Gray Bedrooms Play With Color

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Not so long ago, a gray bedroom would have been unthinkable. Beige and brown were the neutrals du jour, and gray was considered grim and cave-like. Today, gray has taken its place as a neutral that not only adds serene sophistication to the bedroom but is also versatile enough to play well with every other color of the rainbow. If you’re wondering how to spark up an otherwise gray room, take a look at the nine bedrooms featured here. Each adds just a touch of color, and yet, it’s just enough.

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    Set off the Sizzle With Red

    Grey, red and white room
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    If you want to add maximum excitement to an otherwise neutral room, you can’t go wrong with a touch of red. Just one throw pillow is enough, although you could take the heat further by adding touches of red in the bedding, rug, or artwork. You can mix many shades of gray for a sophisticated, and yet soft, oasis of tranquility.

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    Peaceful Green and Gray

    retro bedroom style with cup of tea and books
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    Fresh, cool, and vibrant, green conveys a vibe of health, growth, and wellbeing. That makes it a perfect color for the bedroom where it helps to soothe and relax you. When green works its magic in a space that is otherwise gray and white, the result is tranquil and yet sophisticated. When the green comes in the form of a dramatic wallpapered accent wall, it’s even better.

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    Gray and White Is Always Right

    Modern light gray bedroom interior
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    Gray and white are classic, clean, and peaceful. If not done carefully, however, it can be a bit monotonous. If you want to make things a bit more playful you can add plenty of patterns. Strong—yet not overpowering—patterns on drapes and area rugs will keep the eye moving throughout the space, and add the necessary interest to a monochromatic color scheme.

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    Gray and Blue With a Touch of Whimsy

    Fun gray and blue bedroom with polka dots.
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    Here’s how to have fun with gray: add in a heaping dose of polka dots. This bedroom shows off gray’s whimsical side with the aforementioned dots on the European shams and the curtains. The color scheme is a soft one, but the touches of blue on the throw pillow, quirky bedside collectibles, and right-in-between-gray-and-blue accent wall at the head of the bed add plenty of interest and a whole lot of charm.

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    Orange Appeal

    Grey and orange bedroom

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    Looking for a way to light up an otherwise dark room? Then take a look at orange. This citrusy hue is bright and cheerful, with just a touch of retro appeal. It transforms the dark wood and moody gray walls in this bedroom into something unexpectedly wonderful. Orange is a great counterpoint for any shade of gray; it’s bright and cheerful like yellow, but has more depth, making it strong enough to hold its own against even the darkest gray.

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    Think Pink (and Gray)

    Pink and gray master bedroom.

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    This formal bedroom with its traditional furniture and symmetrical layout might have been a bit stuffy, but the shots of purplish-pink via the area rug, throw pillow and sheets prove that any decorating style can show a sense of humor if it’s done right. This room also proves that pink isn’t just for a little girl’s bedroom; pink is a great way to add a touch of fun and romance to any neutral color scheme.

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    Many Shades of Gray

    Modern white bedroom minimal style 3D rendering Image
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    When you work with just one color, it’s crucial to add plenty of texture. You can do this with metal trim, glass, patterns, quilted bedding, and puckered window treatments. If you’re worried about too much gray in your bedroom making it appear gloomy or mundane, then use brilliant accents of white, glass, or other textures and hues to add some character and charm.

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    The Power of Purple

    Woman's bedroom with black chair
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    Depending on the intensity of the purple chosen, a purple and gray bedroom can be subtle and sophisticated, or bright and dramatic. Since purple is such a strong color, however, most people use it as an accent in an otherwise neutral bedroom. Just a touch of purple in the bedding and the room takes on a whole new vibe.

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    Here Comes the Sun

    Yellow and gray modern bedroom
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    When cool, calm, and collected gray meets sunny, cheerful, and outgoing yellow, the result is a bedroom that is both welcoming and soothing. It doesn’t take a lot of yellow, either: A yellow duvet cover and yellow accent walls are just enough color to light up the space beautifully.

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