Top 12 Gourmet Pie Recipes

Here is a collection of ten of my favorite pie recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. From chocolate to fruit to a rustic tart, you'll find a delicious slice of heaven to finish any meal. 

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    Chocolate Maple Pecan Pie

    Chocolate Maple Pecan Pie.

    This chocolate maple pecan pie is rich, decadent and delicious. Simple to make as far as pies go.

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    Chocolate Midnight Pie.

     This is a wonderfully rich dark chocolate pie. This pie is very, very moist with a crispy coffee flavored crust.

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    Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Crunch and Bourbon-Maple Whipped Cream

    Pie Recipes
    Bobby Flay's Pumpkin Pie.

     This is a wonderful pumpkin pie recipe with a graham cracker crust, a delightful classic filling with lots of cream, spices and real vanilla bean. Heavy cream whipped with maple syrup and bourbon complete this comfort food favorite!

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    Paper Bag Apple Pie.

     Bake your pie in a paper bag? Yes, it really works. This is a really old way of baking pies and the crust comes out perfectly golden and crisp.

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    Cranberry Chocolate Pie.

     This is a delicious holiday dessert that matches perfectly semisweet chocolate with the sweet and tart flavors of cranberries; both fresh and dried are used for this recipe.

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    Lemon Meringue Pie. Kenny Louie

    Love lemon meringue pie?  Try this recipe with a delicious, tangy lemon curd and loads of billowing meringue piled high.

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    Crisp Coconut and Chocolate Pie

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    Chocolate Coconut Pie.

     This delicious chocolate pie recipe only has four ingredients: butter, coconut, cream and chocolate. Very simple in nature but with quality ingredients the taste is divine!

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    Chocolate Raspberry Tart.

     Here is a beautiful and delicious tart made with a luscious rich chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries. We use a pâte sablée for the tart crust which has a buttery, crumbly texture almost like a cookie.

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    Rustic Nectarine Tart.

     This beautiful French country dessert takes sweet juicy nectarines and wraps them in a crunchy pastry dough. The ground almonds in the recipe help to absorb some of the fruit's moisture and keep the dough crisp.

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    Boston Cream Pie

    Pie Recipes
    Boston Cream Pie.

     Boston Cream Pie is actually a cake made of two layers of sponge cake with vanilla pastry cream sandwiched in between and chocolate on the outside, in this case, chocolate ganache. I haven't found a good explanation to why this is referred to as "pie" but it does originate in Boston, created back in the 19th-century by French Chef M. Sanzian at Boston's Parker House Hotel.

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    Fresh Fruit Pie Recipes
    Raspberry Rhubarb Pie. Sasquatch

    This is a wonderful fresh fruit pie with raspberries and rhubarb with a hint of cinnamon, fresh orange zest, and almond extract. 

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    Grape Pie Recipe
    Concord Grape Pie. Flickr User Stephanie

    A delicious, flavorful pie made from grapes! This pie is a little time consuming because you have to remove the grape skins but it is definitely worth the effort. Serve this one for your next special occasion. Incredible.