Great Ideas for Gifts for Grandparents

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Buying gifts for grandparents can be tricky, as many grandparents have begun to simplify their lives and don't want a lot of stuff. You'll be rewarded with much appreciation, however, when you find the gift that really fits the grandparents. Whether you are shopping for a birthday, for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Grandparents Day, one of these lists is sure to fit. These items make great gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah, too. 

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    Throw pillows make good gift for grandmother
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    Nothing too outrageous, nothing too kitschy. These gifts are classics that practically any grandmother would enjoy receiving for a birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas or other special occasions. From stylish pillows to color-coded knives to bath accessories that are the bomb, she's sure to take to one of these options. 

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    global gifts
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    If the grandmother in question is a traveler, an intellectual, or a bit of a crusader, she'll love these gifts from around the globe. It's no accident that many of these are eco-friendly products as well, and obtained through Fair Trade. Choose hand-crafted salad servers, an artistic pendant or an atlas for armchair traveling. 

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    weights for health-conscious grandmothers
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    The grandmother who hikes or bikes or can do an awesome plank will love a gift that fits her active lifestyle. These gifts would also be great for other grandmothers, those who want to be more of a sporty grandma but just need a little help. Find awesome fitness accessories and kitchen gadgets that will make her healthful diet easier to achieve. 

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    apron set for gift for grandmother and granddaughter
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    For traditional grandmothers, it really is the thought that counts. They will love anything that reminds them of their grandchildren, as well as things that make it easier for them to show their love, like aprons and cookie jars. Does your grandma love to garden or sew? One of these gifts will suit her to a G.

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    crank radio for grandpa
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    You'll find no funky ties or boring shirts on our list of grandfather gifts, but you will find gifts that appeal to a grandpa's special interests. Maybe your grandpa likes to grill, fix things or just to chill. He's sure to enjoy one of these out-of-the-box ideas for a grand grandpa.

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    grandparents with picture of grandchild
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    For Grandparents Day consider these general suggestions for gifts for grandparents, with some specific suggestions in each. There are ideas for grandmother gifts and grandfather gifts, and some that are suitable for couples. Don't forget to remember this special holiday, which falls the first Sunday after Labor Day.

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    Cruise gift for grandparents
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    Since many grandparents are downsizing and decluttering, they can be hard to buy for. For grandparents who don't need more things in their lives, consider a gift that is not a thing. A cruise can be surprisingly affordable. For a great gift on a smaller scale, give a day of adventure or luxury.