7 Tiny Bathrooms Brimming With Functional and Beautiful Ideas

Tiny bathroom with houseplants on sink and exposed shower

Chastity Cortijo / Unsplash

Maybe you found the house or apartment of your dreams — except for the bathroom. It is too tiny for your taste.

How small exactly? Let's say it is so teensy that it is basically a closet with an awkwardly-fitting toilet and barely enough space for washing your hands.

Should you give up your dream home just because of a small bathroom? Nope. With a few thoughtful modifications and improvements, tiny bathrooms can feel just like a much larger space. Put simply; there are plenty of ways you can make the most of your current bathroom's small footprint — promise! Here are some smart ways you can add both function and beauty.

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    Invest in Small Size Bathroom Fixtures

    Small white wetroom bathroom

    Szymon Hanczar

    When space is at a significant premium, consider investing in small space features that put precious square footage to work. Here architecture and interior designer Szymon Hanczar did just that in his compact studio apartment. The small sink and vanity set adds function while creating much-needed storage for towels and grooming products. The scaled-down toilet is perfect for an average-sized adult while maximizing floor space.

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    Pint Size Shower Makes Room for a Large Vanity

    tiny bathroom with glass doors to shower and blue vanity

     Kanga Room Systems

    Tiny house builders are known for their ingenious small space tricks. The bathroom in this abode built by Kanga Room Systems uses large format tiles in the shower to make the smaller than average feature feel much bigger. There is another perk to having a tiny shower — it makes room for more storage, as shown by this standard size vanity.

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    Tall Ceilings Can Make Small Bathrooms Seem Bigger

    luxe tiny shower in beautiful small bathroom


    A tiny bathroom still comes with walls—so use height to your advantage. The 9-foot ceiling in this NYC apartment bathroom from Homepolish made it possible to squeeze in a small tub and shower combo without making the room feel cramped and crowded. Another need to know — having a small bathroom does not mean you have to forfeit luxurious features. Marble tile and gold fixtures give this bathroom a significant wow factor.

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    This Small Pedestal Sink Makes This Bathroom Feel Bigger

    understated nautical inspired bathroom with round mirror

    Z Plus Interiors

    A modestly-sized sink provides just enough room for washing up, but the vanity beneath it can eat up a lot of visual space, which can make a small bathroom feel more pint-sized. What to do? Consider a pedestal sink. The chrome-framed example in this space by Z Plus Interiors gives the small bathroom a more open and airy vibe. Also, take a gander at the tiny toilet. Its compact tank always enhances the illusion of more space.

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    Sliding Barn Door Maximizes This Bathroom's Square Footage

    Small bathroom with sliding Barn Style Door


    This small, builder-grade shower is the perfect fit for this small apartment bathroom by featured on Sweeten. But what really makes this compact space work is the sliding barn door. Doors like these do not use up valuable floor space when left open so you can have more room for bathroom features and fixtures.

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    You Do Not Have to Skimp on Style in Small Powder Rooms

    small Bathroom with printed wallpaper and decorations

    Go Haus Go

    Sure even in tiny powder rooms, every inch counts. But that does not mean skimping on style. Style maven, Emily May from Go Haus Go spruced up her small bathroom on the cheap using affordable accessories and materials. First, let's talk about the walls. She selected a removable wallpaper made of vinyl. It is a cinch to wipe clean — not to mention being more resilient to humidity than wallpapers made of different materials. On top of the tank is a narrow tray topped up with a pretty floral arrangement and abstract sculpture. Above it is a framed piece of art with a welcoming message.

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    Corner Sink Boosts Function and Floor Space

    Stylish corner Bathroom Sink with Skirt

    Indigo & Ochre Design

    Take full advantage of the space in your tiny bathroom by putting an awkward teensy corner to good use. Here a pedestal corner sink is a significant space saver in this insanely chic powder room by Indigo & Ochre Design. Directly underneath the basin is a pretty curtain that conceals the pedestal and more important bathroom items like towels and extra toilet paper.

Remember Tiny Bathrooms Can be Both Practical and Pretty

Not having a lot of square footage to work with can be challenging, but luckily we shared plenty of ways to boost both function and even beauty in small bathrooms. If you follow even just one or two of these ideas, we are sure you will find yourself with extra space, and your new updated bathroom won't feel so cramped.