Grandparents' Journal from Ryland Peters

Perfect Book for a Pair of Traditional Grandparents

grandparents journal from ryland peters
This journal is in a traditional format for traditional grandparents. Courtesy of

If you're a grandparent with lots of information to impart, you'll like the format of this grandparents' journal. It asks a related group of questions at the top of each page and allots half the page for the grandmother's answer and half for grandfather's. The book is divided into tabbed sections, with a pocket for holding keepsakes on the reverse side of each divider.

It Takes Two

If you have a household where two grandparents are equally committed to creating a keepsake journal for a grandchild, this is the journal for you.

The questions asked are fairly standard:

  • "Did your grandparents or parents have any superstitions or favorite sayings?"
  • "Where did your parents first meet?"
  • "As a child, were you well-behaved or mischievous?"
  • "Did your parents celebrate any major wedding anniversaries?"
  • "When were you proudest of your children?"

The questions do an excellent job of covering a wide span of time and many different family relationships, making this journal best suited to a family with close relationships and lots of family celebrations. There are numerous questions about cousins and siblings as well as those about grandparents and parents. If your family is smaller and less close-knit, it may not be the best choice for you.

Still, it's important to remember that no grandparents' journal is going to be perfectly tailored to an individual's family. If there are questions that you don't feel comfortable answering, it's fine to skip that page, or use that page to mount a special photograph or keepsake.

Most of us have some episodes in our past that we don't like revisiting. Although sooner or later we may have to decide how much to reveal of a painful past, we don't have to do it in this particular venue. 

Plusses for This Book

Those who want to create a keepsake journal for a grandchild have no shortage of journals to choose from.

Here's what makes Grandparents' Journal a good choice:

  • The spiral binding lets it lie flat for easy writing yet is covered so that it doesn't look tacky.
  • The tabbed sections make it easier to find a particular area when you are filling it out or reading it.
  • It has pockets for holding cards, photographs and keepsakes. Many journals allow places for you to mount them directly on the page, but they often fail to stay mounted. Also, children enjoy actually handling such items. Of course, you'll want to use copies of any especially precious family documents.
  • The stylized illustrations by Mandy Pritty are fresh and fun. The standard-issue photographs, however, don't blend well with Pritty's illustrations.
  • Each section begins with a cool quotation, but this is somewhat standard for such journals.

In 2016 Ryland Peters released a new version of this journal, with a different cover, so your journal may have a slightly different look. 

In summary, Grandparents' Journal is a good choice for two grandparents who are dedicated to creating a special keepsake for a grandchild. If that description applies to you, grab one and get started!

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