9 Gorgeous Gray Bedrooms

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    Gray Shows Its Pretty Side

    Elegant gray bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of House to Home

    While gray in the bedroom has been “having a moment” for long enough now to qualify as a classic – not just a passing trend -- it’s often associated with sleek contemporary, stark minimalism or moody dramatic style. While gray does indeed work very well for all of those looks, it also has a softer – and prettier – side that is not only soothing, it’s strikingly beautiful in the bedroom. If you’ve crossed gray off your decorating list as too gloomy, too cold or too futuristic for your tastes, go ahead and check out the nine bedrooms featured here. Each one is primarily decorated in gray, and each is gorgeous. You just might find yourself with a whole new appreciation of this popular tint of black.

    Dark Gray Walls

    When your bedroom walls go dark, whether with gray as shown here, or with any other color, the result is sophisticated drama. The secret to avoiding a cave-like appearance is to add plenty of lighter color throughout the room – especially on the floors, the ceiling and the bedding.

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    Ellen DeGeneres's Gray and Tan Bedroom

    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's gray bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

    A study in classy elegance, the Beverly Hills master bedroom of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi shows off the power of a palette limited to gray and tan. What makes it work is the warmth of the gray on the walls and bedding – cool or silvery gray wouldn’t harmonize so beautifully with the tan bed, curtains and other accents throughout the room, but the “greige” is warm enough to complement other light neutrals.

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    Gray in the Small Bedroom

    Beautiful small gray bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Houzz

    This tiny bedroom demonstrates how a limited palette can help to visually enlarge a space. The creamy eggshell bed is close in value to the pale, warm gray on the walls, reducing contrast and keeping the eye moving through the room. The simple gray curtains match the folded throw blanket, adding a bit of interest without business, thus helping make the room feel larger. The overall effect is a restful, welcoming bedroom that doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered.

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    Beautiful Gray

    Gorgeous gray bedroom with oversize tufted headboard.
    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    While gray is an excellent choice for a masculine bedroom, it has a pretty side as well… just look at the room shown here. The walls and ceiling are washed in the palest whisper of gray – there’s just enough color to contrast with the pure white trim around the windows. The glorious tufted brownish-gray headboard chases away any chill created by the cool silver drapes and window treatments. Feminine, yet without a single ruffle, bow or trace of pink.

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    Gray Gets Elegant

    Here’s what happens when a bedroom mixes traditional style with contemporary gray; the result is a gorgeous space that practically oozes elegance. The stamped wallpaper is another of-the-moment trend – yes, wallpaper is back and it’s better than ever. While this bedroom would still be beautiful with plain walls, the touch of pattern ramps the style meter all the way to high.

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    Eclectic Gray Bedroom

    Sophisticated gray bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Maria Killam

    While eclectic style is often associated with bright intensity, here’s a bedroom that proves a mostly-gray color scheme can rock an eclectic look every bit as successfully as a space filled with color. The chandelier and antique rug are quite traditional, while the black-and-white bedding, upholstered headboard, abstract painting and contemporary nightstands keep things interesting.

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    Glamorous Gray

    Glamorous gray bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Centsational Girl

    Here’s gray gone all-out glamorous. The soft gray walls set a dreamy tone against the gray-and-white bedding, with its mixture of animal print and Indian-inspired pattern. But it’s the large sunburst mirror and the wonderfully ornate chandelier that really turn this bedroom into a “Wow!”

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    Gold and Gray

    Gray and gold traditional bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Decoist

    Add a bit of gold to an otherwise gray and cream bedroom, and the result is rich, luxurious style that is opulent without being ostentatious. When working with metallic décor, the key is to keep things under control; here, a couple of shiny gold throw pillows and a golden reverse to the global-inspired duvet cover are all it takes to rev up the style of this bedroom.

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    Gray Can Be Charming

    Sophisticated gray and purple bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of The Abundant Abode

    “Charming” is a word most often associated with cottage décor, not with a contemporary gray bedroom, but it’s certainly a suitable description of this adorable room. The gray ruched bedspread manages to combine both old-fashioned and trendy vibes, while the lattice-print on the curtains, nightstands and throw pillows is a very current look. Add in the quirky bedside lamps and the touch of bright color in the purple throw and pillow, and overall, you have gray done right.