Great Baby Dolls for Toddlers

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    10 Baby Dolls Just for Toddlers

    Corolle Lila Doll
    Corolle / Amazon

    Buying baby dolls for toddlers is a completely different experience then when buying dolls for an older child. There are many great first baby dolls that are designed especially for for younger children.

    For toddlers, definitely consider lightweight dolls that can easily be carried by children just learning to walk. Look for dolls that are easy to clean with a surface wipe or that are machine washable. Since younger children might not have great fine motor skills yet, also look for clothes that...MORE are attached with velcro and that are simple to put on and take off. 

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    Corolle Mon Premier Baby Doll

    Corolle Soft Body Baby Doll

    Corolle is a french company that has been designing fashionable baby dolls for children since 1979. The Mon Premier dolls are smaller, 12-inch dolls with beanbag bodies so they can be posed. Corolle dolls are lightweight and easy for babies to hold. These dolls have sleeping eyes and scented vanilla skin.

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    Adora Playtime Baby

    Adora Playtime Baby Dolls
    Amazon / Adora

    Adora Playtime dolls are 13 inch vinyl baby dolls with soft bodies that have a great baby powder smell. These dolls are machine washable and recommended for kids ages 12 months and up. 

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    Bitty Baby Doll

    Bitty Baby dolls
    Bitty Baby dolls. American Girl

    The Bitty Baby doll from American Girl is probably one of the most popular, but one of the most expensive baby dolls for toddlers.  These dolls are 15 inches tall and have self-closing and opening eyes depending upon whether they are lying down or sitting up. The doll has a soft body and vinyl limbs. The doll can be purchased at an American Girl Place retail store. Dolls arrive in a variety of customized skin types and eye colors. You might even be able to surprise your kids by gifting them...MORE Bitty Twins! Additional baby doll accessories like carriers, strollers and cradles are purchased separately.

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    JC Toys Realistic Baby Dolls

    JC Toys Realistic Baby Dolls
    JC Toys / Amazon

    Are you looking for a more realistic baby doll? JC Toys prides themselves on designing dolls with lots of wrinkles and rolls, just like real babies. These baby dolls arrive as both boys and girls. There are even twins! Multiple ethnicities to choose from include dolls that have Hispanic, Asian, and African American features. 

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    Madame Alexander Babblebaby Little Sister Doll

    Madame Alexander Babblebaby Little Sister
    Madame Alexander

    Toddlers are learning to talk and say words. When they babble to their Madame Alexander Babblebaby doll, the doll makes adorable babble speaking noises back! The longer the child talks, baby will respond with the same amount of talking time. The doll is 14 inches long and has a soft body and vinyl hands, head and feet.

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    Cabbage Patch Kid Naptime Baby Doll

    Cabbage Patch Kids Naptime Baby
    Wicked Cool Toys / Amazon

    My mother stood in lines for hours waiting to buy my first Cabbage Patch Kid doll. These dolls can still be bought today, but with more modern style of tiaras, glasses, clothing and bracelets. Children who have a Cabbage Patch Kid doll can still send in their adoption certificate from Babyland General Hospital. Naptime baby dolls come with a blanket, pacifier or bottle.

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    Wee Water Babies Dolls

    Wee Waterbabies
    Wee Waterbabies. Just Play

    Wee Waterbabies dolls are soft and squishy 6 inch mini-dolls, that come pre-filled with water which will not cause mold inside the doll. These dolls are an inexpensive toy under $10 and are a great addition to water tables and bathtub play.

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    Goldberger Baby Doll for Toddlers

    Goldberger Talking Bottle Baby Doll

    A Goldberger doll is a great first baby doll option. They are machine washable, lightweight, easy to love and hug. They include a lifetime warranty and are very affordable, in the $10-$20 range. The accessories, like the headband, are attached to the body so they can not be lost.

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    Strawberry Shortcake Rag Doll

    Strawberry Shortcake Retro Soft Rag Doll
    The Bridge Direct

    Soft-body rag dolls make a great first doll option for toddlers. What better way to share your childhood memories with your baby then giving them their own Strawberry Shortcake rag doll? Strawberry Shortcake is one of the many dolls and toys from the 1980's that you can still buy brand new today.

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    Baby Alive Snugglin Sarina

    Baby Alive Snugglin Sarina

    Younger toddlers will love caring and snugglng with their Baby Alive Sarina doll. The doll is wearing her pajamas and has a soft body. If the child places the doll's thumb in her mouth, the thumb will remain in her mouth.  The doll is avaible in 3 ethnicities. Sarina does not have legs though and this could pose an issue for kids who like to pose their baby dolls.