Graduation Themed Paper Crafts

Need some graduation crafting inspiration? 8 crafts you will absolutely love!

Graduation season is upon us once again! Graduations are a right of passage, marking the end of one period of life and the beginning of another. Graduation ceremonies are events that celebrate hard work, achievements, and hopeful bright futures.

For many of us (moms especially), these events can be bittersweet. We are immensely proud of our children but sad that they will soon be leaving home and embarking upon their new lives, either at a college or by entering the workforce. We celebrate the...MORE occasion with our graduates by giving them monetary gifts, hosting open houses and throwing graduation parties.

This roundup features eight papercrafts that are graduation themed. So if you are in charge of hosting a graduation party and want to come up with some creative ways to offer congrats to the grad, be sure you check out the following crafts. All of them are quite easy to make and will add some extra special excitement to your event!


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    Chalk Board Speech Bubble

    When not have some fun when you take your photos after the graduation ceremony? Photo props are all the rage, and this conversation bubble will add a cute touch to your pictures.

    Although this craft was originally made for graduation photos, the conversation bubble prop would be appropriate for other types of events. You can choose to have any message on it. Speech bubbles would be so cute for wedding photos, baby announcements, etc.


    DIY Chalkboard Speech Bubble from The Paper Curator


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    Printable Graduation Money Card

    The gift that every student loves is, you guessed it, cold hard cash. Download this free printable graduation card and fill it with money or a gift card. Such an easy present that your graduate will truly appreciate.


    Printable Graduation Money Card from Everyday Dishes

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    Origami Money Graduation Caps and Tassels

    Money is the most common gift for the graduate.Make the present a little more enjoyable. It only takes a couple of seconds to fold the bills into cute origami graduation caps and tassels.

    Surprise your graduate by placing the folded origami bills into the graduation card. So adorable!

    Origami Money Graduation Caps and Tassels from Sugar and Charm

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    Mason Jar Graduation Gift

    Mason jar crafts are everywhere! Make some cute mason jar graduation gifts by filling these glass jars with dollar bills ( or larger amounts if you are feeling particularly generous) wrapped to look like diplomas. Glue a paper graduation cap and tassel to the lid. What a festive present! Your graduate will love this gift!.

    These jars could also be used as party decor. You could remove the money diplomas and place some battery operated tea lights into the jars. You now have the cutest party...MORE lanterns ever!


    Mason Jar Graduation Gift from No Biggie


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    Graduate Lapel Decoration

    These adorable graduation lapel pins would be appropriate for preschool graduations. They are very simple to construct. You just need ribbon, wood rounds, black card stock and markers. Can't you just see all the Mom's and Dad' proudly wearing these as the little ones participate in their "graduation"?

    Graduate Lape Decoration from Multicultural Crafts

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    Graduation Hat Box: Greeting and Gift Card Collector

    I think that this is one of the more practical graduation projects. Make a greeting card and gift card box.Now everything will be kept in one place, and no cards will be lost. All you need is a square box, some cardstock and a square piece of cardboard. This project creates instant organization that is so, so cute! Make it in the school colors and add a tassel to complete the project.

    Graduation Hatbox: Greeting and Gift Card Collector from Nancy's Craft Spot


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    Money Graduation Rose

    Flowers are a traditional graduation gift, but we all know what our children want! Why not keep the tradition of a flower presentation after the ceremony, but make it that much sweeter for the graduate by constructing the flowers from a couple of dollar bills. Make one rose or make a lot, all of them will be viewed as the best floral arrangement ever received.

    Money Roses from The Spruce

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    Graduation Cap Rolo Favors

    You will be able to whip up these party favors in a snap! Why not have your children help you and make it a family affair! Get some rolo candies, (you know the chocolate and caramel delights) and glue a square piece of cardstock onto the top. Add some string to represent the tassel and voila! Instant and cute little graduation caps that your guests will love.

    Graduation Cap Rolo Favours from Made to be a Momma