Great Gift Ideas for Gluten-Free Cooks

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Here are 20 gift ideas for gluten-free cooks, including useful and unusual kitchen gadgets, fun gifts for gluten-free kids in the kitchen, high-quality gluten-free ingredients, and new gluten-free cookbooks for the cookbook addicts on your list. And all gift ideas cost less than $20!

Kitchen Gadgets for Gluten-Free Cooks

  1. Nylon Spreader Spatula Set from King Arthur
    I use my nylon spatulas every day. This versatile, inexpensive spatula set is perfect for shaping gluten-free bread batter into smooth loaves.

    New Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread Recipe
  1. High Quality Pizza Pan for Gluten-Free Pizzas
    Make thin and crispy pizza with this heavy duty pizza pan.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza
  2. Holiday Pancake Molds
    Gluten-free kids love eating reindeer, snowman, and elf shaped pancakes during the holidays.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pancakes
  3. Mini Pocket Pie Molds
    Be sure to watch the video at the Williams-Sonoma link. These little pocket pies are adorable- a great way to make individual gluten-free pies!

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Apple Pie
  4. 1 Tablespoon Cookie Scoop
    This scoop makes the task of gluten-free cookie baking so much faster and easier. King Arthur also sells a 1/4 cup muffin scoop, another tool to make life easier for gluten-free cooks.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Vanilla Wafers
  5. 12 Cup Nonstick Madeleine Baking Pan
    Just like classic French Madeleine cookies, gluten-free Madeleines are soft, golden scalloped cookies, rich with butter and the flavor and scent of lemons.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Madeleines
  1. Bake and Give Paper Bakeware
    Convenient and great looking paper bakeware from King Arthur Flour. Choose from loaf pans, mini-loaves, muffin, tulip muffin, ring pans, rounds, mini-rounds, hearts, panettone, brioche plus more sizes and shapes. These charming bake and give paper bakeware are perfect for giving gluten-free gifts from the kitchen!

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Banana Bread
  1. Stoneware Tea Loaf Pan
    I own this pan and I love it! It's a longer, narrower loaf pan, which bakes quick breads in less time.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Breakfast Bread
  2. English Muffin Splitter
    This handy gadget makes it easy to split your delicious homemade gluten-free muffins, leaving lots of texture for butter to soak in to. Yum!

    Recipe for Buckwheat and Honey Gluten-Free English Muffins
  3. Natural Cookie Decorating Kit
    This decorating kit makes it easy for gluten-free cooks to decorate gluten-free cookies with healthier, natural frosting. Nice.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Gingerbread Men
  4. Tortilla Press
    Use this heavy-duty tortilla press to make your own fresh and versatile tortillas.

    Recipe for Easy Corn Tortillas (Be sure to use gluten-free masa harina)

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Tacos

Tops Picks for Gluten-Free Ingredient Gifts

  1. Gluten and Allergen Free Ancient Grains Mix
    Add this healthy, whole grain gluten-free flour blend to bread recipes for a real nutritional boost.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread
  2. All Natural Almond Paste
    Almond paste is the main ingredient in flourless gluten-free amaretti cookies. Look for this brand in your grocery, it's gluten-free unlike other brands of almond paste.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Amaretti Cookies
  1. Bakewell Cream Baking Powder
    This exceptional double acting gluten-free baking powder is free of aluminum and stays fresh for one year when stored in a cool, dry spot.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cornbread
  2. SAF Pro GF Yeast
    Professional-grade yeast known for its' strong rising properties. This 1-pound vacuum- sealed brick will make about 96 loaves of bread!

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns
  3. Acadian Light Buckwheat Flour
    This is a wonderful gluten-free flour that I use in several of my gluten-free / rice-free recipes including gluten-free buckwheat mini loaves and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Buckwheat Mini Bread Loaves
  4. Gluten-Free Almond Flour

    Homemade milled almond flour is healthy and versatile. Add it to gluten-free recipes for a nutritional boost, a wonderful nutty flavor and to lower carbohydrate content of recipes.

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Apple Tarte Tatin

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Double Blueberry Muffins

    Recipe for Holiday Biscotti with Cranberries and Pistachios

    Recipe for Gluten-Free Matzoh Crackers

    Good Gluten-Free Reads Make Great Gifts!

    1. Gluten-Free on a Shoestring by Nicole Hunn
      Gluten-Free On A Shoestring includes 125 basic, family-friendly recipes, tips, lists and resources designed to help gluten-free cooks cut their food budgets while eating real food with real nutritious value.
    2. Gluten Free Throughout the Year - A Two Year, Month-to-Month Guide for Healthy Eating by Melissa Diane Smith
      With so many gluten-free junk food products available today, Melissa's tips for planning and eating naturally gluten-free nutritious foods, are more relevant than ever.
    3. From Triumph Dining - The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide
      This newly revised 3rd edition of The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guides contains more than 30,000 gluten-free products in a user-friendly format. This book is a perfect gift for all gluten-free cooks. My old copy is so worn out, I can't wait to start using the newly revised version of this "must have" guide.

      Find More Publications for Celiacs at Triumph Dining
    4. Gluten-Free Baking for the Bread Machine by Annalise Roberts
      Do you know a gluten-free cook that has a bread machine, or one that would like to learn more about baking gluten-free breads using one? If so, this cookbook has lots of recipes and useful information on how to use the Zojirushi bread machine specifically, to bake gluten-free breads.

      Is a bread machine on your wish list? Check out the Zojirushi

    Happy holiays!