7 Free Craft E-Books You Will Want to Have

7 Free E-Books Every Crafter Will Love

Beginner's Guide to The World of Watercolor
Antonella Avogadro and The Craftsy Blog

Craft books are excellent sources of inspiration for those of us who love to create. They usually have beautiful photos and accompanying tutorials that can help us get our creative juices flowing. Printed books are pricey, but worth it if they contain craft ideas you love and want to make.

We all, however, want to save money! Did you know that you can get free art and craft ebooks from the internet? Many sites offer craft e-books that you can download and are chock full of creative inspiration....MORE Best of all, many of these downloads are free! Who doesn't love free? You may have to give them your email address before you can download the book, but that is only fair given the price of the product. Check out the following list of crafting e-books; there is something for everyone.

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    best blogger craft ideas 2016

    This little free gem of a craft e-book offers over 50 crafts project ideas covering the areas of home decor, sewing, paper crafts and other miscellaneous craft genres. 

    Favecraft, the company that generously offers many free craft ebook downloads, invites all the best craft bloggers to participate in a contest every year. Free products from all their businesses are given to the blogger to create a craft, and we the consumers get to vote which works we think are the best!

     This ebook is a...MORE compilation of all the winning projects.  Each and
    every design comes with a full list of materials and step-by-step instructions, so you will have no problems creating your versions of the crafts.

    These are most crafters three favorite projects: Coloring Book Pages Box, Cinco De Mayo Celebration Crafts and Bags, and Coloring Book Coasters.

    The Coloring Book Pages Box and Bag (page 48) craft project is one of cutest projects listed in the book. All you have to do is color your favorite art page with the medium of your choice, and then cut it into a bag or box shape. Suggestions for custom bows are also included in this project tutorial.

    The Cinco De Mayo Celebration Crafts and Bags (page 34) projects show how to create decorated mason jars, a table runner, treat bag and marquee letter decorations that spell out the word Amigo. Use these party decorations for any outdoor event with a just a little bit of alteration. We love it!

    Coloring Book Coasters (page 9) Coloring pages have been the rage for the past few years as a way for adults to find relief from the stresses of daily life. Now that you have all those pages colored you can use them to make coasters for your drinks. What a cute idea!

    These are only three of the projects found in this ebook. There are over 45 more free tutorials to go. Download the book and get your crafting groove going!

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    alcohol ink ebook
    Nancy Murphree Davis

    For those of you that love to work with alcohol inks, and for those that would like to learn, please, please take a look at this excellent e-book. It has 141 pages filled with all sorts of crafting information you will love. This book is a gift because most crafters would be glad to pay a lot of money for the information and inspiration found in this publication.

    The book is made up of two parts. Part one is a compilation of alcohol ink projects by over 60 artists. Each artist describes the...MORE materials and methods they used to make their works of art. These projects are all high-quality works of art; I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the caliber of the projects or tutorials. These works of art are so inspiring that you will want to start quickly working on some alcohol ink projects of your own.

    The second part covers the materials and step by step process in depth.It will help you become a better alcohol ink artist in no time!

    My three favorite craft projects from this ebook are Easy Peasy Wine Charms, Colour Maze Pendant, and Birch Forest.

     Easy Peasy Wine Charms (page 26): Wine charms always come in handy, helping your guests avoid confusion and remember which wine glass is theirs at your party. These beauties are quick and easy to make, but look so professional. I love the dark rich gem colors the artist used!

    Colour Maze Pendant (page 31): I adore handmade jewelry, and this pendant is one that I will add to my collection.Make the jewelry from a 1-inch square piece of glass tile as a base, adding alcohol ink and embossing techniques to the glass tile. It takes a bit of time and effort, but the results are worth it.

    Birch Forest Tile (page 37): Learn how to paint a gorgeous scene of a birch forest onto a 6 x 6-inch tile. The colors are beautiful, and the tile reminds me a little bit of the work of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This tile would fit perfectly into a home that has arts and crafts themed decor. 

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    Beginner's Guide to The World of Watercolor
    Antonella Avogadro and The Craftsy Blog

    One of the premier craft education sites is craftsy.com. They provide a variety of online video tutorials featuring numerous types of craft projects ranging from paper crafting to sewing. Crafters are by nature visual learners, and video tutorials are always the best educational format when trying to master new crafting skills.

    Craftsy generously offers a free craft e-book download that teaches beginners how to learn watercolor painting. The topics covered are types of watercolor paper, building...MORE a watercolor palette, color transparency, color value, color temperature, and color intensity.

    It is a beautiful well-written ebook that you will want to add to your collection. Craftsy even allows you to print the book for free and keep it forever! What a beautiful gift to all of us! It is a must-have for beginning watercolor painters who wish to learn more and become better artists.

    This book will help you release your inner watercolor artist. This book is guaranteed to help your watercolor paintings reach higher levels of creativity while improving your techniques.

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    jewelry soldering basics
    Lexi Erikson

    If you have been making jewelry for some time, you will probably have reached the point where you will want to learn the art of jewelry soldering. Beginner jewelry makers usually use these methods: beading, wire wrapping, and cold connections to keep their jewelry together. The next level is to solder, which is connecting the piece with a line of molten silver.

    This book is an excellent introductory resource for those wishing to know more about soldering techniques. It covers melt and flow...MORE temperatures, flux  (the different types available and when to use them)  and how to create a safe fire zone.

    The author also offers a tutorial that she personally -uses with her beginning students. Learn how to create a simple soldered ring which looks quite elegant when done.

    If you are ready to elevate your jewelry designs to the next level, then this is the jewelry craft e-book for you!

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    13 home decor ideas, paper crafts and more.

    This craft e-book is another fantastic example of a generously offered e-book by favecraft.com. The book includes 13 crafts ranging from home decor to paper crafts.

    The photos are beautiful, and each project has a complete list of supplies necessary to make the craft plus a  step by step tutorial that will guarantee you a successful project every time.

    Most crafters three favorite projects from the book are The Bohemian Stamped Pillow, DIY Adjustable Bangle Bracelet, and the Herringbone DIY...MORE Painted Rug.

    Bohemian Stamped Pillow (page 23): Bohemian home decor and fashions are quite the rage. This tutorial will teach you how to make a beautiful bohemian style pillow for your home with Plaid fabric paints and stamps. The finished project looks as if it came from a trendy boutique! You will surely want to make one or more for your living room decor! Love it!

    DIY Adjustable Bangle Bracelet (page 37): Learn how to make a bangle bracelet from wire and a jewel.The wrap is simple and quite elegant. Women of all ages will love this jewelry craft.

    Herringbone DIY Painted Rug (page 34): If you need a new rug for your kitchen floor, you will find the project to be perfect! Create the herringbone design on a sisal rug with tape and paint. Although the project is a bit complicated, if you persevere you will have a beautiful designer style rug, at thrift shop prices that you will definitely love.

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    20 Crafts with Mason Jars

    If you are like most of us, you probably have quite a few mason jars in your home. Why not use them for craft projects? This free craft e-book from favecraft.com has 20 different mason jar craft tutorials to help inspire you!

    The craft e-book divides the projects into four categories: gift ideas, storage ideas, home decor and holiday projects. The book offers at least four crafts per category.

    Most crafters three favorite mason jar projects are Graduation Gift in a Jar, Pretty Stacked Mason Jars,...MORE and Girly Pink Collaged Mason Jars.

    Graduation Gift in a Jar (page 8): Top a mason jar lid with a black mortarboard made from felt or paper. Fill the jar with dollars (or fives, tens or twenties if you are feeling particularly generous) rolled into cylinders to look like diplomas and tied with gold ribbon. How cute! Your graduate is sure to love this gift!

    Pretty Stacked Mason Jars (page 12): Make some cute stackable storage jars from mason jars. Wrap with a ribbon and attach a matching label. A perfect place for all those odds and ends you have laying all over the house!

    Girly Pink Collaged Mason Jars (page 23): Are you looking for a craft project to keep the kids entertained this summer? This girly mason jar craft is super easy for kids to make and will keep them occupied for quite some time. Use pretty pink tissue for a girly look, but make sure to have some masculine colors also! Boys will have fun creating the craft too!

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    cut and paste magazine
    American Crafts

    Cut and Paste by American Crafts is a free online magazine offered on the Issuu.com publishing platform. They offer 19 publications in total featuring greeting cards and other paper crafts. These online magazines are fantastic free sources of paper crafting inspiration. If you love making cards, you will want to read each and every online magazine that the company offers.

    The magazine featured in the photo is the November edition and features the work of paper artists Maggie Holmes and Amy...MORE Tangerine. The cards are beautiful and use products sold by American Crafts. You will find the photos useful, and a lovely source of creative inspiration.