Great Kids' Room Colors That Don't Compromise Style

Children's room
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    Great Kids' Room Colors Without Compromising Style

    Blue kids' room

    Who said that kids' bedroom colors had to look like the aftermath of an explosion at a candy store?

    We've got some great bedroom colors for children, many of which allow you hold your head high style-wise while keeping the little tykes happy.

    Shown here is a fun, blue kid's bedroom color for boys or any gender.

    From Valspar's Eddie Bauer collection, these colors are Stonewashed and Chili.

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    Soft Paint Color For Baby or Young Child's Bedroom

    Lavender bedroom

    This is a soft kids' bedroom color design featuring Valspar's Eddie Bauer Lavender Heather  (along with Mist and Oyster).  While intended as a girl's or baby's room color, this paint can be used for any room where relaxation and ease are the order of the day.

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    Zip and Pow! Energetic Yellow for a Little Kid's Bedroom

    Bright yellow kids' bedroom
    Dutch Boy

    As if your children needed another thing to energize them... We've got a vibrant kids' bedroom color scheme sure to add pizazz to the room.

    From Dutch Boy, the walls are Crayola Canary.  Remaining colors are Granny Smith Apple and Sleepover Sky.

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    A Nice Soft Blue Color for a Baby's Room

    Light blue bedroom
    Dutch Boy

    Here's a kids' room color that can be either for a boy's room or a girl's room.

    From Dutch Boy, the wall color is called--amazingly enough--Goodwill To Men and trim is Ultra White.

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    "Boy Blue" Bedroom Colors

    Blue boys' bedroom

    Don't let the Laura Ashley name fool you. These kids bedroom colors from Valspar's Laura Ashley line (Chambray #3 and #1) are solidly boy colors.

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    Stop With the Pink and Blue! How About Orange for a Kid's Room?

    Orange kids' bedroom
    Benjamin Moore

    Want to get away from the draconian dictates of "Boy's room shall be blue; girl's room pink"? Here you go. This bedroom paint design will work for either a boy's bedroom or a girl's bedroom.

    From Benjamin Moore, these colors are Soft Pumpkin for the walls and Golden Honey for trim.


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    Gender-Neutral Kids' Bedroom Color

    Gender neutral kids' room
    Benjamin Moore

    Another kids' bedroom color that can go either direction.

    From Benjamin Moore, these colors--Pale Sea Mist and Sand Dollar--are fairly gender-neutral​ and will work well after the kids have gone off to college and this room has now become an office, sewing room, or library.