18 Gray Dining Room Design Ideas

Small dining room with gray-painted walls with small shutters opened from window

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

When it comes to paint colors, gray is one of those tones that never falls out of trend. One of the most versatile neutrals, gray can be cool or warm, tranquil or moody, and can add a touch of elegance to any room—especially your dining room.

The right gray can make a dining space feel soulful and soothing, or fresh and contemporary—sometimes all four at once. When it comes to dining rooms, gray is a tone that can either take the spotlight or act as an accent color to more powerful hues, depending on the shade.

Here are 20 of our favorite gray dining rooms to help inspire your next makeover project.

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    A Modern Farmhouse Gray

    Farmhouse style dining room

    lavenderbrookfarm / Instagram

    Lighter hues like the one seen in this dining room from lavenderbrookfarm are perfect for pairing with a modern farmhouse look. This neutral shade is cool and subtle enough to play well with the natural wood and tan shades in the room. When picking a color for a modern farmhouse dining room, focus on cool, lighter shades of gray that won't overpower a room.

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    Pair Your Gray With Artwork

    Dining room with oversized artwork

    bradleystephensdesign / Instagram

    One of the best things about choosing gray in your dining room is that you can sprinkle in other, bolder colors throughout the space. This contemporary dining room from bradleystephensdesign features a medium, neutral gray with a bold blue painting, and they work so well together.

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    Try a Greige Color

    Light gray paint farmhouse dining room

    erin.maness.blog / Instagram

    Ah, greige, one of our favorite neutrals out there. Greige is a wonderful neutral if you are torn between a warm or a cool shade, and this dining space from erin.maness.blog proves just how versatile it can be. This color adds a bit of depth and interest to this traditional space.

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    Try an Almost-Black Gray

    Dining room with dark gray paint

    madebycarli / Instagram

    For a modern, moody dining room, consider a gray that is so dark it's almost black. This elegant dining room from madebycarli features a deep, dramatic gray that makes the space feel larger than it is. A moody hue like this one is perfect for nearly any dining room style.

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    Keep it Modern and Airy

    Minimalistic gray dining room

    malin_home / Instagram

    This light and airy hue from malin_home is a great choice for minimalist homes with a modern flair. It's a bit more interesting than a simple white paint but doesn't take away from a minimal or neutral look and feel.

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    Continue the Look

    Dining room with gray bench

    noorofmyhome / Instagram

    Not only does this dining room from noorofmyhome feature a medium, neutral gray accent wall, but the dining chairs connect the theme throughout the room. By painting just a single accent wall gray, this room doesn't feel too monochromatic, but still feels purposeful and connected.

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    Opt for Different Shades of Gray

    Modern dining room with gray details

    hejmonica / Instagram

    Here is a modern space from hejmonica that features a variety of gray hues that all play wonderfully together. When decorating with gray, don't be afraid to mix and match lighter and darker hues from the same family.

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    Gray in an Artsy Space

    Dining room with artistic details

    home.at.goldlay / Instagram

    Gray is a great background color for bold, bright hues in any room. In this dining room from home.at.goldlay, a cool light gray acts as the canvas for bold oranges, yellows, and reds throughout the space. Opt for a cool gray instead of white if you want a color that will add a little depth to your space, but won't take away from the bolder colors in your room.

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    Navy and Gray

    dining room with gray wallpaper and dark blue chairs

    nikolestarrinteriors / Instagram

    As seen in this stunning dining room from nikolestarrinteriors, gray and navy is a classic combo that works beautifully in the dining room. This palette is a slightly more unique take on white and navy, and looks just traditional enough without feeling stuffy.

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    Pair Gray With Neons

    Gray dining room open to the outside

    lisaweaverhome / Instagram

    Gray may not strike you as the most obvious choice to pair with neon greens or yellows, but this dining room from lisaweaverhome proves these colors can work together wonderfully. Pick a light, cool gray that will allow the bright colors to take center stage.

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    Try a Gray Textured Wall

    Light gray textured wall

    numberoneredwood / Instagram

    When decorating with a subtle, neutral gray like this one from numberoneredwood, a textured wall is a great way to add even more visual interest to your dining room. The paneled wall in this room gives the otherwise minimal space a pop of personality and acts as a focal point in the room.

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    A Gray Barn Door

    Dining room with gray sliding door

    homecrushdecor / Instagram

    Check out this dining room from homecrushdecor that features a dark gray barn door that is the perfect mix of form and function. A dining room barn door is a great way to section off an open concept home and picking a shade such as dark gray gives the space a pop of color while still feeling elegant and sophisticated.

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    Pair Gray and Tan

    Dining room with light gray paint and tan details

    changoandco / Instagram

    There's just something so inviting and calming about a light gray and tan color palette, and this dining space from changoandco proves why this combo works so well together. Plus, the sprinkle of peach in the artwork add just enough color to keep the space from feeling too neutral.

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    An Almost-White Gray

    Dining room with rustic wood table

    greysonhome / Instagram

    Can't decide between gray and white? Consider a barely-there shade of gray like this one from greysonhome. This light and airy hue makes any space feel bigger and brighter, but adds just a hint of color to give the room depth. This is a great choice for open concept dining rooms.

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    Experiment With Patterns

    Dining room with gray striped walls

    caffeineandcacti / Instagram

    Gray is such a subtle and easy color to work with that it can be the perfect shade for trying out wall patterns in your dining room. Whether you consider a striped look like this one from caffeineandcacti or you stencil a wall with an even more intricate pattern, it's a great way to give your dining room a pop of personality.