10 Great Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Shopping for gifts for gardeners is easy. Garden tools alone could keep you in gift ideas for years. Then there's garden totes, gardening boots, garden books... Here are a few more suggestions to get you thinking. If you want to drop a hint or two of your own, share what you'd put on your gardening wish list.

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    Gardening Books
    Photo © Marie iannotti

    My first go to idea for gifts is always book and gardening books are not just fonts of inspiration, they are absolutely necessary resources. I've listed some classics that have been treasured for years, as well as suggestions from readers.

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    Woodstock Chimes
    Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com

    I have a soft spot for sound in the garden and a really beautiful wind chime reminds you to take notice of the change in the weather. Woodstock chimes are part of a line by instrument designer Garry Kvistad.  There are several tones to choose from, (You can  visit their website and listen to the available tones), but my current favorite is Tuscany. It has a dreamy quality that reminds me of a sultry summer day. 

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    Twisted Glass Vase
    Photo: © Marie iannotti

    Some gardeners have a hard time cutting flowers to bring indoors and others fill every room with bouquets. Either way, the vase should be worthy of the blooms - whether they're from the backyard or the store. This twisted glass vase is classic and modern at the same time. It is 10 in. tall with a top opening of 4 in. Large enough to hold a bouquet and narrow enough to place anywhere.

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    Transplant Spade
    Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com

    Digging in a garden full of plants is not the easiest job, but we all have to move or add plants at some point. Transplanting spades make the job less intrusive. This one has a welded 14-gauge steel blade with an 18-gauge steel shaft for extra durability. The steel won't bend, the way fiberglass does and the blade is shape all the way around, for clean slicing. The handle is 46 in. long and is topped by an extra wide and comfortable D-handle.

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    Garden Trellis
    Photo: Courtesy of Gardener's Supply

    Vines give gardens another dimension, but they need something to scamper up. We could use bamboo poles, string or another plant, but tuteurs look good even before the vine fills in. And when it does, this powder-coated steel model is strong enough to hold it. This is a 5 ft. version from gardener's supply Company. They also offer a 7 ft. model, for over achiever vines.

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    Garden Kneeler/Seat
    Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com
    Let's face it, gardening is tough on a body, especially the knees and the back. This clever device has been around for several years and I'm starting to see more and more people using it. Whether you have to work kneeling down or bending over, The Garden Kneeler will ease the wear and tear on your joints. It folds flat, which makes it easy to store and to tote around. A pull on the legs opens it and it snaps in place, so you know it's locked.
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    Wall Herb Planter
    Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com

    I'm not always a fan of growing herbs indoors, but I love this wall hanger. Besides keeping the pots off the counter, you can hang it where it will get good sun, but no draft. And the pots are 5 in. deep, which should suffice for many herbs (or whatever you choose to grow. I think succulents would be great, too.)

    The backing is solid wood and  measures 6 in. W x1 in. D x 24 in. L. There are 3  galvanized steel pots that are 4.5 in. diameter and 5 in. deep. (The photo shows 3 sets of...MORE planters.)

    The planter can be hung horizontally or vertically. The board is finished with chalk paint, which  is a nice little touch.

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    Landscaper Wagon
    Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com

    You know how nice it is when you're shopping at a nursery and the cart is roomy and maneuverable? When you have to move a lot of plants or heavy bags, this all terrain wagon comes in very hand. What I really like about it is that the sides fold down, so you can grab things any which way. The 8" pneumatic tires will bounce across just about any yard. Another nice feature is the bed liner, that lets you cart loose materials without them falling through. It is supposed to carry up to 550...MORE pounds, but I have not tested it.

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    Potting Bench
    Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com

    Every gardener needs a place to make a mess. This potting table is not just attractive, it's very functional. The soil goes in the bin, under the table surface. The top is an open weave, so whatever fall out of the pot goes right back into the bin. I wish there were a couple more shelves, but it would be fine for most gardening needs.

    The full dimensions are  36.5 in. W x 24 in. D x 60 in. H and the bin is 36 in. L x 23.6in. W x 9.3 in. H. It's made out of weather-resistant fir, so you...MORE can leave it outside, but you might want to brush the snow off of it.

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    Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com

    Having a greenhouse is most gardeners' dream. It's also a huge investment of money and time, so make sure your gardener wants one before you surprise them with one. I like this Snap and Grow model because, at 8 ft. x 8 ft., it's gives you a good amount of growing room (64 sq. ft.), but it won't cost and arm and a leg to heat.

    The frame is a sturdy, low maintenance aluminum that snaps together. The polycarbonate walls are clear, 100% UV protected and unbreakable. It comes with a...MORE roof vent, which like the window and door, comes preassembled. It's also expandable. Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse Model 701647 701647.