Choosing the right grass will bring your lawn to life, and ornamental grasses provide beautiful landscaping opportunities and come in varying heights and colors.
Silvergrass plumes with tan and brown feathery flowers in garden
How to Grow and Care for Silvergrass (Miscanthus)
Litle bluestem grass with copper-like stems and white fluffy seed heads
How to Grow and Care for Little Bluestem
St. Augustine grass lawn edged next to garden bed with small purple flowers
How to Grow and Care for St. Augustine Grass
Winter rye grass blades blowing in wind
All About Winter Rye Grass
Pennisetum ornamental grass with thin green blades with soft, fluffy heads in flower garden
How to Grow Pennisetum (Fountain Grasses)
Pampas grass with light tan plumes on thin stems in front of purple flowers
How to Grow Pampas Grass
Variegated Japanese sedge with two-toned leaves
10 Popular Sedges for Ornamental Garden Use
Citronella grass (Cymbopogon nardus)
How to Grow and Care for Citronella Grass
Zoysia grass with bright green and thin blades
How to Grow and Care for Zoysia Grass
Lawn surrounded by border planting, The Lowes Garden, The Coach House, Haslemere, Surrey, UK
Tips for Growing a Green Lawn
Tall fescue grasses in sunlight with small rhizomes on top of blades
Everything to Know About Growing Tall Fescue Grass
Pine tree with mulch underneath and surrounded by grass
How to Grow Grass and Plants Under Trees
Perennial ryegrass with short green blades in lawn
Perennial Ryegrass: A Serious Lawn Contender
Shady spot on grass
The Best Grass for Shade
Yellow flannel bush (Fremontodendron 'Ken Taylor'). Mixed fescue meadow.
What Is Fescue Grass?
Looking down on fresh green lawn grass
Drought-Tolerant Lawn Grass
Patches of snow on green grass in winter
How and Why Your Grass Died Over Winter
Blades of grass with many seeds closeup
How Long Does Grass Seed Stay Viable?
Bright copper orange covered mound of slender shiny grass in raised bed.
How to Grow New Zealand Sedge
Welsh corgi walking on grass lawn with tongue hanging out closeup
6 Best Grasses for Dogs
Switchgrass with tall dark yellow stalks clumped in bunches in sunlight
How to Grow and Care for Switchgrass
Purple pampas grass with pink-mauve panicles on stalks
How to Identify and Remove Purple Pampas Grass
Grass with sun rays in the background
When Is It Safe to Apply Grub Killer on New Grass?
Close up image of common narrowleaf carpetgrass (Axonopus fissifolius)
How to Grow and Care for Carpetgrass
Grass blades in lawn backlit.
How to Kill Grass Naturally, Using Newspapers
Japanese silver grass
How to Grow and Care for Chinese Silver Grass
ribbon grass
How to Grow Ribbon Grass (Reed Canary Grass)
lawn with garden border
How to Get Rid of Grass
St. Augustinegrass
Warm-Season Grasses Appropriate for Drought Areas
St. Augustinegrass
Shade Grasses That Improve Turf Under Trees
Grass seed germinating
Grass Seed Germination Rates for Planting
Elevated view of Fenway Park with checkerboard pattern mowed into grass
How to Mow Checkerboard Patterns Into Your Grass
Sod Installation Service
Best Sod Installation Services
Praire dropseed grass with thin green blades growing in dense tufts in front of trees
How to Grow and Care for Prairie Dropseed
Bahia grass with thin blades growing in front of ferns
How to Grow Bahia Grass
Centipede grass with thick blades growing near low-lying bush
How to Grow Centipede Grass

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