10 Gray Kitchens That Will Change Your Mind About White

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    How to Do Your Gray Kitchen Right

    KraftMaid Peppercorn Kitchen
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Design Ideas. ©KraftMaid

    Gray Kitchens are More Than Just a Passing Trend

    Kitchen trends go in and out of style but a few trends become design staples. Dark wood cabinets with granite is still considered a stylish choice after decades of popularity. White kitchens began as a trend and are still at the top of home decorating wishlists after several years. Gray kitchens began trending a few years ago and have now become another classic kitchen color choice.

    Gray Kitchens are Versatile

    The beauty of decorating with gray is its extreme versatility. Unlike many colors, gray can be warm or cool. Though gray is considered neutral, it's the undertones that determine if the gray will be warm or cool. Understanding how color undertones work can help you choose the right gray for your kitchen.

    Quick Tips for Using Gray in Your Kitchen

    If you're adding gray paint to your kitchen, you'll definitely want to sample it first with your countertops and appliances to be sure you have the right color. If your gray color will be coming from your appliances and hardware, they'll almost always be considered a cool gray. Treating your metal appliances and hardware as a color in your palette can help you put together a balanced room. Don't be afraid to mix and match metal hardware in your kitchen to balance warm and cool colors. 

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    Gray is Awesome for a Contemporary Kitchen

    Contemporary Gray Kitchen
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Ideas. ©Behr

    Warm up Your Contemporary Kitchen With the Right Gray

    Contemporary kitchens can seem a little cold with shiny surfaces and metal appliances. A balanced and welcoming contemporary kitchen should have a mix of cool and warm colors and materials. A kitchen painted with Behr's Double Click can be the start of your contemporary color scheme with warm cabinetry. When you pair warm neutrals with cool gray you'll get an interesting and beautiful kitchen space. You'll definitely want to surround your cool gray colors with warmth to avoid a cold and industrial look. Even the best industrial designs use weathered metals to provide the necessary warmth to the color scheme. 

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    Try a Subtle Gray Accent for a Beach-Inspired Kitchen

    KraftMaid Modern Gray Kitchen
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Design Ideas. ©KraftMaid

    You Don't Have to Use a lot of Gray to Create a Beachy Kitchen

    If you love beach-inspired decorating you don't have to take the theme too literally. Clean lines and warm organic neutrals like sand and gray, can help you effortlessly create a beach-inspired space. The secret to a contemporary beach kitchen is to keep your colors neutral and your design simple. KraftMaid's Gray High Gloss Foil kitchen cabinetry has just the right amount of gray to balance the warm neutrals. Adding accents of soft blue or green to your neutral kitchen can help you create a serene space for cooking and entertaining. 

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    Charcoal Gray is a Glamorous Kitchen Choice

    Decora Gray Kitchen Cabinets
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Design Ideas. ©Decora

    Go for Drama With Rich Gray Kitchen Cabinetry

    If you love the look of a glamorous show-stopper kitchen, then rich charcoal gray cabinetry or wall color can be the perfect choice for you. Rich kitchen color palettes are enhanced with glamorous fixtures and lighting, like sparkling chandeliers and hardware. If you keep your surfaces and layout simple, you can add a few over-the-top accents like chandeliers and sconces. The key to a glamorous space is simplicity and sparkle. You'll want to keep your color scheme simple with a predominant color like gray, and accents of white. 

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    Greige is the Perfect Gray for a Kitchen

    Omega Cabinetry Gray Kitchen
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Ideas. ©Omega Cabinetry

    Can't Decide Between Gray or Beige for Your Kitchen?

    Kitchens are a unique decorating challenge, as most of your color will come from cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. Many kitchens don't have much wall space for painting, so you'll want to give a lot of consideration to the basic colors in the room. Neutral colors are the most popular choice for kitchens now, but it's totally easy to have trouble combining cabinetry wood tones and stone or tile flooring due to natural undertones. 

    Greige Bridges the Gap Between Neutrals

    Gray or beige in your kitchen can help you bridge the gap between wood, hardware, and flooring. Greige is an even better choice  than gray or beige because it has the best of both colors with the cool neutrals of gray and the warmth of beige. Greige walls and cabinetry can give your kitchen a high-end look even in a modest home. Mixing greige cabinetry with warm wood like this gorgeous neutral kitchen from Omega Cabinetry shows how warm and cool neutrals work together. Yes, greige looks wonderful with white, too. White cabinets and trim bring out the warmth in your color palette. 

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    Mix and Match Gray Kitchen Ideas

    Black and White Kitchen Ideas
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Ideas. ©Schrock Cabinetry

    Create a 3 Dimensional Space With Color

    If you'd like to add interest to your kitchen, but don't want to add lots of color, try contrast instead. Contrast instead of color is can make neutral colors pop.   Mixing and matching your cabinetry in deep charcoal gray and white creates a multi-layered style that can make your small kitchen look larger. A popular kitchen decorating trick is to use one cabinet color to make the room appear larger. Using two different colors for your cabinets, or a kitchen island with its own color, can also make your room look larger. The secret is to use contrasting neutrals. White and beige, beige and white, or white and gray, are all great combinations for a neutral kitchen.  

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    Create a Custom Kitchen Look With Contrast

    10 Beautiful Kitchen Ideas
    White Kitchen Inspiration | Masterbrand Cabinets. ©MasterBrand

    Mix & Match Cabinet Finishes?

    Yes! Mixing white or gray cabinets with dark wood finishes creates a gorgeous custom look for your kitchen. The key to using this stunning style is to strive for balance between the two finishes. Mixing cabinet finishes works best with strongly contrasting colors so that there is no question that these cabinets are very different. Find inspiration in kitchen design to help you create the right balance for your contrasting colors. 

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    Make Your Kitchen Island a Focal Point With Color

    Greige Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Ideas. ©Decora

    Don't Overlook Decorating Opportunities for Your Kitchen Island

    Even if you choose a kitchen filled with beautiful gray cabinetry, you can still improve on it with color for your kitchen island. Treating your island like a separate furniture piece is a designer trick to not only make your kitchen look more spacious, but create a custom kitchen look on a budget. For a gray kitchen, choose island colors like black, charcoal gray, or white. More vibrant colors can be used for your kitchen island, but like cabinets, you'll want a color that will endure for a number of years even if you change the wall color at some point. 

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    Neutrals With Gray

    Gray Kitchen Idea from Sherwin-Williams
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Ideas. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Light Up a Dark Kitchen With Color

    No matter your decorating style, if you love a clean look for your kitchen then you'll want to keep things simple. A crisp neutral like Sherwin-Williams Kestrel White lets warm cabinetry pop, but still creates a simple kitchen design. Gray can play a part in your uncluttered kitchen color palette as countertops or flooring. Matte finishes like concrete reduce glare and absorb light giving you a more kitchen space. 

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    Sherwin-Williams Breezy - Cool Neutrals for Your Kitchen

    Sherwin-Williams Cool Neutral Kitchen Colors
    10 Inspiring Gray Kitchen Ideas. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Try a Gray Paint Color With a Hint of Blue for a Fresh Look

    If you love the clean look of pale gray but worry that it may look too industrial? Try a soft gray with blue undertones like Sherwin-Williams Breezy on your kitchen walls. A hint of blue undertone to your gray walls can make your kitchen feel more relaxing and welcoming. Be sure to pair your cool gray with crisp white trim color to balance your kitchen color palette. Accent colors should be warm, which could include your wood flooring or cabinetry. The secret to a fresh color palette for your kitchen is using the right balance of color so that the space doesn't feel cold at all, just refreshing.