Great Hardscape Ideas

Finding Hardscape Ideas for Walkways, Patios and Stone walls

Stone wall and walkway
YinYang/Getty Images

Having trouble finding inspiration for your new walkway? Thinking of building a patio but aren't sure how it should look? There's a simple way to find great hardscape ideas: take a walk.

There is an endless supply of inspiration out there and it is free. Take a walk around your neighborhood. What type of pavers did your neighbors use for their walkway? Is that a dry-laid stone wall or mortared stone wall? There are sources for hardscape ideas everywhere: at the mall, the dentist, the school, the gym. But be careful, once you start, you may not be able to stop. My friends and family get mad because everywhere we go I'm checking out the stones and the bricks.

If you live in a small town, take a trip to the city. Cities are hot spots for hardscaping. No matter what city you go to, you're bound to find examples of walkways, patios and walls built with stone, brick and concrete. If you live in a city, get out to the country. You'll find hardscape ideas that you can take back to the city. Take note of what you see, and think of how you could incorporate these hardscape ideas into your own landscaping project.

Inspiration is out there. Take a walk or go for a ride and see what you can find. Once you start looking, you'll find hardscape ideas everywhere.

Then there are websites such as this one, offering online inspiration. For help getting started, read the articles I've linked to below. The first grouping that follows is composed of short articles offering great hardscape ideas at a glance; the second grouping features longer tutorials:

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