20 of the Best Gray Exterior House Colors

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When it comes to selecting a paint color for the exterior of your home, why not say yay to gray? According to Toronto-based home builder Richard Fung of Forever Homes, the shade never goes out of style.

"Gray is considered a classic neutral color," Fung explains. "This color has been a top preference in exterior design for centuries, and it complements a wide range of architectural styles."

Gray is known to hold up soundly over time, too. As Fung says, "Compared to lighter colors, gray is less affected by dirt or wear and tear. This makes it a practical and sensible choice for exterior home colors."

Feeling inspired to go gray? Read on as design experts share their top picks for gray exterior paint colors.

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    Dunn Edwards Covered in Platinum

    "Covered in Platinum by Dunn Edwards is a great gray exterior color to paint a home, as it is a soft medium tone that isn't too blue, purple, or brown. Grays can sometimes be tough as they have a lot of undertones, and this gray doesn't have that. I've used it before when I designed a new build, and it came out warm and inviting for curb appeal." — Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs

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    Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

    "This is my favorite gray for an exterior. It is a perfect neutral that pairs well with almost any other color. The undertones are creamy and warm, and depending on the light exposure, can lean toward light gray or soft beige. Edgecomb Gray is a serene and highly versatile color that unifies different elements of exteriors, such as the siding and brick." — Mary Gordon of InSite Builders & Remodeling

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    Benjamin Moore Metropolis

    "This is by far my favorite gray color to use on the exterior. This gray is more of a warm and medium gray, so it feels cozy and inviting, as opposed to cooler gray. It also looks amazing against any seasonal backdrop, whether it is white in winter, gentle pastels in spring, lush and rich greens in the summer, and of course vivid bright colors in the fall. Being more of a medium gray, it suits any additional accent color that you might incorporate into your exterior palette." — Diana Rose of Diana Rose Design

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    Cabot Driftwood Gray

    "We like using Cabot's Driftwood Gray bleaching oil since it accelerates the natural weathered look of untreated wood. This substantially reduces maintenance over time, since the wood will continue to weather naturally in this color range—more or less/darker or lighter, depending on the type of wood used and its exposure to the elements. It feels natural and appropriate."  — Anthony Barnes of BarnesVanze

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    Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe

    "I love Smokey Taupe from Benjamin Moore for exteriors because it's warm, unassuming and pairs beautifully with a multitude of colors and finishes." — Molly Torres Portnof of DATE Interiors

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    Sherwin-Williams Reflection

    "We love this color because it’s a very neutral gray that is light and airy without being overly bright. It works well in a Pacific Northwest climate where sometimes you want a brighter feel while remaining neutral." — Anna Popov of Interiors by Popov 

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    Benjamin Moore Ashland Slate

    "It's a rich charcoal with the slightest hint of blue. I love it paired with a deep navy blue or even hunter green, which would be beautiful as an accent for exterior trim." — Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors

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    Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

    "As a native New Englander, a gray house brings me straight to shore where charming salt-box houses are clad in weathered gray cedar shingles. If the salt spray is too far away from your home to do the work for you, I love Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. Paired with a slightly creamy white trim, like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace—and some beautiful pink and blue hydrangeas—you've got the makings of a classic." — Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors

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    Benjamin Moore French Beret

    "My favorite go-to for gray exterior colors is Benjamin Moore French Beret because it has such depth and swings from warm to cool in different light. I love a really rich deep gray that really anchors the house to the landscape." — Samantha Struck of StruckSured Interiors

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    Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray

    "This gray color has a warm undertone, and in our northern climate where most days are cloudy and grey outside, the warm undertone counterbalances the cool natural daylight." — Diana Melichar of Melichar Architects

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    Benjamin Moore Lead Gray

    "Dark gray creates a more modern look. I like that dark gray looks like a raw steel material. Benjamin Moore Lead Gray is a nearly black color with a subtle green undertone creating a refined and even alluring exterior." — Regan Baker of Regan Baker Design

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    Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

    "Lighter gray feels close enough to white while providing a different element of visual interest. Edgecomb Gray is a go-to neutral that works beautifully with the more traditional style of home." — Regan Baker

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    Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt

    "An unexpected light, fresh gray with blue/green undertones is Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt. Along with a crisp white, it lends a unique but timeless feel to classic American residential architecture. I especially love it on a Cape Cod or colonial exterior, or as a fresh take on Tudor trim details. The soft watery gray of this color can be found in variations of natural rock, so combining it with stone facades or walkways is often a magical match." — Noel Gatts of beam & bloom

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    Benjamin Moore Gravel Gray

    "This color can be both modern and transitional. It gives a feeling of being grounded without being heavy.  A color pop for the front door can add a layer of playfulness!" — Rachael Grochowski of RHG A+D

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    Sherwin-Williams Wall Street

    "This is a deep gray that we think acts as a perfect background to the lush greenery we’re surrounded by in our evergreen state. We love using it when we need a darker, more grounding appearance." — Anna Popov

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    Benjamin Moore Graphite

    "Gone are the days of the light grays and farmhouse style that dominated the bucolic home decor world in the 2010s. This decade is ushering in a [feeling] that is cozy, upscale, and moody. Our exteriors are no exception. To update your home's exterior paint, look for a gray that has depth and saturation. Benjamin Moore Graphite is a favorite choice for its richness, and will immediately elevate the style of a modern exterior." — Darcey Heath of Stylized Nest

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    Sherwin-Williams Cityscape

    "My go to gray is Sherwin-Williams Cityscape. It is a rich warm gray that works with a variety of different surroundings and regional landscapes. Cityscape is a true gray without blue or taupe undertones, so it also works well with many masonry options as well." — Lee Crowder of Taylor Morrison

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    Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray

    "For a soft and luminous exterior, I prefer Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray with simple white windows and trim. I love how this light gray color creates an elegant and timeless exterior that never goes out of style." — Jenn Smith of of Jenn Smith Architect

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    Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn

    "This is a stunning dark gray color for classy exteriors. While Peppercorn looks dark in a fan deck or as a paint swatch, it lightens up on exteriors that get enough natural sunlight. This is a modern and elegant option for cedar shake siding. Peppercorn has a crisp gray shade with slightly blue and red undertones. It works perfectly as the primary shade for homes having red front doors and brick chimneys." — Richard Fung of Forever Homes

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    Sherwin-Williams Gauntlet Gray

    "If I need a darker gray, one of my go-to colors is Sherwin-Williams Gauntlet Gray. With its brown undertones, it works well with natural elements, such as wood and stone. It's the perfect color for a distinguished and notable gray that stands out from the crowd." — Jenn Smith