on the bench upholstery. Overall the space is comfortable and relaxing but still has tons of personality.

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    Sophisticated Gray Bedroom

    Modern Gray Accents

    Abitare Studio

    Some shades of gray tend to skew a bit blue, but it totally works in this modern gray bedroom from Abitare Studio. Hanging pendant bulb lights and a geometric throw pillow create an air of sophistication, while linen textures make the space feel cozy at the same time.

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    Modern Monochromatic

    gray wallpaper and accents

    Interior Impressions

    Layering shades of gray on top of one another can create supremely luxurious gray bedrooms. This bedroom from Interior Impressions features silvery wallpaper as its base that makes the gold wall sconces stand out. Lighter shades of gray from the bed linens and coordinating pillows help make the space look extra cozy. Leaving the ceiling and carpet light helps to reflect light and balance all the gray in the space.

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    Greenish Gray Bedroom

    Greenish Gray

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    Some grays tend to lean a little green. And this bedroom from Ashley Webb Interiors makes good use of that fact by adding shades of green as an accent color throughout the space. The room is bright and airy thanks to its natural light and white wall paint, yet it still feels cozy and comfortable.

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    Stored in Gray

    gray bedroom

    Reena Sotropa

    Gray does double-duty in this bedroom as a wall color and cabinet color. The gray continues in the bedspread, curtains, and even on the frame of the pocket doors. And such a rich silvery gray causes the bed and coordinating chairs to look extra cozy. Leaving the ceiling white helps to reflect light and balance all the gray in the space.

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    Boho Gray Bedroom

    Boho bedroom with gray accents

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Texture is an integral component of interior design. Without it, a room can feel flat in spite of the colors and patterns you use. The grays in this bedroom from Ashley Montgomery Design come in many textures. There’s the fabric of the striped pillows next to the dark gray embroidery throughout the throw blanket. And then there are the unexpectedly modern gray lamps on either side of the bed. It all pulls together for a cohesive and interesting look.

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    Pops of Dark Gray

    Pops of Dark Gray

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Along with the wood tones from the headboard, the dark gray fabrics help to balance the stark white walls that carry throughout this bedroom from Ashley Montgomery Design. The overall modern vibe takes the lead, but the blue-gray farmhouse nightstands lend some rustic charm to the space.

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    Metallic Gray

    metallic bedroom

    Ann Living

    This gray and gold bedroom from Ann Living is all about the sparkle factor. The shimmering gray and gold walls almost seem like mirrors themselves, helping to reflect light from the windows. The plant pots and wall sconces even have metallic trim, adding to the shine in the space.

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    Light and Airy Gray

    light and airy bedroom

    Britt Design Co.

    This bedroom by the interior design team at Britt Design Co. shows how a room-brightening shade of bluish-gray on the walls can make a sleeping space feel visually larger. Accents in natural linen and wood tones enhance the room's restful vibe. Graphic pillows and a statement pendant light add both color and pattern without disrupting the soothing mood.

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    Gray Nursery

    nursery with gray accents

    Burchard Design Co.

    Nurseries don’t always have to be painted in pastel colors to look soft and sweet, as this nursery from Burchard Design Co. proves. The whole space is built off of white and gray wallpaper, which helps to soften the natural light streaming in from the windows without making things feel gloomy. Plus, the tonal antique rug and bamboo roller blinds pop against the gray.

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    Gray Accent, Gray Walls

    gray accent wall

    Casa Watkins Living

    Pair lighter walls with a darker gray accent wall. The darker wall brings the focus of this Casa Watkins Living bedroom onto the patterned bed linens and art above the plush headboard. The light gray walls provide the perfect neutral backdrop, allowing the art and the memorabilia on the shelves to pop. And the black and white bedding coordinates perfectly without drawing the focus away from the memorabilia.

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    Purplish Gray Bedroom

    gray bedroom

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Some gray paints tend to lean a little purple. And this bedroom from Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions makes good use of that fact by adding shades of purple as an accent color, which perfectly complements the light gray walls. Despite the dramatic furniture, the room still feels airy thanks to the minimal wall decor that doesn't fight for your attention.

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    Green and Gray

    gray bedroom

    Gray Space Interior Design

    Green and gray when paired together can blend together—what's green can look grayer and what's gray can look greener. In this bedroom, the green accent wall complements the gray bed frame, curtains, and furniture. Brass and gold-colored accents round out this look.

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    Shades of Gray

    gray bedroom accent wall

    Reena Sotropa

    While gray is a neutral tone that can help other colors pop, it also can act as the star of the show. This bedroom uses several complementary shades of gray. It starts with a fairly light marbled shade on the walls, which helps to highlight the icy gray headboard. And even the ceiling is painted a very light shade of gray. The varying gray shades keep things interesting while creating a cohesive look.

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    Rustic Gray Bedroom

    boys bedroom gray bedroom bunkbeds

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    This gray children's bedroom is part of a coastal Maine retreat. The medium gray walls help to tone down all the natural light that the room gets, which is ideal for those days when you want to sleep in. And the color works perfectly with the more casual and rustic vibe of the home. Choosing darker brownish-gray furniture also add to the more casual, rustic vibe.

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