Gray Malin’s New Furniture Collaboration Is Peak Escapism

His new line with Cloth & Company is the perfect coast-inspired upgrade.

Gray Malin's furniture collaboration with cloth and company bed and bench

Cloth & Company

We might be in the middle of winter, but news of Gray Malin’s latest furniture launch will have you mentally enjoying summer by the sea and ready to lean into coastal decor.

In partnership with the U.S.-made furniture brand Cloth & Company, Malin has created a stunning line that expands on their previous collaboration. But while his first line was a children’s collection, his latest pieces are meant for the grown-ups. Inspired by his iconic aerial beach photos, Malin created custom fabrics that have translated into some major must-have furniture pieces—including upholstered chairs and benches, throw pillows, and bed frames—that are meant to inspire and transport you. 

Gray Malin's furniture collaboration with cloth and company

Cloth & Company

“All of the patterns are designed with destinations in mind, specifically destinations that I’ve photographed,” says Malin. “I drew inspiration from my artwork of these places, emulating their spirit and having the illustrations provide a fun twist on my original images.”

This means that true Malin fans can pair the pieces directly with his well-known prints.

“The Beach Toile styles are a representation of my artwork from coastal locations and all the activities that create perfect beach scenes,” Malin explains. “From lighthouses in Nantucket to beach hammocks in Hawaii, this pattern makes you want to book a trip to the beach as soon as possible.” 

“The Umbrella Swirl pattern was inspired by my La Dolce Vita series and the many beach umbrellas that line the coast of the stunning Italian Riviera,” Malin says. “My Gray Malin in Palm Beach series served as the inspiration for the Cabana Stripe Palms patterns. Rows of palm trees and cabana stripes from days spent poolside evoke the Palm Beach scenery and glamorous lifestyle.”

When it came time to create each fabric, Malin followed a specific process.

“I started by creating a moodboard of my fine art photography, narrowing down the images that I felt represented the themes and subject matters that are most iconic to my artwork—sunny escapism, the vintage jet-set lifestyle, and joyful getaways,” says Malin. “I then worked closely with an illustrator to bring these patterns to life, incorporating additional design details and brand colors to translate my photography into illustrations. Finally, for this specific project, I chose from the top five best-selling furniture pieces from Cloth & Company’s product line that resonated with the Gray Malin brand.” 

Gray Malin's furniture collaboration with cloth and company

Cloth & Company

It’s hard to pick just one piece from the collection, but Malin does have a personal favorite. “The armchair is a great piece that I’m excited to style in my home,” he says. “It will be a nice touch to create an inviting, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere while still looking elevated, and portraying escapism. In one of the coral patterns, this armchair could also be a fun pop of color to add to the aesthetic of the room.”

If you’re looking for other ways to style your personal picks, we asked Malin for a few tips.

“The ottomans and benches are great to incorporate into rooms that already have furnishings,” he suggests. “These pieces add a layer of beachy fun without being the central focus of a room … I may be a little biased, but the aerial beach scene fabric on the sand is a nice neutral color that would complement any coastal space. I would love to do a guest bedroom with two twin beds and two matching benches at the end of each bed!”

Whether you opt for one piece or the whole collection, it’s sure to elevate your space to a new level.

“The final collection is chic, high quality, and speaks to my getaway-inspired aesthetic,” says Malin. “I am always thinking of new ways for consumers to be able to interact with my brand. This collaboration is a testament to how my artwork can expand successfully across mediums and design projects.”

The new Gray Malin x Cloth & Company Collection is available now.