8 Great Gifts for New Parents

When baby arrives, life is often a whirlwind for new parents. Luckily, there are lots of products available to help make that whirlwind a little more organized, comfortable, or stylish, and those products make great new parent gifts. Whether you're looking for something beautiful and functional, or soothing for the whole family, these gifts for new parents are sure to be appreciated.


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    JuJuBe BFF Diaper Bag
    Courtesy of JuJuBe

    One of the first things new parents notice is that they must travel with a lot more gear than usual. The B.F.F. diaper bag from JuJuBe holds a surprising number of baby and adult necessities, and it looks amazing in the process. The comfortable, padded shoulder straps and backpack style straps are included, so it can be carried in multiple ways. The interior is anti-microbial, and the exterior is protected by Teflon, plus the whole thing is washable. There are pockets everywhere, and some have...MORE crumb drains, which prevent those pockets from accumulating gunk. Available in basic black or many modern patterns, it's the diaper bag new parents didn't know they needed.

    Check out the B.F.F. and several other stylish options in this list - Must-Have Diaper Bags for 2017.


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    Baby Shusher
    Courtesy of Baby Shusher

    That sweet little baby might cry, possibly very loudly and often. A white noise machine is a nice addition to the new parent toolkit, and the Baby Shusher takes the noise to a whole new level. This gadget exists solely to emit shushing sounds that are louder than the baby's crying, because the sound, which mimics what baby heard in the womb, is mega-soothing. There's a timer with 15- and 30-minute options, and volume control to help fine-tune the sound. It's small enough to be easily...MORE portable. If the parents aren't soothed by the noises, they'll definitely feel more relaxed when the calmed-down baby is finally sleeping.


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    Promise Organic Baby Wash and Lotion
    Courtesy of Promise Organic Baby

    Most baby body washes have water as the primary ingredient, but aloe is actually top dog in this hydrating baby bath line. It also contains colloidal oatmeal and coconut butter for added soothing and moisturizing power. The Promise Organic Baby skin care line, which is only available at CVS stores, also includes sunscreen and diaper rash cream. The body wash and lotion feel great on adult skin, as well.

    Can't make it to CVS? Another fantastic baby wash to try is California Baby Overtired and...MORE Cranky. This vegan and organic body wash and shampoo smells heavenly, thanks to chamomile and tangerine. It can be shared by the whole family. After all, doesn't everyone get overtired and cranky sometimes?

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    BabyBum Brush
    Courtesy of Baby Bum Products

    Speaking of diaper rash cream, the new parents may find their wee charge in need of some, and actually applying it can be messy business. The BabyBum Brush is a flexible silicone spatula-style brush that helps spread that cream wherever it needs to go without also coating the parent's fingers, manicure, or rings. It wipes clean with a baby wipe between uses, and it has a suction cup on the end so it can stand up when messy or when it isn't in use. There's even a mini version with a...MORE travel case that fits perfectly in a diaper bag.


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    Nook LilyPad Play Mat
    Courtesy of Nook Sleep

    Newborns are held a lot for the first couple of weeks, but eventually they all need a place for a quick nap or some play time outside of all those snuggling arms. The Nook LilyPad is a beautiful and comfortable spot for tummy time, play time, nap time on the go, or for use with a play gym. The non-toxic, foam-free PETE air cushion is surrounded by soft, textured cotton and eucalyptus fabric to form a supremely comfortable place for baby to chill for a bit. The LilyPad is liquid-resistant and...MORE microbe-resistant. It's machine-washable, and it folds quickly for travel.


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    Skip Hop Grab and Go Stroller Organizer

    Skip Hop Grab and Go Stroller Organizer
    Courtesy of Skip Hop

    Not every stroller is graced with a parent console to stash a phone and wallet or cupholders for a morning latte or water bottle, but fortunately it's easy to remedy that problem with this versatile stroller organizer. The Grab and Go organizer fits onto any stroller, whether it has a handle bar or umbrella-style handles, thanks to the adjustable straps at the sides. The flexible neoprene insulates drinks, and it also allows the organizer to fold flat along with the stroller, so parents...MORE don't need to remove it before folding as with some other accessory organizers. There's a big open pocket, plus a headphone-port-equipped zipper compartment, which is removable and can be carried as a wristlet.

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    LugBug Infant Car Seat Handle
    Courtesy of LugBug

    Today's infant car seats sometimes feel pretty heavy even before there's a baby inside! That leads to aches and pains for parents. The LugBug infant car seat handle attaches securely to the handle of the car seat, and it allows the parent to carry it with a more natural, ergonomic arm and hand position. Rated for up to 250 pounds, this is a sturdy little device that lots of new parents will love. It removes easily when the car seat goes back into the car, so it won't interfere with...MORE the handle of the infant seat in the case of a crash.


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    Milestone Baby Photo Cards
    Courtesy of Milestone Cards

    That first year as new parents comes with huge responsibilities - like documenting a tiny human's beginnings on this Earth! Make the job a little easier, and possibly even more adorable, with a gift of a Milestone Cards set for baby's first year. These sets come in different colors and themes, and they have pre-printed signs for each month and major milestone. There is a blank space at the bottom of the sign to add the date. These cards make it easy to commemorate each special day.