Gorgeous World of Gorjuss

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    A Leg to Stand On

    Courtesy of Santoro

    Santoro, the internationally known gift, and lifestyle brand are unveiling a doll line that is not like anything you've quite seen before. Based on the universally applauded artwork, known as Gorjuss, these dolls are whimsical and heart-tugging. Gorjuss is the brainchild of Suzanne Woolcott, who describes herself as a "30-ish, stripey sock wearing girl from Glasgow, Scotland." In her drawings, and now in her dolls, the striped-sock motif is definitely front and center. Your eyes...MORE gravitate to that fashion statement immediately! Shown here, "The Pretend Friend," "Ladybird" and "Little Violet."

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    The Eyes Have It

    Courtesy of Santoro

    One of the most alluring parts of the Gorjuss Doll Collection is their quirky, eccentric wardrobe. Tots, tweens, and teens will all respond to that special mix of retro/vintage thrift shop finds and little-girl rock-star glamour. Looking at the dolls, like "Ladybird" pictured here, you can't help but be reminded of music star Katy Perry. With her long raven hair and big, wide eyes, she's like a playful version of the pop star princess! The Gorjuss dolls are simply gorgeous in an...MORE eccentric and comical way.

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    A Cosmopolitan Sensation

    Courtesy of Santoro

    Developed in Spain by the premier doll manufacturer Paola Reina, Santoro is thrilled to be ushering these exotic new dolls into the world marketplace. Each doll is made of a soft vinyl and boasts articulated limbs. "Little Violet" looks like she just finished shopping on Carnaby Street. She is quite the mod little moppet in her oversized mob cap! Check out her star-stamped messenger bag and purple Mary-Jane shoes.

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    Childlike Innocence and Wonder

    Courtesy of Santoro

     With her bouncy pigtails and ruby-red attire, "Ruby" blends the best of children's literature. She seems to be a combo of the mischievous piggy Olivia, hotel-dwelling Eloise and French schoolgirl Madeline. "Ruby" is in great company with those beloved lasses. One of the reasons why this doll captures so much of childhood's merriest moments is that her creator, Suzanne Woolcott, is the proud mom of three kids. In her own uniquely adorable way, Woolcott describes her home...MORE life as filled with a husband and "a very charismatic, yet moody cat and 3 (not quite as moody) children." The artist seems like a friend you'd love to know, and her dolls now capture that good-hearted, big-hearted attitude.

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    You'll Want to Wear This Outfit

    Courtesy of Santoro

    If you have a fashion-forward daughter, or if you love that style of bohemian gentility, this is the doll for both of you! "Toadstools" is decked out in an outfit that shows the craftsmanship of the Paola Reina dressmaker team. Each article of clothing is stitched in-house by the Paola Reina seamstresses. As an extra design element for your children and for you--let's face it you'll want one--each doll's bag is emblazoned with the doll's personal icon or symbol. It's...MORE that kind of attention to detail that makes the Gorjuss Doll Collection so eagerly talked about and anticipated.

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    Curious to Learn More?

    Courtesy of Santoro

    "The White Rabbit" comes with a clockface bag, which is kind of funny since the doll has no "real" face of her own. That absence of any definite facial features is a fantastic asset for a lot of children who enjoy envisioning themselves in their make-believe adventures and escapades. Without any certain-sized nose or specific-sized mouth, minus any freckles or rosy cheeks, the Gorjuss dolls can be anybody's stand-in for fun. She is so appealing because she appeals to...MORE everyone! One of the most delightful components is that these vinyl creations are scented with an exclusive Gorjuss rose and honeysuckle fragrance. These dolls are truly as sweet as can be!