Great Books About Compost

Food compost
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Compost is a topic that I can get a little geeky about. Don't get me started on the magic of turning "trash" into black gold for the garden, or the heavenly smell that envelops me when I turn my compost.  The clean, earthy smell of well-made compost is one of the joys of gardening. I compost indoors and out, in piles and tumblers, in garbage cans and trenches, in worm bins and Bokashi buckets.

So maybe I'm a tad obsessed.

That's all right -- there are worse things to be obsessed with, I guess. But it shouldn't come as a surprise then that some of my favorite gardening books are actually books about composting. Here are my top five favorite books about compost:

1. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Composting by Chris McLaughlin is one of those books that I heartily recommend to anyone who is new at making compost. A very encouraging tone, paired with real compost know-how (and just a tad of fanaticism -- I can relate!) make this a fun, informational read.

2. The Complete Compost Gardening Guide by Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin is full of interesting, creative ways to make and use compost.

3. Let It Rot! by Stu Campbell is a great book for the beginning composter. He includes many drawings of designs for different types of compost bins, which is useful if you plan on making your own bin.

4. Worms Eat My Garbage!

by Mary Applehof is the bible of worm composting. Everything you'll ever want to know about composting with worms is covered in this easy to read, informative book.

5. The Rodale Book of Composting is a thorough introduction to composting,  It may be a bit too much for some readers -- this book is practically a textbook about composting -- but it's sure to have the answer to any compost question that arises in my garden.

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