Gorgeous Ideas to Steal for Your Home Garden

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    I only have the most fond memories of my childhood home garden. Gardening with my grandmother was a special ritual we shared every summer. The intoxicating smell of fresh blooms and home grown vegetables was a highlight of my youth.

    Gardening is a perfect opportunity to indulge in some self-care and healthy recreation. Whether your tending a garden at your country estate or on your urban fire escape I've gathered some tips to bear in mind when planning.

    A garden is a labor of love that provides so much joy and rewards throughout the year. Not everyone is born with a green thumb, you must learn the tricks of the trade just like anything else! Learning from a mother, aunt, or trusted friend can be helpful but there is no shame in being a self-educated gardener. Here are some gorgeous ideas that I gathered to help inspire your own home garden. Please feel free to steal and spread the green this year.

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    Classical Symmetry

    Garden Symmetry
    Garden Symmetry. One Kings Lane

    Think of your garden as a masterful work of art when it comes to classical symmetry. Between great design, gorgeous plants and thoughtful outdoor decor you must come up with a strategy and plan to developing your outdoor space. A safe bet is always turning to keeping your space symmetrical.

    Decorator Bunny Williams shares more tips on classical symmetry via One Kings Lane

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    A Garden with a View

    White House
    Room with a View. One Kings Lane

    You've heard of a room with a view, now consider a garden with a view. It's very tempting to start planting flowers and greenery of all shapes and sizes without keeping in mind spatial perspectives. When you sit on your patio, porch or in your favorite room of your house looking out over your garden you want to be able to enjoy the views and absorb what you planted visually from your special place. Do not rush the planting process until you have thought out your garden's view from where you will be admiring it. The space between your house and plants should make sense along with the type of planting materials you will be gardening. Your garden should all be visually cohesive which will contribute to the thoughtful layout of your land.

    Here is the ultimate garden planning guide from Better Homes and Gardens

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    Add Clay Pots

    Clay Pots
    Clay Pots. Terrain

    Clay pots are inexpensive and a beautiful addition to your outdoor garden. They add a rustic, Southwestern feel to your space. You can purchase high-fired clay pots with sweet subtle details from home store Terrain or pick up a more budget friendly version from Home Depot. Both options have equal impact on the visual display of your home garden. I love this DIY for aged terra cotta pots from Imparting Grace.  Here are some more creative DIY planters from Brit + Co.

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    Invest in Quality Pruning Sheers

    Pruning Sheers
    Pruning Sheers. Gardenista

    Pruning sheers are the most used gardening tool so it's imperative to invest in a quality pair. Through research and first hand experience it seems that Felco makes the best sheers on the market. Not all sheers are created equally. Make sure to research your needs before making the big sheers purchase. Pruners also known as clippers, pruning sheers and secateurs come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the best pruners for you depends on hand size and shape, grip, your garden's size and how much work you plan.

    Here is a great DIY on how to clean and care for your pruners from Gardenista.

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    Consider Indoor Comforts

    Outdoor Decor
    Comfortable Seating. Houzz.com

     Consider your indoor comforts outdoors. What does your patio seating look like? Do you identify with the wicker trends that are spreading across Instagram? Maybe you are more into bamboo or rattan for your outdoor look. A comfortable re-upholstered lounge is always a solid choice for outdoor entertaining and completing your outdoor garden oasis. A screened outdoor porch is generously improved with the addition of terra cotta plant potters in every nook and cranny. 

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    Great Gardens
    Nowness Presents: Great Gardens. Nowness

    I love this series, Great Gardens, on video collective Nowness that explores the whimsy and grandeur of the greatest gardens around the world. These pieces are certainly grand aspirations for a home garden but one will quickly stumble into an inspirational world of whimsy, beauty and enchantment in each video. A sense of whimsy makes the garden the magical place we all dream up for ourselves.

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    Structure for Planting

    Green Hedges
    Frame Your Plants. Better Homes and Gardens

    Create some structure for your planting. If it helps draw out a plan ahead of time so you have an idea of where everything will live. As Bunny Williams shared with One Kings Lane, "Flowers come and go but hedges look good all year round." You want to make sure you have your foundation greenery in place and then accent flowers accordingly. Paint your blooms in vivid color schemes in square or diamond formations, almost like picture frames for your garden. 

    Better Homes and Gardens shares the best plants for hedges.

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    Plant with Purpose

    Frances Palmers Garden
    Frances Palmers Garden. Local Creative

    Plant with purpose! Have an idea in mind before you begin. I love to start a mood board via Pinterest for my outdoor inspiration to get an idea of my dreamy space. You can share this board with your friends, peers and garden mentors for feedback. Like I said before no one is born with a green thumb so the more time, research and planning you put into preparation the better your home garden will turn out. You will want to have an immaculate space for all those summer parties you will be hosting!

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    Outdoor Garden
    Gardening. Humans are Free

    With all the planning in mind, don't be afraid to experiment. Carve out a piece of land to try new crops and flowers for each season. You will never know unless you try so start experimenting! No two summers are exactly the same so weather depending you might have better luck with different crops.

    Bonnie Plants shares a helpful resource in knowing which plants to grow each season.

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    Nature Knows Best

    Natural Garden
    Natural Garden. Springwood Paper

    Always remember nature knows best. Sometimes a wild overgrowth feel to your garden just makes sense for your space and climate. Just follow the lead of mother nature and be in tune to your gardens needs. In the end you will want everything to feel organic in a natural space such as a garden. You want your home garden to complement that untamed surroundings and not compete with it. 

    Good Housekeeping shares how to start an organic garden in 9 easy steps.

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    Know Your Region

    Knowing your region falls under the planning and research category. Before you attempt to purchase your materials make sure you know which plants grow best in your region. It would be terrible to come home after a long day of shopping to realize your purchases are not suited for their environment. Again you want you garden to appear as natural as possible so it blends into it's surroundings for maximum impact.

    Here is a helpful regional plant list from Plant Native

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    Bring the Outdoors Indoors

    Mango Mojito
    Mango Mojito. One Kings Lane

    Put your blooms to use and plant what matches your interior decor. There is nothing better than bringing the fruits of your outdoor labor to enjoy inside with your home furnishings. If you love roses make sure you have a big rose bush growing in your favorite color. I love lilacs, lavender and lilies too! Your blooms can work beyond decorative purposes as well. Grow basil, mint and rosemary for your kitchen too! When entertaining guests there is nothing like boasting about your beautiful garden babies and the wonderful addition they are to each meal. Fresh herbs are also fantastic for cocktail garnishes.

    Love this lively mango mojito from Los Angeles blogger, Justina Blakeney.

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    Set A Calendar

    Gardening Tools
    Gardening Tools. Westend61/Getty Images

    A calendar helps have a bigger idea of your gardening tasks each season. With work and a busy schedule time for gardening can escape us. Your plant babies need a lot of energy, time and care. A gardening calendar can help keep you on track and leave your garden thriving. Plants should be fertilized ever 6 - 8 weeks leading into the fall. It's too hot to plant in the summer and the fall is the best time for pruning. What other reminders will you need to leave yourself?

    Here are some great tips for garden destinations you can visit to keep you inspired on this gardening journey. 

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    Keep a Notebook

    Poppies. Garden Collage

    A notebook is a super helpful way to keep track of your gardens activity. Did something not worked as planned this year? Make a note so you can correct the issue for the following years garden. Did you forget to plant something? Receive some amazing advice from a friend who is a pro garden maker? Mark it all down so you have all your useful garden information in one place. In a couple of years your friends will be coming to you for advice.

    I'm really into this new website Garden Collage where you can read inspiring stories from other gardens in the areas of lifestyle, beauty and gardens.

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    Water Carefully

     Your garden requires a consistent and ample amount of water. This is where your calendar and journal both come into play. Not all plants require the same amount of attention and water but they should all be tended to consistently. The key here is making sure the water penetrates the soil, you don't want to just leave the surface damp. The newer your plant is the more water it will need because it won't be full rooted yet. 

    Bonnie Plant shares some hot summer tips for watering your garden.

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    Be Patient

    Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your garden. Be patient with the process. The fruits of your labor will be enjoyed by your family, friends and guests of the season while entertaining at home. There is nothing as satisfying as a beautiful outdoor space and you will be so proud to say you've done it all yourself. Don't lose sight of your end goal and stay motivated throughout your journey. You may not need to tend to your garden everyday but it will require proper maintenance and a positive attitude.