Great Gifts for Everyone on Your Shopping List

From Kids to Pets, These Gift Ideas Cover Everyone

Find the perfect present for everyone on your shopping list -- even the family pet. Now you just have to focus on keeping those hiding places a secret so these great gifts aren't accidentally (on purpose) discovered before the big day.
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    For Mom

    A picture of a mom hugging her child for a present
    Make everyone on your shopping list happy with these great gift ideas. Photo © Tooga / Getty Images

    Often mom will say "nothing" when you ask her what she wants, but here's a tip from one who knows: You can't go wrong with gifts that pamper and make life more pleasurable. From priceless gifts you don't have to spend a dime on to ideas for working moms on the go, finding the perfect gift for mom is no longer an impossible mission.

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    For Dad

    A dad opens cool gifts with his sons
    Photo © v_julye / Flickr

    You can only give dad so many ties before he starts to notice. Stop getting stumped on what to buy him with unique gifts that break the habit of stocking dad's closet. It will be hard to narrow down your list for dad when you start shopping for gifts based on his favorite things to do. No more smiley face ties and homemade ash trays for the non-smoker!

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    For Grandparents

    A grandfather opens one of his cool gifts from his granddaughter
    Photo © themissiah / Flickr

    Grandma and grandpa sweetly deny they want any presents. But you never forget that look they have when they receive something special from their grandchildren. Whether you're shopping for grandpa or looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for grandma, give your kids' grandparents gifts they'll cherish for years to come.

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    For Other Relatives

    A mother in law opens a present
    Photo © elvissa / Flickr

    Shopping for aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws can send you into a gift-giving tailspin. Buying for these special women and men doesn't have to be a challenge, though. Music and tickets to a game are gifts any guy can appreciate. Great gifts for her encourage her hobbies or spoil her with a relaxing day out. Your mother-in-law will be speechless.

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    For Babies

    A baby approves of his cool gifts with a big smile
    Photo © snorp / Flickr

    Everyone likes shopping for babies. Buying baby toys and tiny clothes is fun and your little gift recipient won't complain about your present or take it back. Shop for toys by age, such as 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months or 9-12 months. Want to give them something that will last a lifetime? Commemorative gifts are precious reminders parents will appreciate now and babies will adore as they grow into adults.

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    For Kids

    A girl opens a present
    Photo © nlnnet / Flickr

    Count how many seconds it takes for a children's toy ad to come on TV. The commercial clutter helps parents reach information overload within a few minutes. Conquer the toy wars with classic toys that are still cool gifts today. Get the kids to sit still with books that keep them busy and educational gifts for grade-schoolers and preschoolers. Let your school-age kids unwind with DVDs and Blu-rays or curl up with your preschooler to watch her favorites. Help them play with computers and...MORE games just for elementary school kids and preschoolers without the worries of the Internet. Start moving with active toys for the whole family. Settle down with gifts for crafty kids. You'll always have a running list of cool gifts for your children.

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    For Tweens

    A tween girl opens a present
    Photo © Paul Schultz / Flickr
    They're not quite a little kid and not quite a teenager, and boy are they hard to please sometimes. Sea Monkeys, Pop Rocks and books are cool gifts for tweens that will get you a smile every time. Branch out into electronics and gifts that match a tween's personality and your too grown up to hug mommy and daddy child will forget all about her tween rule.
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    For Teens

    Teens love cool gifts like an iTunes gift card, shown here
    Photo © Randy Son of Robert / Flickr
    Think of sure-to-please gifts for teens and anything electronic instantly comes to mind. Encourage them to unplug and appreciate a nice watch, magazine subscription or cologne for teen boys or jewelry, makeup and perfume for teen girls. Still not sure what to give your teen? A list of 50 gift ideas will help you find a gift even the most picky teen will love.
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    For College Students

    A college student reads a greeting card
    Photo © (nutmeg) / Flickr

    Your collegiate kid is back under your roof and, oh, how they've changed. The days of buying toy trucks and dolls are gone so what do you get the college student? Stuff their stocking with gifts they can use -- socks, underwear, thumb drives. Spend $30 or less and they can still be the coolest kid on campus with university-branded gear, a coffee maker for those final exam cram sessions and complete DVD collections, CDs and books.

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    For Your Kids' Boyfriends or Girlfriends

    A boyfriend holds up a gift from his girlfriend
    Photo © mahfrot / Flickr

    Seems like yesterday the kids were playing with invisible friends. Now they have boyfriends or girlfriends you have to include on your shopping list. For a college boyfriend or girlfriend, cool gifts can be a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, concert tickets or a popular book. For a younger boyfriend or girlfriend, you have many budget-friendly choices. Teens won't pass up a gas card, free movie tickets or the holy grail of gifts: money!

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    For Teachers, Coaches and Caregivers

    A student hands her teacher a gift
    Photo © Stockbyte / Getty Images
    They spend a lot of time with our children, yet teachers, coaches and caregivers are often overlooked on our gift lists. Simple gifts can show how much you appreciate what they do without breaking your gift-giving budget. Even inexpensive presents for these professionals can send out a big thank you without having to finance your appreciation with your child's college fund.
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    For Pets

    A dog opens his gift
    Photo © Apryl Duncan

    We can't forget our furry family members. From K-9 to kitty, there are so many gifts for dogs and toys for cats on your shopping list. Go homemade with cool gifts you can make for pets, including dog beds, bird feeders and a snuggle bag to keep those little bodies warm.