10 Great Cocktail Shakers

Give the Gift That Keeps on Shaking

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When you are shopping for a new cocktail shaker the choices can be overwhelming as there are many styles and designs available.

The first decision is to choose between a 3-piece cocktail shaker and a Boston shaker. The main difference between the two styles is that the cocktail shaker has a built-in strainer and the Boston shaker requires a Hawthorne strainer.

There are also designer and novelty cocktail shakers with all of the function and extra style.

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    ZACK Boston cocktail shaker
    Courtesy of Amazon

    The Zack Contas Boston Shaker has one great feature that makes it stand out against other shakers, and that is the measuring scale on the glass. This isn't going to eliminate the need for a jigger for proper measurement.

    However, if you want to make three 4-ounce drinks at once you can use the scale, knowing that you should have approximately 12 ounces of liquid in the glass before you add ice. Of course, when you shake or stir, some of that ice will melt and add to the volume, but you will be assured that your final pour will not be short.

    This feature is especially handy when the recipe you are following gives measurements in parts.

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    cocktail shaker
    Courtesy of WMF

    The sleek design of the WMF Boston Shaker makes this a stylish addition to any bar. The company is known for displaying high-quality materials in nice, sleek designs, making this shaker one that will stand the test of time.

    The stainless steel tin has a delicate, handsome curve that is a perfect fit for the thick mixing glass that also has a scale for measuring. The WMF Boston Shaker is perfect for both the professional and home bar.

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    Alessi cocktail shaker
    Courtesy of Alessi

    For the experienced bartender who enjoys a little style in their shaker, this one from Alessi is a great choice.

    There is nothing truly spectacular about it, but the subtle bevel on both the glass and tin bases are just enough to give this shaker a great, sleek, modern design. It holds up to 17 ounces, so it is also great for shaking a few drinks at once.

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    Courtesy of Amazon

    Shaker 33 is an interesting new take on the classic 3-piece shaker design.

    Made from a high-quality, durable plastic called Tritan, ​Shaker 33 does not get frosty cold like stainless steel shakers. The lid has a tight seal and the removable strainer is designed to be very efficient. 

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    Mixologist World cocktail shaker set
    Courtesy of Mixologist World

    This 3-piece shaker from Mixologist World is a very basic design that is perfect for the beginner.

    As an introductory cocktail shaker, this is a new favorite. The stainless steel construction is very rugged and seems durable enough to last for years. It holds up to 24-ounces and will also fit the average pint glass so you can quickly convert it into a Boston shaker.

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    Courtesy of Amazon

    One of the traditional cocktail shakers, this 3-piece shaker adds a touch style to the original design.

    The cap is the best feature of this stainless steel shaker. It is a 3-step jigger that measures either 1/2, 1, and 2 ounces, eliminating the need for a separate jigger.

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    Courtesy of Amazon

    Step back to the 1930's with the bullet shaker design.

    Available in a small 16-ounce and larger 28-ounce sizes, this polished stainless steel cocktail shaker is a perfect gift for the art deco lover. The integral strainer and drip-free spout filters ingredients and minimizes spilling.

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    Oggi cocktail shaker
    Courtesy of Amazon

    Oggi makes a great line of 3-piece shakers that each has a different design element.

    Pictured is the Marilyn Tall & Slim design, but they also have shakers with faux diamonds, mosaics, beads, and painted glass. There is a style for everyone and they are all a good quality at a very reasonable price.

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    OXO cocktail shaker
    Courtesy of Amazon

    Here's a 2-piece shaker with a built-in strainer -- for years the Metrokane Flip-Top fit the bill, which has a nice and convenient design. However, this OXO 360 shaker is just a little bit better.

    With the OXO 360, you get the convenience of a strainer inside the lid and it is a just a matter of pushing a button to open the shaker to strain your drink.

    The operation of this shaker is very similar to a coffee thermos and it produces a clean, steady stream. As with any of these shakers, there is a tendency for ice to jam up inside the strainer, but that is nothing a little shake can't fix.